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Mega Man Zero - Game Boy Advance
Mega Man Zero - Game Boy Advance
5 used & new from CDN$ 19.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Mega Man Hero!, July 15 2004
To be truthful the Mega Man X series has started to become disappointing. Now capcom is giving us a new Mega Man series... but without Mega Man! How could this possibly work? By putting in one of the most loved characters from the Mega Man X series of course!
For those who don't know (and I certainly hope you do know this!), Zero was first introduced in the very first Mega Man X way back in 1993. He has since become one of the most beloved characters in video games and now he gets a game all to himself.
Mega Man Zero takes place in the same world as Mega Man X only years into the future where X and Zero are reveered as legends. But years have passed and Zero seems out of comission. He's later found by Ciel, who makes him operational again. Now questions arise such as where X might be. Not only that but X is presumed to be evil and up to no good. Now Zero is going to find out.
Mega Man Zero doesn't present any different gameplay for the Mega Man veteran. Its the same 2-D sidescrolling that Mega Man fans have grown up with. But this is NOT an easy game. Mega Man Zero is perhaps one of the hardest GBA games I've ever played... and I'm a Mega Man veteran. You select a level to go to just like past MM games. You battle through each level mauling through enemies until you get to the boss.
The game is a little different than other Mega Man games, however. For example, Zero ONLY gets a Z-Sabre and his arm cannon. He doesn't get abilities from bosses like Mega Man did. But his weapons do level up. For example his arm cannon (called a Z-Buster) begins with only firing one shot at a time. As his weapon levels up he'll be able to fire four shots and even charge up. He also gets different kinds of weapons such as the triple rod or a shield boomerang.
Mega Man Zero also throws in a few other twist. The game now has "Cyber Elfs" which are given to you by defeating certain enemies or you have to find them. There are over 70 Cyber Elves in the game and they give Zero remarkable abilities. Some restore his health... others slow down enemies. The creators also made it so that once you use the Elf, it's gone. This teaches you to use strategy.
That's not all the gameplay offers. The game also throws in some twist with the levels. Not everyone is "go for the goal". Some levels require you to beat it in a certain time, or reach certain objectives. You may also find a wounded ally and have to help him by taking him back to the beginning of a level once you beat the boss. So the game certainly isn't boring.
Mega Man Zero also looks and sounds BRILLIANT! A GRAND looking game, no doubt. For the GBA these graphics are top notch and the music definitely reminds some of Mega Man X. The games looks smooth and just wait 'til you see the detail on the bosses. The game just looks incredible!
The game does have its drawbacks however. The biggest problem is of course that its too hard for younger gamers. This game is NO cakewalk as it will take you the better half of the day to master it. The other problem is that its too short. The game can be completed in a day if you really work at it.
My last gripe is the control scheme. It takes time to get used to the controls for this game considering a HUGE emphasis is put on the shoulder buttons. It takes a moment to get used to (especially if you're playing on your SP since those shoulder buttons are small).
Mega Man Zero is an incredible game to behold. Any fan of the Mega Man X series should pick this up and give it a try, this is a GBA game to own!
The Good
+Amazing Graphics
+Great Sound
+Zero gets his own game now!
+Improved gameplay
+Classic Mega Man gaming!
The Bad
-HARD Game. Newcomers will have LOTS of trouble
-Too Short
-Control Scheme takes time to get used to

Mega Man Anniversary Collection - PlayStation 2
Mega Man Anniversary Collection - PlayStation 2
Offered by Past N Present Video Games
Price: CDN$ 15.95
65 used & new from CDN$ 10.25

