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The Hunt
The Hunt
by Andrew Fukuda
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 15.42
41 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars So Incredibly Good!, May 8 2012
This review is from: The Hunt (Hardcover)
There are no words for how much I loved this book. NO WORDS. But I'm going to try and review it anyway. Please excuse me if I get a little ramble-y, but this book was so good that I had to keep putting it down so that I could chase my family around the house to gush about how good it was. I think I scared them a little. *blushes*

The Hunt follows a teenage boy living in a vampire-ruled world. There aren't really any humans left since the vampires that Fukuda has created kind of revert to I-MUST-EAT-THAT-RIGHTNOW as soon as they see a human. The only problem is that the main character IS a human (or a heper, as the book calls them) and he's been faking being a vampire all his life. He has a mental list of rules and a strict regimen of physical cleanliness that he has to go through so that he won't give himself away. Because vampires don't sweat, they don't smell, they don't laugh, they don't do a million little things that we take for granted that would get him killed in an instant.

And now The Hunt has been announced. A small group of vampires are to be chosen by lottery to have the privilege of hunting and killing the last of the hepers that will be released into the wile.

The problem is that HE has been chosen as one of the hunters, and all of his little ways to keep himself from being noticed have all gone out the window because they're no longer available to him at the training compound. Now he must hide his true nature while surrounded by vampires whose only purpose is to hunt him down and eat him.

I was completely blown away by this book. The world that Fukuda has created is just so intricate and involved that I had no choice but to keep reading. It was beautifully crafted. Gene is perfect. He's strong yet flawed, and is constantly conflicted because he isn't a vampire and yet he can't see himself as one of the harmless hepers that have been raised in captivity. Also, he's a little bit in love with a girl that could tear him to pieces.

Seriously awesome read.

This is definitely going on my birthday wishlist!

Loved it!

Happy Reading!


by Lena Coakley
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 18.99
36 used & new from CDN$ 0.30

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Book that I want to read again and again (and again), Sept. 1 2011
This review is from: Witchlanders (Hardcover)
I'm going to try really really hard to be eloquent in this review...which will be difficult for me considering all I want to do is take a running tackle at each and every one of you and sit on you until you agree to read this book.

Okay. Deep breath.

I know when I first heard about Witchlanders, I (along with a bunch of other bloggers and readers) was really excited about this one, because it had a male narrator. There aren't a lot of male narrators in YA fiction at the moment, so this was really exciting. And when you added the fantasy/magic aspect to that, along with the fact that the cover was absolutely drool-worthy, I couldn't wait to pick it up.

So when I began reading, I was surprised (and delighted) to discover that Witchlanders had not one, but TWO (count em!) male narrators. Although the blurb only mentions Ryder, there's another narrator who plays just as large a role in the story, and they switch back and forth.

Also, THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE. I just wanted to make that clear. This is straight-up FANTASY, and it is AWESOME. Coakley has created an entire new world for us readers to discover and play in, and I for one think she's done an incredible job.

Ryder has grown up in the Witchlands, halfway between the mountain, where the coven resides, and the town in the valley. His father came from the town, but his mother is a witch, so he knows for a fact that everything the witches do is fake. It's all pretend. But when his mother starts having visions, and claiming they are real, he's stuck wondering whether or not what he's known be true all his life has been nothing but a lie. After all, there's no such thing as there?

There is such beautiful contrast in this book. Family and duty. Magic and lies. Belief and truth. And the book is so beautifully written that I actually had a hard time reading it. I have this problem where, if I'm really enjoying a story (normally a series), I start lagging behind so that I can stretch it out as long as possible. I kept putting this book down to think about it, to stroke the cover, to let my mind wander through the Witchlands. But I finished it. And I loved it. And although I haven't heard anything, I'm hoping against hope that the story will continue, because I'm not ready to let it go.

