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Love Me Do - 50th Anniversary Edition
Love Me Do - 50th Anniversary Edition
Offered by Shop Japan Akihabara
Price: CDN$ 25.28
10 used & new from CDN$ 25.28

5.0 out of 5 stars nice to collect, May 23 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I never purchase lp as a rule, but I do collect stamps post cards and so on in special book..
so, when I happen to see this one, I thought it would be nice with the bunch of postcards I got in a book.
A friend of mine help me with this being blind.
I was surprise to see that the way the plastic seem to be different than long time ago, but maybe it is my imagination.
I did bought a cheap turn table that goes on the pc to change the file into mp3, but since I got the complete set and so much more in Japanese import, I didn't bother to listen to it, just nice for collector, or that is the way I look at it.
And it is also true the other way around, if I get my
hand on a real japanese import, I put itin the pc and never touch the hard copy again.
but I am realising that at first it was cheap to purchase download music but have you check prices lately? Before I get anything I check first on amazon and compare the price and I am so surprise to see that many time it is cheaper to get it in the box and everything. I understand that it is convinient to just download, but I knew the low price were not going to last for ever.
sorry I got side track. But I love my purchase in this contect.
thank you

Original Album Classics - 5CD Slipcase - Johnny Winter / Second Winter / Live Johnny Winter And / Still Alive And Well / Saints & Sinners
Original Album Classics - 5CD Slipcase - Johnny Winter / Second Winter / Live Johnny Winter And / Still Alive And Well / Saints & Sinners
Price: CDN$ 19.99
18 used & new from CDN$ 16.46

5.0 out of 5 stars nice set!, May 23 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
it sound like I am repeting myself! I just got 3 parcels and I am not feeling well but I try to do my best with the feedback and reviews.
Well, I am 58 years old, when I was a young man, I did at the time purchase those albums as they came out and seen him with or without his brother about 4 time.
that was in Montreal, but I really love this set, the price is great, comes down to about 4 dollars a piece, and the box is the same size as a regular cd box but it has all the album in a paper sleeve. so, even though it is nothing like a japanese sleeve, it is not exacly the same, for exemple still alive and well don't open but I didn't expect anything like this for this price, but at least it gives you a good picture of the front cover, for memory lane.
but really if you have those basic album, that is all you need. Me I like his music a lot and I still purchase at time his album.
but, when you think about it, he must be getting up there in age, though a friend of mind in Quebec told me that last summer, he did do a concert in I think Quebec city and he needed help to walk to where he sit down to play.
but mind you, when I was young and he was not that old, he was doing in anyway, sitting down a lot to play.
But if you like him but don't want to dish out a lot of money, this is it, it is even cheaper than the download that you can get legaly you know.
so, it is a good purchase. I intent to get more in this collection.

Construkction Of Light
Construkction Of Light
Offered by Vanderbilt CA
Price: CDN$ 27.95
10 used & new from CDN$ 9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars at the time, great come back!, May 14 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Construkction Of Light (Audio CD)
At the time that this album came out, of course I was right there go get it as fast as I could. And at the time I thought it was a great way to say hello to the year 2000.
Forgive me if I am wrong, I was under the impression that it came out in the year 2000 but Icould be wrong. But no matter the exact date it came out, the album gave me a feeling that the 80;s were behind us, we made it through the 90's some how and here we are. that is the feeling that the album gave me when I first get it. But I am afraid that for a long long time I knew that I had lost it between one move or another. But since I got the live version if you will and many time over the songs, I didn't see any sens of urgency to get it again. And that day that I have bought it, I remember for the first timeto make a search from the lower price up. Was I ever happy when I seen this one under ten dollars from Market place. I thought, you know to be honest, I didn't really remember the sound of the album, because all those years, I had listen to other live version of the same songs. was it to be good as I thought it should be.
To be honest I was some what scare to feel let down. so, here we are openning the package, put it in the machine, was ready for a good let down, wow, was I ever surprise in a positive way to ear those songs as they were meant to be listen at that time. And I have no regrett, I am really happy that I got it back at a good price, now that I know how good it is, I would not mind purchasing a mini sleeve lp of this one or if Mr. Fripp would have this one in the 40 th series, I would be so thrill. I hope that the adventure of this 40 th collection is not over. I believe I got them all, I hope more is on the way. But this one album will never be out of style or become to be something of the past, it is that much ahead of it's time that even now, it is more than a good album but as much relevant now then the day it came out. but as much as one don't like to mention this on every review, the fact of being blind don't help. I am guilty of beingsomewhat lazy. With my screen reader I have access to all the same info as you or anyone, but I don't always know where to look to get the best info about new version or release of albums. After I bought the U.S.A. 40 th version, I was quite let down by not getting the 3 at the time to get hey? I was expecting something like this. 3 of the perfect pair, this one that I have no idea how to spell, ....of light right? and let say one more, it would be a hard choice, but why not going light a little bit and doing the album Trash or any one would be great, in my mind, I feel like saying them all, but Mr. Fripp is not out of choice, think about it, Leval five or any of the very electronic would sound so great if part of the 40 th. I know and please forgive me for this long letter, I get carry away. I am very sorry.

