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Pre de Provence Soap, Peony, 250gm/0.55-Inch
Pre de Provence Soap, Peony, 250gm/0.55-Inch
Price: CDN$ 8.98
2 used & new from CDN$ 8.98

4.0 out of 5 stars A safer alternative to air fresheners, Sept. 15 2014
I bought this figuring it would have a strong scent (in my experience, French soaps always do), and it does.
I wanted something flowery to cover up the odd odour* that lingered here from the last people who lived in my apartment and this does the trick, but only one room per (dry, unused) bar of this soap at a time. I didn't want to use store-bought air fresheners because so many of them contain chemicals like formaldehyde, which gives me hives.

The soap bar doesn't smell strong at first, but after it's been sitting on a book shelf or table for a day or two, the room smells of flowers. Not like any peonies I've ever been around, but a more general flowery mix scent. I like the scent but I admit it makes my nose itch if I'm around it for very long. My nearest and dearest has a more sensitive nose though and repeatedly sneezes every time she comes into my apartment. She thinks it smells like Gain liquid laundry detergent (green bottle) though and likes the scent in spite of her sneeze attacks.

I've ordered a couple more bars so I don't have to keep moving one bar from room to room.

*a mixture of what seems to have been urine, mothballs, and so-called 'old people smell' that somehow survived five cleanings with a carpet cleaning machine, washing the walls with hot water & Dawn & a microfibre flat mop, scrubbing lino and appliances with Pine Sol, and scrubbing window blinds, windows, doors, and light fixtures. And yes, I thought about trying the stereotypical priest with holy water even though I'm not religious. Lol.

Argee RG155 Table-Top Gardener Portable Potting Tray
Argee RG155 Table-Top Gardener Portable Potting Tray
Price: CDN$ 26.10
7 used & new from CDN$ 26.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product, with one draw-back, Sept. 2 2014
This gem is just the right size for re-potting plants, filling starter pots with dirt and adding seeds, adding perlite or other things to potting soil, or doing numerous other messy jobs in a small apartment that has limited countertop space. This can be set over a sink or sinks, and for 100% containment during clean up, take it to your bathtub or shower stall and rinse/wash it in there.
The plastic seems durable, there is NO plastic odour, no sharp edges, and it can be easily stored either empty on end or on edge, or with pots and whatnot inside it.

There's only one down side to this product:
Other people will fall in love with it and want to 'borrow' it.... but, as the weeks pass, you will realize you aren't going to get it back because the borrower always wants to do 'one more thing' (one more project) with it first. I just ordered a second one.. for me.. because let's be honest.. I'm not getting the other one back. Lol.

Bathing Face Washing Elastic Scarf Head Band Headband Black 2 Pcs
Bathing Face Washing Elastic Scarf Head Band Headband Black 2 Pcs
Offered by discounttown
Price: CDN$ 3.51

5.0 out of 5 stars Love these!, Sept. 1 2014
I've bought several of these this year, in a variety of colours, and I love them all.
I use them as hair bands when I do house work or DIY jobs (my hair goes crazy curly and goes into my eyes when I sweat and I HATE that!) but I mainly use them as pony tail holders. They don't crush or break my hair like thin hair elastics do, and they stay in place for hours.
I seem to be starting a bit of a mini trend in my area because every woman who sees my 'do says she loves it and wants to know where I got the hair bands so she can get some for herself or a loved one or friend.
I throw these hair bands into the laundry (machine wash with regular dark laundry items in hot water, low heat dryer) and they look fine and maintain their shape and stretchiness.

