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The Judge / Le Juge (Bilingual) [DVD + UltraViolet]
The Judge / Le Juge (Bilingual) [DVD + UltraViolet]
DVD ~ Robert Downey Jr.
Price: CDN$ 13.88
4 used & new from CDN$ 7.00

5.0 out of 5 stars From The Redbox Kiosk At My Job, Sept. 30 2015
The Judge stars Robert Downey Jr. as lawyer Henry Hank Palmer who is gifted at his job but has to deal with his personal life changing before his eyes. The beginning of the movie shows Henry having a deep heated discussion with his wife Lisa Palmer (Sarah Lancaster) over an intimate encounter she had with an old flame after he discovers that she sadly plans on divorcing him. However, Henry loves his daughter Lauren (Emma Tremblay)dearly and this is one of the areas that provides a strong source of comfort to him after he ends up visiting his dad Judge Jospeh Palmer (Robert Duvall) and his brothers Glen (Vincent D’Onofrio)and Dale Palmer (Jeremy Strong) due to a death in the family. Henry’s daughter Lauren is naturally nervous about her parents divorcing because two of her friends named Megan and Caitlin have parents who also divorced so naturally Lauren is concerned as to how she is going to fare. The tension is at first so great between Henry Palmer and his father Jospeh Palmer that his father at first hires Attorney C..P. Kennedy (Dax Shepard) even though his own son is a gifted trained lawyer with experience in the court case he faces. This is a big deal because a no holds barred prosecutor by the name of Dwight (Billy Bob Thornton) is known for his tough stances on participants that he is not defending. Judge Joseph Palmer is implicated in a hit and run situation with his car and what complicates the situation is a blood alcohol content of 0.23 (which I think the movie states was found in the father’s victim). In the midst of this Henry Palmer also runs into his old flame Samantha Powell (Vera Farmigia) who runs her own restaurant and has a daughter who happens to be a Georgetown University Law student Carla Powell (Leighton Meester). One of the things that I do enjoy about the movie is that The Judge portrayed how even an accomplished and successful lawyer such as Henry Hank Palmer cares about his dad but is also trying to strengthen a closer connection with his father. Fortunately, my adoptive father knows that I’m grateful that he adopted me and legally claimed me as his daughter (when I was between 11-13 years old) even though I’m not biologically his regardless of what happens. However, watching The Judge was unexpectedly healing to me because it showed how even such an ambitious man such as Henry Palmer in a prestigious occupation cannot always have it all in the way of both a perfect family life and professional life. The special feature of The Judge dvd is titled Getting Deep With Dax Shepard. Shepard interviews Robert Downey Jr., Vincent D’Onofrio and Billy Bob Thornton during this segment. Some interesting facts; Vincent D’Onofrio has known Robert Downey Jr. since he was a kid. Billy Bob Thornton’s wife has a crush on Dax Shepard. There are movie trailers within this dvd for American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, and directed by Clint Eastwood. There are also movie trailers for Jupiter Ascending, Horrible Bosses 2, and In The Heart of The Sea.

How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business, 5th
How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business, 5th
by Denise Vivaldo
Edition: Paperback
43 used & new from CDN$ 4.69

5.0 out of 5 stars Catering Career Tips, Sept. 30 2015
How To Start A Home Based Catering Business by Denise Vivaldo contains both some information form the author’s background in her journey towards opening her own catering business as well as advice and tips. For instance, Vivaldo shares opportunities for food catering (such as hotels, country clubs, yachts, restaurants, charter yachts, airlines etc).. She also shared some of the lessons she learned from her first catering experience- apparently one of her waitresses left with one of the most attractive male guests, she unexpectedly spent more than she initially collected, and had to at first do the dishes alone. She also touches on territory on areas such as Sales and Marketing when it comes to operating a catering business (starts on page 109). She also gives some food recipes such as Lemony Rice Pilaf (page 204) and Chocolate Walnut Biscotti (page 205).