4.0 out of 5 stars Retro Gaming at its best!, July 9 2004
This is pure entertainment. Something about this nostalgia is incredible! Mega Man has never had any better adventures than in his 2-D sidescrolling world. This Megaman Anniversary collection depicts his first 8 adventures. The port is a re-release. Unchanged and untarnished.
The game centers on Megaman who is running around saving the world from the likes of Dr. Wiley. This is the foundation that Megaman was built off of. When your adventure begins you select one of many bosses to go and battle. Each time you battle a boss you get a special weapon for Megaman that allows him to use his techniques. Each boss has their own weakness and part of the strategy of beating Megaman is figuring out which boss is weak to what weapon as well as the order to find them in.
The graphics are the exact same as they were before. Even the weird glitches and such from the NES version are here. So it's all the same. If this bothers you then you may or may not enjoy Megaman Anniversary Edition.
There are a few changes though. Controls are now easier. There is a now a short cut in accessing Megamans arsenal so that you don't have to open the menu each time. The game also has an "auto-save" feature so that you don't have to wrtie down all the passwords and such.
This new version also includes bonuses. On the PS2 version you get an episode of the anime. Kind of nice but if you didn't like it it isn't much.
Pretty much a retro game. If you don't like retrogaming or 2D graphics then this collection isn't for you.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Mega Man Anniversary Collection
11 used & new from CDN$ 26.84

4.0 out of 5 stars The Blue Bomber the way he should be, July 8 2004
This is pure entertainment. Something about this nostalgia is incredible! Mega Man has never had any better adventures than in his 2-D sidescrolling world. This Megaman Anniversary collection depicts his first 8 adventures. The port is a re-release. Unchanged and untarnished.
The game centers on Megaman who is running around saving the world from the likes of Dr. Wiley. This is the foundation that Megaman was built off of. When your adventure begins you select one of many bosses to go and battle. Each time you battle a boss you get a special weapon for Megaman that allows him to use his techniques. Each boss has their own weakness and part of the strategy of beating Megaman is figuring out which boss is weak to what weapon as well as the order to find them in.
The graphics are the exact same as they were before. Even the weird glitches and such from the NES version are here. So it's all the same. If this bothers you then you may or may not enjoy Megaman Anniversary Edition.
There are a few changes though. Controls are now easier. There is a now a short cut in accessing Megamans arsenal so that you don't have to open the menu each time. The game also has an "auto-save" feature so that you don't have to wrtie down all the passwords and such.
Each version also features exclusive bonus material. The Gamecube version features interviews with the Producers of the series. Oddly enough its quite entertaining and interesting to watch.
Megaman has changed over the years but this edition truly captures Megaman at his best! If you enjoy Megaman and have been playing his games since he debuted in 1987 you'll love this! Others may not find it as enjoyable as it is an "Old Skool" game.

Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 3
DVD ~ Anna Faris
Price: CDN$ 13.50
38 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars Better than Scary Movie 2 but that isn't saying much..., July 7 2004
This review is from: Scary Movie 3 (DVD)
Scary Movie 3 works well over the disappointing Scary Movie 2 in many ways. A different cast of characters for the most part and better movie spoofs. But saying Scary Movie 3 is better isn't all that special since Scary Movie 2 was one of the worst movies I ever saw.
Scary Movie 3 is great humor at first. This one spoofs "The Ring", "Signs", "The Matrix", "The Others" and "8 Mile". Its funny really but only the first time around. The second time you get a chuckle and the third time you probably won't care for some parts.
The movie begins with a rather clever spoof of "The Ring", letting you know what the main spoof of the movie is. The movie then goes off into Cindy (yes the same Cindy from the previous two films). She finds this mysterious tape and watches it and learns that she'll die in seven days. Not unusual for anyone who's seen "The Ring".
The film also focuses on a Pasture that's lost his faith since his wife died in a car accident of a friend who fell asleep behind the wheel (clearly from "Signs"). The crops circles and aliens are there as well.
The THIRD and final focus is on a young boy who wants to be a rapper and hopes to make it in the movie business someday (clearly 8 Mile).
The humor in the film can be to die for. Not so much language and drugs in every scene but as far as sexual humor goes, this film STILL has a lot of that, in case you're wondering. It says "PG-13" but if you've got younger kids keep them FAR FAR AWAY from this movie as a lot of the kiddies will be asking questions to the sexual jokes they don't (and more than likely won't) understand.
But as I said, watching the movie again and again shows that you'll quickly forget it. The humor is nice but a lot of it is incredibly stupid! This is a movie that you go to only for the laughs and nothing more. If you were expecting a CLEVER spoof then you came to the wrong movie.
The DVD offers an alternate ending and if you watch it you'll learn just WHY it wasn't used. The alternate ending is shown to you unedited but it really isn't funny. After a while you stop laughing because it becomes too much and is clearly too stupid.
Overall, the average comedy lover might go for this movie but for someone looking for a smart humor film stay far away.