Bathing Spa Purple Knitting Stretchy Hair Band Ornament for Ladies 2 Pcs
Bathing Spa Purple Knitting Stretchy Hair Band Ornament for Ladies 2 Pcs
Offered by discounttown
Price: CDN$ 3.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product, Sept. 1 2014
I ordered these just to see what theyre like. I figured at the listed price I couldn't go far wrong if they didn't work out well. I was pleasantly surprised.
Some days these feel a bit snug for my liking as hair bands (we all have those days), but they're great pony tail holders any day. They don't crush or break my hair like thin elastic hair bands, and they stay in place for hours.
I've used these many times and have washed them many times as well (machine wash, hot water, with other light coloured clothing). Sometimes I remember to put them in a lingerie bag and air dry after washing, but mostly I don't remember to and they go through with towels, socks, t-shirts, etc, then go into a dryer on low heat with other wet laundry. They look fine and work the same as ever. The colour hasn't bled or faded either.

4oz. Original Gorilla Glue
4oz. Original Gorilla Glue
Price: CDN$ 6.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great glue, but a 1-time only use bottle, Sept. 1 2014
As a glue: 5 stars. Wow, does it stick well!
Minus 2 stars for the fact the lid becomes glued to/permanently attached to the lid after you use the glue once (it's impossible to get ALL the glue residue off the hole in the lid and whatever you use to try to do it gets glue on it too.. it's like that blob in the Dr Seuss book!).
You'd have to decide if you think it's cost effective as a single use item.

Also, the instructions warn when exposed to air, this type of glue expands. They're not kidding. It expands like foam hair mousse and goes everywhere. Very, very difficult to try to clean up as it starts to harden right away. I realize the product description states this glue is or dries clear (but it dries a dark cream colour) and can be sanded (but I couldn't and tore several pieces of sandpaper and sanding blocks trying) but it can be painted quite easily.

Pansies/violas Violas Johnny Jump Up
Pansies/violas Violas Johnny Jump Up
Offered by West Coast Seeds
Price: CDN$ 2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars So far so good, but watch the seed numbers!, Aug. 26 2014
I looked everywhere I could think of for Johnny Jump Up seeds, as I wanted to grow some indoors and also give some as a gift to a couple of other people, and was happy to find these seeds.
'Approximately 442 seeds' turned out to be in my case 411 seeds, with many of them stuck to the awful, thready, blue 'resealable' seed envelope glue. About a dozen seeds (when viewed under a microscope) are empty shells or husks, not intact seeds, so the number of usable seeds came in at just under 400 in the packet, so if you're planning a special project like I am, order more than you think you'll need.
After eight days, three of five seeds planted have already begun to grow.
I look forward to planting more seeds and seeing results over the next few months, when I will update my review and be able to give details about growth rates and so on.

I'd prefer a sturdier seed package (or the seeds sealed in a small envelope within the seed package) as well as a more accurate seed count, but I can live with what I received.

I admit, most buyers probably don't have Aspergers' or a degree in microbiology (with an old microscope kicking around), but many people these days plan specific projects, like a teacher who may want a more precise number of seeds for a specific number of students.

Black & Decker GD1810BC Electric Griddle with Removable Temperature Probe, Black
Black & Decker GD1810BC Electric Griddle with Removable Temperature Probe, Black

3.0 out of 5 stars Great product.. as long as keeps working!, Aug. 20 2014
If this had worked more than twice, I would've given it 5-stars. I got this griddle a few months ago, and after two uses (each time doing a couple of slices of french toast at 350º, so total time used less than thirty minutes) it wouldn't heat up. At all. It hadn't been dropped or abused, and I checked the outlet for power and did all the usual things. Nothing helped.
The two times it worked, it was great. Heated up very fast, cooked the french toast quickly, didn't stick, didn't burn, was very easy to clean up (dishwasher), no fuss.
I found the company rather difficult to work with regarding the warranty, but now that I need a griddle (again), I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and order another one. I just hope I get more than two uses out of the newest one!