The Path: Afterlife by Path 11 Productions llc.
The Path: Afterlife by Path 11 Productions llc.
DVD ~ Michael Habernig
Offered by JnP Store Canada
Price: CDN$ 71.56

5.0 out of 5 stars Transfiguration Avenue, Sept. 24 2015
I preface this review by making it clear that I appreciate my life and prefer to live to be at least 85 years old during my current lifetime (I use the term prefer because I’m aware that the time we die may be one of the few areas over which is already predestined and yes I’m aware that there are certain areas of my life that I do have control over it is just that I’m not so sure if when I die is one of which I can completely control by my own human will). My interest in afterlife media and books trace more to personal spiritual reasons and for what to keep in mind for my bookwriting and scriptwriting aspirations on the side(which countless fulltime and part-time authors have inspired me yet I admittedly would do so under a pennane completely different from my real name). Anyhow The Path; Afterlife contains interviews from various people who have been touched by the whole idea of the afterlife in some way. Path; The Afterlife is listed to be a Path 11 production in association with Hannah’s Healing producted by April Hennal and Directed by Michael Habernig. The following is a summary of the various people featured (please know that if I skipped over anybody and/or their experiences it was harm-free intent and unintentional I’m only writing what my spirit is guiding me to );
F. Holmes Skip Atwater, President of the Monroe Institute. Willam Buhlman-Leading Expert on Out of Body Experiences and Author of Adventures Beyond the Body. He also wrote Adventures In The Afterlife. Buhlman recounts an experience where his wife met her late father and his late mother. The wife’s afterlife viewing experience gave her a glimpse of her late father and his (Buhlman’s) late mother having a joyous party of some sorts. Carol Von Kaenel Reiki Master and Lindsey Sass Spiritual Counselor Director of The Healing Center are also featured.
Jeanette Duffau RN Intuitive Healer Counselor Teacher-She admitted that she became more interested in the spirit world after her mom died. During Duffau’s practice as a registered nurse she oversaw the death of a dedicated music composer. She was sharing how she got a glimpse into his spirit in the afterlife where he (the music composer)spiritually became one with the music that he composed during his most recent lifetime. There is also Brenda Jenks Space Clearing Expert and Feng Shui Consultant, Beth Netter M.D. Holistic Physician, Patty Ray Avalon Residential Facilitator of the Monroe Insititute and Paul Rademacher Executive Director of the Monroe Institute.
There is also a fact shared; According To A Gallup Poll, approximately eight million Americans claim to have had a near death experience (source listed is Bright Lights Big Mystery by James Mauro of Psychology Today). Over the Last 30 years, the U.S. has averaged 62 lightening fatalities per year (source; Storm Data A National Weather Service Publication). Lindsey Sass reports that one of the things that happened to her after she got struck by lightening was her ability to see beyond the realms of the physical world into the spirit worlds, it was as if he veil more easily lifted for he after that.
There was also mention of Raymond Moody and how he coined the near death experience term back in 1975 and an interview featuring Thomas Campbell Nuclear Physicist and author of My Big Toe. There are also healing reminders said during the documentary such as how were are much more than we appear to be externally and there was also polite emphasis on reflecting on the statement- I am more than my physical body. Robert Weissberg M.D.Integrative Medicine Physician is also featured and a fact from 2005 is featured;
In 2005 there were 2,448,017 deaths in the U.S. (source National Vital Statistics Reports CDC). That same year there were 4,140,419 births in the U.S. (source Hamilton Be, Martin JA Ventura SJ Births; Preliminary data for 2005 Health E Stats.
Last, but not least, I enjoyed this documentary because many of the people interviewed discussed positive mentions and afterlife communications with at least one of their parents. This alone meant a lot to me and made me feel better about the possibility of attempting to contact my late adoptive mother. She has appeared a few times in my dreams before with one dream where she was riding on some type of city bus with me. I forgive my late biological mother. However, one of the reasons why I spiritually feel closer to my late adoptive mother and prefer more to remember her was because she did the hard work of being there for me as a mother and adopting me despite my crazy history. Yesterday would have been my late adoptive mother’s 63rd birthday, however my conscience is guiding me to avoid saying more out of consideration for my other family members who were also touched by her (late adoptive mother) when she was still alive.