Creedence Clearwater Revival Box Set (6CD)
Creedence Clearwater Revival Box Set (6CD)
Price: CDN$ 46.42
18 used & new from CDN$ 37.98

5.0 out of 5 stars very good deal!, May 14 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Let me say first that this the case of being just 3 or 4 years younger, it makes all the difference in the world.
In great 8, I remember showing me his collection of CCR, and even though he had 3 ot gout, zi remember being so simprss. good memorie for me.
so, the next time that my dadd was giubg ti guve ne sine money, I was going to ask if I could spend most of it on a lp, Pendulum, no special reason, I just liked the cover very much I guess.
I put this on, and of course the few tracks that plays on the radion non stop, so, I was curious about the songs that don't have the ari play, and I remember at the time, thing were going so fast, I did get the time to get everything and anything you want on this album of minde, but AI did jump the wagon of the pro rock Geneses and so on, so I did lost track of the band all together.
I did one time purchase adouble set of them but again it was only stuff play at the radio. so, at the time a friend of mine told me, to get what you really wants is topurchase all the albums from the first one to the last.
well, I go, don't have that type of cash and I would not spend it on the band.
And all those years, I listen tomy version that comes from Japon and look like the real one but way way smaller, and I got a double set the best of from the band, and I was not going to spend one cent more.
Than I saw this set mark over 100 and there was one at market place for 30 dollars. I could not refuse this great deal. so, I was waiting with no big time joy type of feeling.
First let me say that the presentation is super nice, even though I am blind, and can not talk about something in the details of pictures and so on. but as I thouch the set and I see that each cd come in asleeve and this one into another one. And it has that super big book that I don't noticce very often.
What I like the most of it, because I would not know what is done let's say in 6/8 or 67 and so on. I basicly know nothing of the band.
but as I put thecds into itune, it tells me the year that each cd is from, this is very cool for the one like me that maybe don't know much about them and want to be better inform, not even haveto read the book!
I gave it a five star base on the fact that knows the names CCR, but really only know maybee 4 songs or about!
Let me assure you that I have just checked on market place and yes you still can have big time saving, it is up to you. you will not regrett it, My God, I have no words to express the intensity of passion that got into me to simply what was the trip about in those days. From start to end, it gives you a goodideal of in time, how the poeople thought and how the band did in many ways reflect it. the albums are totaly great, the sound is very much better than what I am use from the band. Am I ever glad that I took the desisicon to purchase it. I bet you at the endof 14 , when I look backa at my best purchae, I would not be surprise to say this one.
it is a one purchase for life time that you will never need another ccr again.
and it grows on you every time you put it on. sorry for the longue letter.
daniel Fournier

King Crimson - Usa (40th Anniversary Ed)
King Crimson - Usa (40th Anniversary Ed)
Price: CDN$ 26.99
17 used & new from CDN$ 16.71