If you have any kind of fondness in your heart for fantasy, I urge you to read this book. It's excellent.


by Gretchen McNeil
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 21.99
23 used & new from CDN$ 0.15

4.0 out of 5 stars part horror, part mystery, part romance and all good!, Aug. 30 2011
This review is from: Possess (Hardcover)
Let me just start this review by saying that I wasn't expecting to like this book.

I don't know why. I just wasn't. I think it might have something to do with "the cute son of a local police sergeant" in the summary. That made me think that the story was going to be all about her and the perfect love interest. And I hate perfect. Now that I have actually read the book, reading the summary doesn't put me off as it once did, so I don't know what I was thinking.

I just thought I'd mention that just in case there's anyone else out there who shares my distaste in perfect love interests (because I remember high school...perfection does not exist there) and thought "the cute son of a local police sergeant" raised a red flag.

Trust me, Matt, the love interest, is actually a really nice guy who actually genuinely likes Bridget, and the evolution of their relationship is slow and adorable. I liked it a lot.

But unlike a lot of the paranormal YA out there, the romance isn't the point. Bridget is the point. She's gifted. She has the power to banish demons and detect ghosts and all sorts of amazing stuff. And she's getting pretty sick of it. Because, really, that's a lot to take on while she's still reeling from the death of her father and her mother's dual new love interests. Not to mention the fact that her little brother starts seeing ghosts too.

So Bridget's had about enough, and is ready to give up demon-banishing when she finds out that there might be a connection between the demons and her father's death, and her entire world gets turned upside down, and she's left trying to figure everything out while not knowing who to trust.

This book is part horror, part mystery, and part romance and all good. I enjoyed it so much!

Does anyone know if there's going to be a sequel?

I need to know!


Magic Under Glass
Magic Under Glass
by Jaclyn Dolamore
Edition: Hardcover
20 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Like Clockwork, May 31 2011
This review is from: Magic Under Glass (Hardcover)
I love fantasy. I grew up on fantasy. And the world that Jaclyn Dolamore has created in Magic Under Glass is just so beautiful and unique that I can't find words. Nimira is drawn into a bargain she really can't refuse, to sing alongside a clockwork man as he plays the piano, or to continue forever as a trouser-girl, a low-class dancer. The only problem is that apparently the clockwork man is haunted. At least, that's what all the other girls her new boss hired before her thought. But, as Nimira has no choice, she sticks it out and discovers that the clockwork man isn't haunted. Not exactly. Instead, the soul of a fairy prince is trapped inside.

As she begins to make friends with the trapped prince, the clockwork man's secret is discovered and it's a race against time to protect him from those who would see him--and the soul inside him--destroyed.

This book ends on a cliffhanger of sorts, and I was left begging for more. I think book two is in the works, and I for one can't wait to get my hands on it.

Happy Reading!


by Veronica Roth
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 19.57
59 used & new from CDN$ 1.00

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One Choice Can Change Everything, May 31 2011
This review is from: Divergent (Hardcover)
This book came out nearly a month ago. If you haven't read it by now...well...why the heck not?

Like many people, I was a little hesitant to pick this one up. Not because it was getting bad reviews, but because of the opposite. It was getting AMAZING reviews, and sometimes when that happens, I get my hopes all up, and then I read it only to find that the book just really isn't for me at all.

If this senario sounds familiar to you, take heart. Muster up your courage. Be brave.

Read this book.

For the love of all that is good, READ THIS BOOK. (I cannot stress this enough).

Take my hand. Let me show you the way. You will not regret it.

Veronica Roth (who is only like 23, and I am super-jealous of her writing ability...I want to capture her brain in a jar and make it tell me all its literary secrets...that's not creepy, is it?) has crafted an incredible dystopian landscape of a post-war society. The society has split off into five factions, each one holding one ideal (selflessness, bravery, honesty and so on) above the rest, and essentially shunning the others.