Travelite 10,000 Lux Sad Light Therapy Portable Desk Lamp, Beige
Travelite 10,000 Lux Sad Light Therapy Portable Desk Lamp, Beige

4.0 out of 5 stars Much cheaper than a winter holiday getaway, Aug. 20 2014
This light looks a little different than I thought it would (the frame is dull white, not glossy white or silver, depending on the monitor I viewed it on before purchase), but it seems very sturdy. I like the warranty, the colour of the light frame, the omg brightness of the light, and the angle at which it sits.
My floor lamp died when I moved earlier this year, so I've been using this light in my living room as a table lamp. When I initially used it for it's intended purpose though, I found it made a profound difference to my mood in the dead of winter. I've never been diagnosed with S.A.D., but I think most people get the "Blah! I feel like a blob!" feeling when it's -45 outside, blowing snow, and you can't remember what green grass or leaves look like. I know I do. But not so much if I use this light as directed.
I really like this light, so you may ask why I didn't give it 5-stars. Maybe my hearing is a bit better than average, maybe not, but this light makes an intermittent clicking noise and I find it borderline distracting/annoying. I don't know why it makes this noise. It's never been dropped or abused. But still, I never leave this light on if I'm going out of the room for more than a few minutes, and never leave it on when I'm not at home.. just in case there might be an issue of some type.
I'll contact the manufacturer at some point, but the light doesn't overheat or smell or anything, so I'm not in a hurry to contact them. Not with another long winter starting in a few short weeks :p

Lock & Lock 2L Tall Rectangle Spaghetti Container
Lock & Lock 2L Tall Rectangle Spaghetti Container
Price: CDN$ 8.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Not just for pasta!, Aug. 20 2014
I bought one of these tall containers initially because the manufacturer has finally gone BPA-free. Glass containers are hard to find, much more expensive, break easily, and so on. I liked the container so much, I've bought five more and will buy more in the future.
I don't like or eat pasta, but the name of this storage container is misleading. I presume it stores spaghetti alright, but.... these containers are THE perfect size to fit the entire contents of a box of Great Grains cereal. Or a whole batch of home made granola. Or a whole bag of uncooked oatmeal. Or half a great big bag of uncooked Basmati rice (hence my need for more containers! )
I've also told others about my uses for these containers and have ended up giving away two (including one full of uncooked rice, lol!) .
I've used these containers for months now and have washed them many times (in the dishwasher, lid on the top rack and body on the bottom rack, high temperature boost for the water and heated drying cycle), and accidentally dropped one on the floor when it was full of home made granola (and heavy!), but they're fine. Not even a scratch. The granola, however, was not so lucky, as I *ahem* didn't have the lid ON it at the time and granola launched into the air and all over the kitchen. (Apparently, snap lids only work if you use them, lol).
I like these so much, I recently bought other types of BPA-free Lock & Lock containers.

Kitchen Dish Towels, White With Royal Blue Stripe, 25.5 inches by 14.5 inches, Professional Grade 24 Ounce Tea Towel, Pack of 12
Kitchen Dish Towels, White With Royal Blue Stripe, 25.5 inches by 14.5 inches, Professional Grade 24 Ounce Tea Towel, Pack of 12
Offered by Urban Inspirations
Price: CDN$ 46.70
4 used & new from CDN$ 44.75

1.0 out of 5 stars Coming apart after one wash, & other issues, Aug. 20 2014
I thought the 4- and 5-star ratings were accurate. Maybe they were.. maybe the fabric used and factory making these tea towels has changed since the high ratings comments were left. I don't know.
What I do know is I'm extremely disappointed with these tea towels.
They're much thinner than I thought they'd be (I can see the colour of my skin through the loose weave); the corners of the seams frayed badly during their first washing (in cold water, delicate dryer cycle); they have numerous thread ends hanging loose on pretty much every seam; after their first wash (as I mentioned in cold water, delicate cycle in the dryer) these tea towels measure 21 inches long by just a smidge over 13.5 inches wide.
It deeply pains me to have to admit the "white with a red stripe" .49 cent tea towels sold by that Swedish blue and yellow megachain (which so many of us hate but keep being drawn back to) last far longer, are stitched better, and seem a better quality than the tea towels I'm reviewing :-(
All I wanted was durable, well made, 100% cotton tea towels.. without having to go to a store like the Swedish megastore. I guess that was too much to hope for.

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