4.0 out of 5 stars quite good but..., May 2 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Hello again!
I just realise that I am late doing my review. As mention before I am a big time lover of KC's music. so, the first time I listen to it I listen with only feeling what is that I get out of it for myself, I don't think about anything else. For this one and I don't really know why, I do like it a lot, but some how I must have expected more and I don't know what it would have been, this is just the raw feeling I had after my first listening. Of course I have listen to it many time since, and that first impression did not go away, I am still feeling a bit let down that it didn't impress me the way that all the other did. And please don't get me wrong, I still think it is a great album, but you see I think that all the stuff that we didn't get on the first version is instrumental, so, if you are a totaly big fan of this period for ever instrumental piece, well, this is for you, I know I am about to say that many will not be happy about it, but I am 58 now, when this album came out I was about 19, doing a lot of party, yes a lot of drugs, and I am not bragging about it, far from that, I don't use anymore and I still enjoy most of what I did like under the drugs effecrts. but for me, and this is only for me, in this period, I was using a lot of real heavy drugs and I use to meditate and just be gone on a cloud to make it short, but again, this is just for me, those long piece of instrumental that really are going nowhere is somewhat a lost of time. the original album had the right balance that yes I could take it, even now, and really enjoy it by doing my meditation without drugs. but because of all the extra instrumental, it is a bit too much for me, and it is for me even irritating. Contrary to let's say the full version of moon child I believe it is call, forgive me if I am wrong, yes on this piece on the very first album, but on the 40 th, you have a way longer piece, but I don't find the piece irritating, I can really meditate and relax, without drug and it is lovely, but the period of Red, Bible black and USA, wich I love so much, the origianl had a good balance between the experimental stuff and the so call regular song, but the red and bible black 40 th, it did some how kept a good balance but with this one, not for me, too much of the experimental. If you have read my previous review of KC, you will see that I am a real maniac of this band, this band has been a companion of my life, it is always there when I need it and again I say thank you to Robert to give us new release of concert or a make over of older album, how ever it is nice to keep King crimson very well alive. Now, I have kind of picture a negative portrait of this album. Now, let's look at the other side of the story. I knew before purchasing it that it was a album heavy on the experimental stuff, I should not have been surprise, maybe on the back burner of my head I was hoping for some regular songs that would not have been release before. But let's look at it for what it is not what I would like it too be. Now that I had a lot of time, I do enjoy the album very much and the sound is for sure so much better if you have the right kind of sound system, but if I look at all the one of this collection, this one would be my less, how should I say, the one that impress the less. But in my own way I do love this album, but I would not have been honest if I had giving it a 5 stars.
I feel bad about saying this in regard to my favorite band, but it is what it is right?
thanks for reading.
and one short note to thanks again amazon to give us the blind customers of amazon, that choise to use the old way to write a review, I can only talk for myself, but with the new way, I could not write a review, and I am sure I am not the only one, so thank you and please don't forget some of us. I would be very offended if I didn't have that choice , to the point to take my business somewhere else. A big thank you, you show that you care.

Live in Milan, June 20th 2003
Live in Milan, June 20th 2003
Price: CDN$ 25.51
19 used & new from CDN$ 12.66