Dynasty Warriors 4 - PlayStation 2
Dynasty Warriors 4 - PlayStation 2
14 used & new from CDN$ 4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Dynasty Warriors 4 is Fun at first but begins to go down., July 4 2004
Dynasty Warriors 4 is a grand game to play, especially with a friend. It has all the basics you need and pretty much repeats the same strentghs of Dynasty Warriors 3. Of course if you've kept up with the Dynasty Warriors series, its apparent that not as much time was taken into giving Dynasty Warriors 4 new extras as they did number 3.
The game centers on the Three Kingdoms. The game is based on a book called "Romance Of the Three Kingdoms". You play as an officer of the one of the Three Kingdoms. Either and Officer of Shu, Wu or Wei. Each character has a Musou Mode that takes place in different "Acts". Everyones first and second act are more or less the same. Completing certain task in Musou Mode allow you to unlock stages in the Free Mode and sometimes more characters.
The Free Mode is more or less the same as Musou Mode only you get to choose the level you want to go to and what side you want to be on. Unlocking levels in Free Mode is dependant on which Force you are in Musou Mode and sometimes even what character.
The Gameplay presented in Dynasty Warriors 4 is your basic hack and slash. Each character has his or her own weapon that they attack with. While playing and doing the same thing over and over again can get boring, the AI of the enemies will ensure you've got a challenge and many a time you'll play just to see how many kills you can get.
You play through several missions defeating Generals and collecting their goods. Some drop attack and defense ups and others might drop an item. Generals are also worth Experience Points which go toward leveling up a characters weapon. Experience Points is nice but it makes it so that getting a new weapon is a bit more time-consuming than in the third game.
The maps have changed a lot since Dynasty Warriors 3. The maps are VERY different. The missions are more or less the same as number 3 but because of different maps Enemy Generals are in different areas. The objective is sometimes reached differently as well. Many missions are more than just "Kill the enemy commander" as they were in the third. Some have special objectives such as getting a General to an escape point or to foil an enemies plan.
The gameplay also has new Gereral Duels. This is a nice twist in Dynasty Warriors but you feel a little forced to enter them. Dynasty Warriors 4, like the third one, works on Morale, which makes troops fight better. The new General Duels make Morale seem impossible to keep up. If you get in a duel with a General you HAVE to win. Losing results in a Game Over and a draw results in your entire allies Morale dropping. If you refuse a draw Morale drops more. So it's either fight so others can survive, or let everyone's Morale drop. I for one hated the duels.
Characters also have bodyguards that keep you going throughout your battle. The bodyguards also have different units that you can select. Bodyguards also don't die as easily as in the third one and they do their best to kill an enemy.
The Multiplayer is fun to play with. Your partner runs around just as you do but Multiplayer also has its drawbacks. For one, characters don't share experience unless they share the same weapon... and only custom characters share the same weapon. Also in Multiplayer if one of you dies its game over for both of you. It isn't all that fun when your partner dies all the time and you have to stop as well.
Dynasty Warriors 4 is also full of extras! You can customize Bodyguards and your own officer. Unfortunately this could've been taken to more limits. You can select what they wear and what weapon they can use but that's about it really. You can customize what kind of Musou they do, or their stance or anyhting like that.
Also, more Musou Modes are availible. Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao, The Nanman and even Lu Bu all have a Musou Mode now! Unfortunately when you select a Musou Mode and you're on two player your partner HAS to be a member of that force as well. This wouldn't be bad for the new Musou Modes if the characters to choose from weren't so limited.
But Dynasty Warriors 4 doesn't take as big of a step up from Dynasty Warriors 3. In fact, Dynasty Warriors 3 took a BIGGER step above number 2. Dynasty Warriors 3 added over 12 Generals and several new maps as opposed to the few characters and maps that number 2 had. Dynasty Warriors 4 only adds THREE new Generals... one for each force. They have lots of new missions but several of them take place on the same map and have the same objective anyway... you'll just be a different force. Items are about the same as in number three.
Dynasty Warriors 4 is a fun game but it doesn't take a giant leap over the third one since in some areas it falls back a little. The game is much harder and the extras are pretty fun but you quickly notice the game has several little drawbacks.