The Last Ship: Season 1
The Last Ship: Season 1
Price: CDN$ 32.97
22 used & new from CDN$ 13.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars If You Enjoy Navy And/Or Military Themed TV Shows/Movies, Sept. 24 2015
This review is from: The Last Ship: Season 1 (DVD)
I very much look forward to watching The Last Ship season two and only wished that I watched this series sooner. I admit that I truthfully found out about The Last Ship back in June 2014 via a magazine (I think it was Entertainment Weekly) and I even sent a cell phone text message to myself on Sunday June 29, 2014 as a reminder to consider watching The Last Ship (important mainly because I temporarily went without internet in my apartment from part of May 2014 until part of November 2014 and could only watch shows that were available on dvd). Fortunately, eventually I found out that the Last Ship Season One dvd set was available (through a tv ad at my job) which helped me make up my mind to eventually buy the dvd set (partially because I enjoy watching certain media relating to navy themes stemming from my 8.5 years in the navy from June 14, 2000 until May 24, 2009). There are so many gleaming positives about Season One of The Last Ship and multiple great performances from the various actors affiliated with this series even though it is more on the dystopian side (which was a pleasant surprise to me because I normally prefer a lot of Utopian entertainment). Well for starters, Eric Danes stars as Captain Tom Chandler of the USS Nathan James who loves his family dearly while wisely taking care of his navy crew under demanding conditions. Tom Chandler is a dedicated and dynamic Captain who gives his all for his crew but is naturally shown also being concerned about his wife, children, and father back home in Norfolk Virginia. Luckily, he has an abundance of fellow navy officers, enlisted, and civilian who do their best under the trying circumstances. The character of Chandler is shown on the front of the dvd cover. A review cannot really do justice to name all the actors/actresses that contribute to the plot yet I will at least include a few of them to paint how tight knit the crew despite what is going on. Adam Baldwin stars as Commander Mike Slattery. He is a headstrong but confident Executive Officer that does not always agree with Captain Tom Chandler’s decision and speaks up when he has questions regarding what he has planned. However, Slattery does give Captain Chandler vital support every step of the way and it is both heartwarming to see the character of Slattery believing in whatever Chandler has planned regardless of how bleak things seem (especially when well intentioned as Chandler is, he ends up creating some situations that require Slattery to step up to the role of Commanding Officer). The photo of the character of Slattery is on disc one (episodes one to four)of the Last Ship Season One set. Charles Parnell plays the role of Command Master Chief Petty Officer Russell Russ Jeter, the enlisted Sailor of the USS James. Command Master Chief Russell Jeter provides spiritual support and morale for both the crew and Commanding Officer Chandler and Executive Officer Slattery during the trying times throughout the episodes of The Last Ship season one. The image of Command Master Chief Russell Jeter is on Disc Two (Episodes 5 to 7). The USS Nathan James also is escorting two highly trained doctors named Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra) and Quincy Tophet (Sam Spruell). I want to avoid calling the character of Quincy Tophet a bad man because reasons are revealed as to why he acts the way he does throughout season one (which are partially motivated by his vast love for his wife Kelly Tophet played by Alice Coulthard and his daughter Ava Tophet played by Jade Pettyjohn). Quincy Tophet experiences much character growth throughout the season one (which makes the character of Quincy Tophet more of an extremely complex man). Consequentially, Chandler and Slattery have but little choice to turn to Dr. Rachel Scott for some time due to unexpected circumstances. Dr. Scott is figuratively carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders because of this. As a result, Chandler and Slattery are sometimes naturally concerned about some of Dr. Scott’s tactics during season one for understandable reasons but ultimately provide her the support she needs. Fortunately for Dr. Scott, she also has an enduring ally in Ken Tex Nolan (John-Pyper Ferguson) throughout season one. The character of Dr. Rachel Scott is pictured on Disc Three (Episodes 8 to 10). In addition to the ten episodes of season one (multiple episodes feature around averages of approximately forty to forty five minutes). The following are some of the bonus features affiliated with the three disc dvd set; Disc One Special Features; Inside The Episode, The Last Ship Overview, Making of the Last Ship, and Character Profiles. Disc Two Special Features of the Last Ship Season One Include; Inside The Episode and Audio Commentary. Last, but not least, Disc Three of The Last Ship Season One includes The Last Ship Extras, Inside The Episode, The Last Ship Details, The Navy and The USS Halsey, 2014 Comic Con Panel. For instance the 2014 Comic Con bonus includes Hank Steinberg, Steven Kane, Jack Bender, Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, and Travis Van Winkle. The announcer is said to be Rob Moynihan. There was discussion that the idea behind The Last Ship Season One had to do with an idea brought by Michael Wright, president of the TNT channel. The idea for the Last Ship tv series is credited to a 1980’s book as the inspiration for The Last Ship tv series (the book bears the same name as the Television series and is by the late William Brinkley). There was discussion that the Last Ship television series epitomizes the message of hope, solving problems, and a sense of urgency. The storyline includes approximately 216 crew members and civilians. There was also discussion in terms of what the various characters represent (for instance the chemistry between Captain Chandler and the female scientist Dr. Scott, The character of Executive Officer Slattery epitomizing strength and the character of Command Master Chief Russell Jeter symbolizing determination, faith, and hope etc. There are so much more characters involved in the tapestry of the Last Ship TV series and more information that could take up at least 2-3 more reviews due to the extensive plot details just in season one of The Last Ship.