5.0 out of 5 stars great sound!, May 1 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Hello again and thanks to read my review! I must say that I am a super big fan of KC, so, as I was listening I really did try to find something that I would not like about this album, and I am not joking, I could not find anything. For a live album I was really impress with the sound, that was my first reaction, and than, usually I am not a big fan of the intro by Robert Fripp, to be honest many time I just don't listen to it, I mean after the first time, on this concert, I really surprise myself when I realise that I have enjoy very much the intro by Robert, I would even say that the cd would not have make so much sens without it, I really liked it wich is not my reaction on all the other live album. And as I said I am so impress by the quality of the sound, the best exemple is in the 3 tracks call power to believe, instrumental for most of it as you know, powerfull but very soft and delicate at the same time, this would have been a total lost of time if the sound would not have been top super clear, no back noise, it is simply a joy to listen to it, I got the power to believe Japanese version in the audio cd, and honest, this one sound just as good. This is of course, totaly a electronic angle of KC, but not like the 80's, even though you have tracks that relate to that period, the feeling that you get from it is very much the sound of the after 2000. At the time, I was actually looking for a new 40 th serie, and I had them all but Ihave notice more than one new release of KC in Concert, and I didn't know what to get since that money wise, I could only get one at the time, so, I choose this one base on, if I have understand right that the concert actually happen after the year 2000, and since I do have a lot of concert that did happen in the 80's period, I thought, I wanted to know what kind of sound did they have at the time. I don't know how to spell it but I do have the one call Heavy const... of light or something like this, I think the concert was right on the year 2000, but I could be wrong, forgive me if I am, but I didn't have any other concert for any time past 2000, and it turn out to be a great choice, as I said, you must realise that from the get go, I am a super fan, from the very first album. but I do try my best to talk about the album from different point of view but what can I say, it is a great album all the way across the board. I don't have a super expensive sound system but pretty good, a very well knwn bran with the five speakers and power sub, and the quality is so good that to me it sound like it could be a supeer audio cd but I know , it is not the case but that is how good it is. If like me, you have those songs many time over, if you like this formation of KC, you will not regret it for sure. Well Mr. Robert Fripp, if you happen to read this, I want to thank you for this one, I really don't understand why that other rock band don't release more of their concert on cd or dvd, it is a shame. Robert Fripp I believe is fair, I have notice that many time for his live album if the sound quality is poor, it will be told or mention somewhere so that you don't get a bad surprise. well thanks again for reading this, I hope that if you were not sure about getting this, I hope I have help you to decide.

Clockwork Angels Tour (Blu-ray)
Clockwork Angels Tour (Blu-ray)
DVD ~ Rush
Price: CDN$ 22.97
29 used & new from CDN$ 15.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great sound, April 27 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
At first I did purchase this concert from a well known site to get the regular cd type right? and I loved the concert so much that I was checking on amazon for a good deal on bluray right? at last I found one, and let me tell you, if you have the right equipment, thesound is so good, it is really like having a front row at a real concert, even better, no stress, no putting up with a crazy one beside you and so on.
At time you purchase something on bluray, and you are not really impress, it happen to me. so, I realise that being on bluray is not a for sure a done deal that your stuff will be super good but in this case it is worth every penny. and I love the presentation, I don't like the regular dvd box, this one is a big square made of paper package, it open and on one side, you have a big book,
I mean, so much bigger than the one you get in a cd or dvd box, no so much thick but big suare sheet right?
Being blind I can not say much about it, I didn't have a chance to ask a friend if there is a lot of pictures from the concert. but this version is way longer than the one I have bought on I... not sure if I am aloud to say the name of the site. and I have pay way more than this one.
This bluray version is for sure longer.
If you like Rush, you will love this one.
thanks for reading the review.

Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker (Black)(MSP CLY MICRO BK WW)
Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker (Black)(MSP CLY MICRO BK WW)
Offered by Urban Inspirations
Price: CDN$ 168.77
5 used & new from CDN$ 120.86