Metal Gear Solid - Game Boy Color
Metal Gear Solid - Game Boy Color
2 used & new from CDN$ 46.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A GBC Masterpiece, July 1 2004
Metal Gear Solid on the Gameboy Color is perhaps one of the most innovative the 8-bit handheld had. The game was released a few years ago but this is NOT a re-release of the PSX classic. Actually it only bears the same name. The plot and characters aren't connected to the playstation version in anyway.
Metal Gear Solid makes good use of the GBC's colors. This game is more colorful than a rainbow and the colors are vivid and bright (especially if you play it on a GBA SP). The graphics are also put to good use. It's a reminder of the graphics presented in the first Metal Gear game only you can now move in eight directions as opposed to four and most guards and such look clearer. But you'll definitely notice resemblence.
The game sounds pretty good for an 8 bit game. The music can get annoying at times but it clearly sets up the tone of the game (sneaking).
The game adopts the gameplay from the Playstation version. There is a sneak mode, alert mode and evasion mode. Sneak mode is simply that you just run from point to point without worrying about anything. As with the PSX version you have a radar in the corner of your screen. The radar isn't as detailed but it'll help you stay out of sight. Alert Mode happens if you're discovered by the enemy and so you must run away. Much like in the PSX version there's a countdown in the corner that covers the radar. When you successfully escape the enemy you go into Evasion Mode where you must hide and the enemy will stop chasing you and begin searching for you. Picture evasion mode like a game of hide and seek.
Metal Gear is known for its storytelling and MGS on the GBC is no exception. The game has several plot twist and such but that's just it. The game is full of TONS of twist. The story is great but the way the story is presented to the gamer is not to pleasing. The original playstation version had cinemas to make the storyline more interactive. The GBC has LONG LONG LONG cutscenes of Snake exchaning words with others. This wouldn't be so bad if the cutscenes weren't so long of just two people standing there. The Codec I didn't mind and it showcases more of just how well the graphics of the game are. But even codec conversations get long. If you're really into the story then you probably won't be falling asleep anytime soon.
As far as Extras go this game has a lot of them. Well, there is one HUGE extra. This would be the VR training. Many of the missions come from the PSX game "Metal Gear Solid VR: Missions" and the original MGS game but on the GBC they can be quite challenging. There are over 150 missions but most of them are repeats of earlier missions... only with a twist such as maybe a time limit or you're supposed to eliminate all the guards. Still, the VR missions will keep you busy for a while.
The other extra is after you complete the game once you get a new difficulty level (Very Hard mode). Difficulty levels in this game are NO joke. Unlike the PSX version there are more changes than just guards with wider range of vision. The most noticeable is there are MORE guards than you could possibly imagine on Very Hard mode.
Perhaps what I disliked most about MGS on the GBC was that it didn't have the power to make you love the characters. Many of them are stale without being able to see some emotion. That and some of the supporting characters play no real role in the game they're just there to take up space and carry on long conversations.
Overall though, for the GBC Metal Gear Solid is by far one of the best you could get.
The Good
+Excellent graphics
+Great Storytelling
+Great Gameplay
+Fun VR Missions
The Bad
+Supporting characters lack developement and chemistry

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - GameCube
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - GameCube
11 used & new from CDN$ 63.09