But when you turn sixteen years old, you are given a choice. Well, first you are given a test. The purpose of the test is to tell you which faction you are most suited to as a person. And while, in the end, the choice is entirely up to you as to which trait you devote your life to, there is a can't belong to more than one.

When Beatrice's results come back that she is a Divergent (a person torn between two or more factions), she is told to keep it a secret and move on with her life as quietly as she can, or else face exile.

Divergent is the story of the choice Beatrice makes, and how the results of a single choice in your life can change everything.

The characters in Divergent are amazing and beautifully complex.

There is action and adventure, heartbreak and romance, family and the pressures of society.

You have to read this book.

geekgirl demands it.

That is all.

<3 geekgirl

Ruby Red
Ruby Red
by Kerstin Gier
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 21.29
35 used & new from CDN$ 6.12

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Time-Travel, Mistaken Identity, and Ghosts Oh My!, May 12 2011
This review is from: Ruby Red (Hardcover)
Ruby Red is the first in a trilogy that was originally released in Germany. It's beautifully written, hilarious at times, and contains the following: time-travel, mistaken identity, and ghosts who don't know they're ghosts and who therefore think that Gwen and her best friend are really very improper. Which they are, but really, that's not the point.

The point is that time travel is possible. People in Gwen's family have been doing it for centuries. Not with a time machine, but with a gene. That means that not everyone can do it. Not everyone has the gene. Gwen doesn't, so other than telling her it's possible, the whole time-travel thing is very hush-hush. On the other hand, Gwen's cousin has the gene, and she's been preparing for her first trip through time for as long as Gwen can remember.

Except...someone made a mistake, and it's Gwen, not her cousin, that begins bouncing through the past.

I found Gwen endearing. She's so sweet and such a typical teenager compared to her stuck-up cousin and relatives, though it was a little aggravating to see her just let others get away with not believing her. Not about the time travel or about the ghosts. I kept wanting to shake the other characters who couldn't be bothered with her and yell at them "JUST LISTEN TO HER! SHE'S TELLING THE TRUTH!"

It's not often that I want to throttle characters on the main character's behalf. That just goes to show how much I liked Gwen.

This was a really cute read, and I can see why it's a hit in its original German.

And oh? That tapping you hear? It's me tapping my foot as I wait for book two to be translated. Because I need it.


Happy Reading!


by Jeff Sampson
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 21.00
27 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Spoiler-free review!, March 25 2011
This review is from: Vesper (Hardcover)
Why I Read It

Because it sounded very Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde...and that intrigued me. Also, "Emily Webb is a geek" was in the summary. I felt an instant bond. We bonded I tell you! Also, it was on The Story Siren's list of 2011 debut titles.

What I <3'd

Geek Emily. I loved Geek Emily like no tomorrow. I felt an instant connection to her with all things geeky. Then I got to see through the eyes of Nighttime Emily (the personality that begins taking over at night) and she's totally kickass. Nighttime Emily is so full of confidence (which I didn't have as a teenager) and toughness (which I barely have now) and sexiness (jury's still out). Seeing through the eyes and hearing the thoughts of Nighttime Emily made me want to be more confident and kickass myself. Although, at the same time, being in her head kind of made me want to pick fights...which the author kindly warned me away from (thanks Jeff!).

Also, I absolutely adored the fact that this book gave nothing away. Nothing. You figure out exactly what's going on (which was a total surprise for me) exactly when Emily does. And I loved that. It made it real.

That, and the ending. I'd like the next book please...PLEASE?

What I didn't <3

Megan, Emily's best friend wasn't my fave character...but that might just be because Emily was so awesome by comparison, and Megan kept accusing Emily of just wanting to be popular instead of actually worrying about her friend.

Other than that, the only thing I don't love is the fact that book 2 is so very far away. *pouts*

GEEKOUT Moment (no spoilers!) When Emily finally tracked down the person that her "Nighttime" self was so focused on finding. OMG. New fave character. <3's


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