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Maybe a little fast to judge, but be it!, April 16 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I know, how my review is call is a bit weird, but you see, I have recieve my idem only with in 2 days. It is not my style to write anything in a short period of time like this. But you have a first for everything! In case if it is some what relevent at time, I want to say that I am totaly blind, so, if I don't talk so much about the visual aspect, now you know. My friend pick the mail for me and he has open the box for me, as I didn't want to just trash it right? and I know it has nothing to do with sound, but I feel that if a product is well presend with class , it could be, not always, but often, that the product will get quite good.
I love the kind of case or the box that everything is in, totaly something to keep. I feel a bit guilty to do this so fast. I guess I will just say the true, I thought it was going to be hard to get this going, don't ask me too much, but even blind but having a big of experience with bluetooth and kind of know what I at least should I expect to see if I am on the right track, My Ipod Touch and Ipod seven saw the divise first shot, and after study a bit everything, I did try my first shot, and the sound came nice and so impressive for the size of this system, I know in speakers,the says of the wall to wall speakers are gone, thank God! but I can't help myself, I am 58 and from a different time, at 16, at was so great to have the biggest stupid things, and at the time, bigger was better. I am so glad it is over. but when I touch it, I still thought, welll,it cand be only so good. but again, I was in a positive way impress and I have no word to express it. I will not play with it too much, my friend is at the Stettler helth building for 2 days, so being alone, I am glad I got it going but for the details, I prefer to wait my friend, I see another review at 5 stars, when I bought this, I didn't look at review, I knew what I wanted but didn't have the cash to pay the amazon price, so, I went to check market place and got a good saving of 158 dollars saving bran new idem. I could not pass it. thank you and maybe the other review is better for imformation. thank you.

Patec® Green Sports Bluetooth stereo Music Headphone with AC Charger for iPhone iPod iPad Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 S1 Note 2 3 Bluetooth Phones Tablet PC (Handsfree Rechargeable and Portable)
Patec® Green Sports Bluetooth stereo Music Headphone with AC Charger for iPhone iPod iPad Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 S1 Note 2 3 Bluetooth Phones Tablet PC (Handsfree Rechargeable and Portable)
Offered by Patec
Price: CDN$ 20.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great for this low price!, April 5 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am not sure if my review went through, so I am trying again. I usually never purchase something with a low price like this because I believe that you get what you pay for but this time, I did not want to dish out a lot of cash. The only reason I wanted this is for when I do my bike exercise in the house, I was so tire of always worry about my Ipod touch, for the swet you know to get at it. so I had no expectation at all if that chances are it was not going to sound very good for this price right? Well, it turn out that the sound is very much so acceptable to use for this purpose, and if I compare this with an experience I had, I did get a cheap mp3 player, 20 dollars at a major store here in town , and even though it was just to do exercise, the sound was , well, let say not acceptable, not even just to do exercise, so for me to say that this set is totaly acceptable, I really mean it, it would be hard to get a better deal than this, under 13 dollars right? Being blind, I had never seen or touch if you will this type of headphone, it was funny, I had no idea how you were suppose to put that on your head, but the friend that pick up my mail every day did show me and I thought this is so cool, now, if you want to lay down in your bed to use it, it don't work because the 3 buttuns are located right in the meddle kind of your lower head and it makes it hard to do this. But to walk around and do exercise or run and wal, it is super confortable. All I needed to know was how many hours to charge them before to use it and I think the webb site mention it, not sure, but my friend looked at the paper and told me.
and when it was charge, I was so surprise to see that it work the first shot I try, It was so easy! my ipod touch put the name of the idem right a way, I did my tap tap and it did the connection right a way, I was so impress! and for this low price you get a bunch of feature that I did not learn them all yet. but for exemple you have 2 buttons for the volume right? up and down, but the right one to put the volume up by pushing at it, but if you go right it put you to the next song and of course left the song before.
Now the buttun for volume down do a bunch of things, but so far I only know that it will put your song on pause. but I believe that it gives you even more feature, a friend will read me the small paper when he has a moment. but, I am not joking, this headset is real cool looking I am told, super confortable for your ears and head. and you know I put my ipod touch on my dresser in my bedroom and my exerchise room is at the other side of the house. there is 3 walls and I usually close the door not to bother who I live with right? and the sound is coming so clear, not a bit of static, it is just like if I had a wire, and I am serious. I highly suggest to anyone that like to go forany kind of exercise like a good run, I do that too sometime with the help of a friend of course, but now I do it with class! I secure my ipod in a pocket with a zipper right? and I run holding the arm of the person and the sound is perfect no matter what I have try. I mean, I do have a pair of bose head phone, not the top quality one, but one at about 125 dollars, they don't look sharp or anything, just regular head set with those little things in your ear, with a wire though, and of course they sound better but I would not do my exercise with a 2 hundred pair of headset, and being afraid of doing some dammage with the swet and all that.
this is perfect for the occasion.
I thank you to have read my review. and I want to take a moment to say thank you to amazon to have put a link to use this page wich is the old one because a blind person can not, I say can not, choose a star and click on it, since with a screen reader, we don't use a mouse and the screen reader don't see if you will the picture of those star. we do need the old way, meaning that you do a check, I guess when you have your sight , you call it putting a arrro, sorry for my poor spelling, us blind we call it check box and we check the star we want. Please amaxon, don't ever take away that link, at least not before that the tecknology aloud us to deal with the picture of the star. You know, most of us, it is fair to say are not rich, so, I know that window 8 type of pc , I ear does all kind of good stuff for blind persons, but you have to have the money to get the latest right? and I would suggest that most of us simply do not have the kind of cash to always get the latest, I understand that sighted also in many case can not get the latest, but the difference is that even with a old cumputer, being able to process with the help of your eyes and brain that you see those pictures, it don't matter that you have a old one right? so, that is why that the isssue is different between someone that can see and someone that can not. I just wanted to make sure that you understand that I am not playing poor me, it is not my style, but just mentioning a fact of life.
I understand that this may not have been the place to mention it, and I will write you a letter to thank you, but at the same time, I kind of wanted the public at large to understand why that at time they may wonder, why bother to put this old link? well, now you have a better understanding of the issues. Amazon did one time change the page without this link, I was told that they were jam with complainte so again I thank you amazon to have think of us.
It may not be the only reason that you now offer the choice, but it help many of us and you are great.
But this headset, for this low price, you can not go wrong.
thank you again and sorry for this long letter.
Daniel Fournier