4.0 out of 5 stars A Classic Reborn, June 29 2004
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is a remake of the original "Metal Gear Solid" that appeared on the PSX in late 1998. Any gamer will probably remember that as one of the greatest games of all time. The re-release on Gamecube does a great job at recapturing the original game. For anyone new to MGS, Twin Snakes is an awesome experience.
The story follows Solid Snake, who has been recruited to go into a nuclear warhead base known as Shadow Moses Island. His mission is to rescue the DARPA chief Donald Anderson, and find out if the Terrorists have the ability to launch a nuclear strike, and stop them if they do. The storyline is fantastic. The story is filled with several plottwist but the problem with is that nothing new has been added. If you already played the Playstation version you know everything the story throws at you already. If you are going through the game for the first time then perhaps the problem is that near the end the game throws too much story at you. Still, it is an engrossing storyline that you'll be caught up in.
The game presents gameplay that is similar to its PS2 counterpart, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. It takes several gameplay elements and mixes them in to this restored version. For example, Snake can now aim and shoot in first person view. He can now shoot out cameras just like in MGS2. He can hang over ledges again and he can hold guards up for dog tags.
Likewise, guards also present much higher AI than they did in the original version. Much like MGS2 guards now hear and see better. Some guards also have to make status reports. If a guard does not report then a whole team is sent to check up on him. The other nice tweak is how much the game stresses stealth. If you kill a guard the body doesn't disappear but instead you have to hide it so that it's out of the way. You can also hide in lockers as well as stuff bodies in them.
Unfortunately this new version doesn't offer much to Snake's arsenal of weapons. He has the same weapons he did in the original version. The PSG-1, the Socom, the Nikita Missiles and all the like. The only new additions are an M9 Tranquilizer and a PSG1-T (a PSG1 with a Tranquilizer).
The boss battles are also very similar to the original. This is good and bad. The boss battles are still unique and fun (especially Psycho Mantis). But again, for those who have played the original they present nothing special.
The visual look of the game more than surpasses the original. The cinematics are more involving and more dramatically played out than before. The frame rate is excellent and the game doesn't lag much at all.
But the sound in this remake is different. The music is still good and more or less the same but the voices differ. The game uses the same script and dialogue from the original but the voices are different. Snake still has the same voice (David Hayter) but others like Dr. Naomi or Mei Ling don't and that's a shame because some of the new voices don't have the same emotion or dramatic likeness as the original game. But the voice acting isn't bad. It really is quite good, much better than in other games.
The other part that could be hard to swallow is how much time is actually spent playing the game. I don't mind a good story and the original game didn't have very long cutscenes but some gamers may feel that they watch more than they play. Especially those who didn't play the original. By far this is the most annoying part of the game. You watch a ten minute cutscene just to play for ten seconds. At least the cutscenes aren't as long as they are in the MGS2.
The Twin Snakes does feature a few mishaps however. The extras aren't very exciting. In fact, for a remake, the extras are disappointing. After you complete the game once you unlock an extra difficulty level. There's a demo theater in which you can watch all the cutscenes without having to play, but maybe they should've taken a DVD approach to that and let you choose your favorite scenes. However, those were the extras that were already in the original game. The NEW extras are simply dog tags and a boss survival mode. The boss survival mode lets you take on all the bosses in order with a single life guage.
Clearly, if you already own the original MGS on the Playstation this game probably isn't worth the buy on Gamecube. The amount of extras isn't a lot. The cinematics look a lot better but you really aren't getting anything other than better graphics. If you're new to the Metal Gear Series or haven't played the original MGS you may want to check this game out. But those who already own it may find it better to rent it or borrow it from a friend.
The Good
+Remake of one of the greatest games of all time
+Amazing graphics and sound
+Engrossing storyline
+Fun new gameplay elements
The Bad
-Few extras for a remake
-Those who already own this game won't get much out of the remake

Metal Gear Solid Official Mission Handbook
Metal Gear Solid Official Mission Handbook
by David S. J. Hodgson
Edition: Paperback
12 used & new from CDN$ 68.44