Now That's What I Call New Wave 80s
Now That's What I Call New Wave 80s
Price: CDN$ 14.96
20 used & new from CDN$ 14.82

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic and Powerful 80’s Indie Rock/Synth Pop, Sept. 24 2015
My eclectic taste in music indirectly influenced my decision to obtain Now That’s What I Call New Wave 80’s at my job and the mix of the various artists in the cd give a brilliant and divergent song mix. There are hits on this cd that showcase the distinct mix such as Rebel Yell by Billy Idol, Tenderness by General Public, Just like Heaven by The Cure, Lips Like Sugar by Echo And The Bunnymen, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics and more.

Price: CDN$ 12.00
40 used & new from CDN$ 8.51

5.0 out of 5 stars Vacation Music?, Sept. 24 2015
This review is from: Honeymoon (Audio CD)
Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey is a strong 14 song set that mixes 60’s/70’s style vintage pop with the uniqueness of chillout music. I enjoy listening to both Pandora and iheartradio and would easily say that many of the songs on the cd could easily have a home on the Pandora Chillwave Radio and/or Chillout station. Honeymoon, Music To Watch Boys To, Terrence Loves You, High By The Beach, Freak, and Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (a classy music tribute to the 1965 version by the music group Animals)are some of the songs to sample right away when it comes to getting a musical sampling for the artisitic/uninhibited spirit coming through the energy or her songs on this cd.

Ready For The Weekend
Ready For The Weekend
Price: CDN$ 18.82
24 used & new from CDN$ 9.44

5.0 out of 5 stars Ready For Weekend Fun, Sept. 24 2015
This review is from: Ready For The Weekend (Audio CD)
I enjoy an eclectic mix of music by Cascada, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, Kylie Minogue, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Ellie Goulding,Steve Aoki, and others. Naturally, this is one of the reasons why I enjoy Ready For The Weekend by Calvin Harris because of the various music moods that are invoked with Ready For The Weekend, I’m Not Alone, and Dance Wiv Me. Ready For The Weekend by Calvin Harris. I would also recommend Ready For The Weekend by Calvin Harris for music lovers who enjoy various genres on the dance music spectrum because Ready For The Weekend combines club music, electro-guitars, and house music. Calvin Harris is also currently known to be part of the music powerhouse that is him and Taylor Swift. I actually hope that both Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift do stay friends regardless of whether or not they marry because based on their most recent videos I do believe that both of them are bringing out the best in each other creatively (although if they do get married they do need to invite Ellie Goulding to the wedding because various online sources list that she helped match them as a romantic couple).

I Created Disco
I Created Disco
Offered by BestSellerRecordShop
Price: CDN$ 4.45
51 used & new from CDN$ 0.25

5.0 out of 5 stars Creating Entertainment, Sept. 24 2015
This review is from: I Created Disco (Audio CD)
I Created Disco by Calvin Harris features some of his classic club hits such as Acceptable In The 80’s and The Girls. This is the perfect music combination for those who enjoy the classic music intersection of club and electronic music.