Very Best of
Very Best of
Price: CDN$ 25.46
6 used & new from CDN$ 11.50

4.0 out of 5 stars Very nice!, April 4 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Very Best of (Audio CD)
I must say first that this purchase was for a gift. but I did have a chance to lisen to one of the cd with the person in question. One cd is actually a Christmas cd, I did not ear that one, but the other one I did. so, it is not my type of music to begin with. But keeping a open mind I was quite surprise because I didn't even know that this singer would have been alive in the period that other singer did those song. Like I am thinking about the first one, I forget the exact name of the song, but it is a very well known song, it is not funny but I honestly thought that he would have beeen dead long before those days. It show you that I know very little about those guys. I thought that Johnny M. did only, I don't even know what you would call it, but that old sound, quite wonderfull in a way, but on this cd, you get only one song of the period that most people think of when we think about him. so I was really surprise to ear songs with a some what disco, not totaly disco but light disco let say, and yes, all the songs are perfecdt, but if I would have bought it for me, it would have been a let down because I would have expect that old sound that if I am in the mood, I do like, This is what I would call disco easy listening as Barbara S. has done with so many singer, in fact it did remind me the sound if you will of the album Guilty by Barbara S. if you know the album. If I would have been a big fan of him I would say that he did selle out, maybe with having his arm twisted a bit to do this or nothing and he would have accept. It is kind of like if you like Tony Bennet right? and let say that Tony would have come out with a disco easy listening cd, you would not have been to happy, in fact, I did read somewhere that Tony at one time was told to record a type of music or nothing and he hold on to his position and choose to no longer record if he could not record what he loves and I respect that. Well, it didn't work this way with this one. By now, you can tell that no matter the kind of music, I have a open mind for everything even though my choice is rock or todays sound like Arcade fire, best album of the year I believe, I like people that stick to their principal and don't give in no matter what. I don't know anything about Johnny M. but my listening this album, you just can not help yuourself, why did he go there. but maybe it is only me becausethe girl that the cd was for , she don't care about all the stuff I talked about, she just enjoy what she ear, and for all I know, her life is more easy and simple than mine, she don't wonder about everything, she don't care about the why he did this, if she like it, it is great. and she loves the album. I leave it to you to decide
thanks for reading my humble opinion! big smile

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