4.0 out of 5 stars A Great Guide that's INCREDIBLY DETAILED 4.5 Stars, June 24 2004
Metal Gear Solid is a fantastic PSX game no matter how you play. But attempt to uncover EVERY secret and master EVERYTHING the game has to offer and you could probably use a leg up. While a guide for MGS isn't needed, those wanting to master the game will probably need it.
The guide is vividly detailed in the aspect of its artwork and maps (both of which are official) and incredible interviews. The guide certainly has lots and lots of eye-candy for you to look at. The character bios are in-depth and provide LOTS of info on the characters.
The guide also does what virtually all the other ones don't. Actually detail the differences between the difficulty levels! Want to know what changes when you play EXTREME? This guide will actually tell you! Unlike all the others I saw. The guide even provides tips and hints for the higher difficulty levels.
The guide also gives off strategies for the VR Missions and they're useful. They'll help you get some good times, although some of the unauthorized guides will give you better. But you'll definitely pass through ALL of the VR missions with ease, speed and using the least of your resources.
The walkthrough is grand. Complete with official maps that point out where you start and where you should go. The strategies and tips are unbelievable and the guide is full of screenshot after screenshot after screenshot. All of which are incredibly detailed. The screenshots are crystal clear and there are a huge abundance of them!
The maps have points in them (A,B,C and all that stuff) as well as an items list. Incredible detail that guides you through everything you need.
The walkthrough however, is where the problem is. This is a Mission Handbook and therefore the walkthrough talks to you as if briefing you on an area. This isn't so bad but it makes it so the guide takes a while to get across information that could be vital to your survivial.
The second part wrong with the walkthrough is that some info is all over the place. Looking at point A on the map will mean reading an entire page to get the gist of just what the author is trying to tell you. Also, they have "Tech Notes" which is more or less repeated information from what you read in the main sections of the walkthrough.
The guide also has a crapload of spoilers! Yeah, spoilers. I don't mind spoilers very much but the next gamer might. The endings and every movie cinema can be spoiled if you look to the bottom of a page.
The good news is the game has been out for a while now so everyone probably knows the story. The bad news is that a guide is still a guide and therefore I must be fair.
So yes, grab this guide ESPECIALLY if you're into collecting them. The guide is by far one of the best looking and most presentable of any strategy guide I've ever seen before. A great guide for a great game.

Gameboy Player - GameCube
Gameboy Player - GameCube
5 used & new from CDN$ 84.38

4.0 out of 5 stars The Gameboy Player is a wonder to behold, June 16 2004
The Gameboy Player is very much like the Super Gameboy on the SNES. But it's better! The Gameboy player could still be better in some of its own rights but either way you're not wasting battery power in your GBA and you get to see it on the big screen TV.
The Gameboy player takes a moment to operate, however. Luckily this is VERY easy to set up. First you'll have to screw it onto your Gamecube and then you'll need to pop in the disc into the cube and a GBA game into the player and you're ready to go.
The player has 20 frames to choose from and you can have it in a standard view or not, either way it doesn't matter or change a difference in the look of the game. You can also adjust some of the picture settings from Normal, to soft to sharp. You can also change the controls on the Gamecube controller to better suit you but otherwise they still corespond to the same buttons.
Even the GBA Player has its backdrops. For one, it brings out the worst in some of the game graphics. Some things look a little blurry when faced on the big screen. The GBA already has a pixle problem with some games and the TV only makes it worse sometimes. The game also appear a lot brighter on the GBA player but I'm sure no one will lose sleep over that.
Then there's the Gamecube controller, which takes a long time to get used to. While the buttons correspond it takes a moment to adjust to things like X and Y being the select button. From the GBA your used to select being right next to the start button on the left side. The A and B button placement could take a moment as well since the A button on the GCN controller is bigger than the B button. Luckily, Nintendo has found the solution to this. If you have a GBA link cable you can just as easily plug it into your Gameboy Player and use your GBA as a controller.
Overall the GBA player is great hardware because it works the way its supposed to with little to no problems at all. The games play just as smoothly and you can save battery power on your GBA!

Excitebike Classic NES Series - Game Boy Advance
Excitebike Classic NES Series - Game Boy Advance
3 used & new from CDN$ 4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The Original was great and this is the original!, June 16 2004
Excitebike is one hell of a good game and now it is revived on the Gameboy Advance. Those who loved the original and want it here unchanged can have that.
Excitebike once again has a nice and easy to get used to way of playing. You press the B and A buttons to accelerate. The B buonn pushes you along faster but you also have a bar at the bottom of your screen. Once it fills up you have to let your bike sit for a while until it cools down. Not to mention that you also race against three other drivers going over bumps and whatnot. The real task at hand isn't to beat the other three players but to beat the time.
Excitebike was the first racing game to have a track editor. Unfortunately on the NES you couldn't save that track. But on the GBA you actually can save it. My gripe is you can only save one track which bites.
There are a couple of other problems. If you have an E-Reader you can get Excitebike there. The other is simply that the GBA has had to have some of the graphics squashed down to fit the screen. This shouldn't pose any real problems though.
Excitebike is a grand game and one of the true classics in the Classie NES Series. Along with "Super Mario Bros." and of course "The Legend of Zelda" this is what you should get.

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