PR Related: Starting & Building a Successful PR Agency
PR Related: Starting & Building a Successful PR Agency
by Anje Collins
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 25.03
11 used & new from CDN$ 19.17

5.0 out of 5 stars If You Have An Interest In Public Relations/Advertising/Communications/Government Relations Etc, Sept. 24 2015
My interest in this guide titled PR Related Starting & Building A Successful PR Agency by Anje Collins stems from my strong interest in public relations back around 2006 when I was still in the navy (there are mass communications specialists in the navy on the enlisted side as well as public affairs officers in both the active duty navy and the reserve side but the job is a little competitive to get into especially if you are trying to cross over into it via another rating) . I truthfully found out about the actual PR career around 2006 when I was still in the navy (which I must avoid publicly revealing the identity of the person who gave me the idea for spiritual reasons Additionally, my career ambitions are shaped more by my own logical and intuitive aspirations rooting from my own belief in my potential stemming from making class valedictorian in the 8th grade.) Anyhow, the following is some of the helpful information contained in PR Related Starting 7 Building A Successful PR Agency by Anje Collins:
Chapter 7 (starting on page 29)- She gets into the concept between the business plan in relation to this book.
Pages 40 and 41; Writing An Operational business plan that involves calculating the amount of money needed to get started, if you have key advisors and/or mentors within the PR industry, if you plan to finance your PR startup with your own personal savings or a bank from a loan etc.

Pages 68 and 69; Showcasing Your Talents (as per the author’s words) through online columns or a trade magazine, commenting carefully on articles created by others, starting a blog, interacting with the media, your website, utilizing your facebook account etc.
Pages 84 and 85; Creating a Consultant Agreement that involves areas such as Engagement, Compensation, Consultant’s Business Activities etc.

The author also uses sense of humor at the beginning by jokingly writing at the beginning of the book that PR in the sense of this book does not stand for Puerto Rico and Collins also generously gives some PR career related websites on pages 77-78 with diverse websites such as Women in PR, Public Relations Society of America, Bill Stoller’s Publicity Insider and more websites/links.

Phenomenon (Bilingual)
Phenomenon (Bilingual)
DVD ~ John Travolta
Price: CDN$ 4.88
29 used & new from CDN$ 1.38

5.0 out of 5 stars A Movie Take On What Could Be Possible?, Sept. 16 2015
This review is from: Phenomenon (Bilingual) (DVD)
Yes, I understand that Phenomenon is fiction, yet it is a film that gently tugs on what could be possible for the expansion of the human mind (wisdom wise, reaching beyond the expectations of what others think is possible for you etc.). Phenomenon stars John Travolta as a friendly auto mechanic named George Malley whose life is turned upside down once he gets hit by an unexplained ball of light after innocently going outside on the night of his 37th birthday. Almost seemingly overnight he gains an increased intelligence and clarity effortlessly which right away manifests in how he does his job as an auto mechanic. His physician Doc Brunder (Robert Duvall) cannot logically make sense out of what happened to Malley but he is still accepting of him. Another person, George Malley’s close friend Nate Pope (Forest Whitaker) also stands by his friend Malley during the both the high points and challenging points of what happens when his newfound abilities spring up for others to witness. In the midst of all this, George Malley tries extremely hard to court single mother Lace Pennamin (Kyra Sedgwick) and to even win over her kids Al Pennamin (David Gallagher) and Glory Pennamin (Ashley Buccile). Lace Pennamin courteously acknowledges George Malley yet she is understandably guarded due to what transpired within her relationship history. George Malley also gains the academic interest of UC Berkley Professor Dr. Ringold (Jeffrey DeMunn) after a shockingly accurate earthquake prediction despite his modest educational background. Eric Clapton’s song Change The World plays towards the end of the film. Bonus material; There is a theatrical trailer for Phenomenon and the recommendation of these additional titles for those who enjoyed this film; Ransom, Scream, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Rock, Tombstone.

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