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Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Offered by Fulfillment Express CA
Price: CDN$ 16.05
24 used & new from CDN$ 13.42

5.0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Heavy and Intense Soundtrack, Aug. 28 2003
This review is from: Freddy vs. Jason (Audio CD)
For once there's a movie soundtrack that I can listen to without skipping tracks non-stop to get to the good songs. No, this is not the movie score (such a version does exist), but this is a compilation of hard-hitting metal songs that appeared in the movie. "Freddy vs. Jason: The Soundtrack" is an amazing collection of heavy songs that are bound to give just about anyone road rage.
What kind of metal is there? Well, you won't find Limp Bizkit or any other bands like that who think they're metal and they're really not. No, these are the HARDCORE metal bands who can put out great music that are dark and brutal. Groups like Stone Sour, Chimaira, Hatebreed, NothingFace, Slipknot, Murderdolls, Sevendust, Ill Nino and a whole bunch of others make this a great and successful soundtrack.
As I said in the beginning of the review, this is one of those rare soundtracks where you can listen to the whole thing without fumbling around with the tracks. You don't have to worry about skipping track after track to get to the two or three songs you only like. While there are some I like better than others, I think this is an exceptional listen. My favorite songs are "how can I live" by Ill Nino, "snap" by Slipknot," "ether" by NothingFace, "condemned until rebirth" by Hatebreed, "inside the cynic" by Stone Sour, "army of me" by Chimaira, and "middle of nowhere" by The Blank Theory.
And you will be happy to know that this time the album is NOT CENSORED. What do I mean by "this time?" Well, this album was released by Roadrunner Records, which happens to be the same record company that did the "Resident Evil" soundtrack. And if you remember that soundtrack, you'll also remember that it was censored. To this day I still have no idea why they did that. Well, you won't find any censoring on this album (unless you get the clean version), so I am very happy about that.
"Freddy vs. Jason: The Soundtrack" is a great album for those who love heavy and dark songs by intense bands. You won't find any "soft" or "quiet" songs here. They're loud, they're intense and they're in your face. A great collection of some outstanding metal tunes. Check it out... if you dare.

Jason X [Widescreen Platinum Series] [Import]
Jason X [Widescreen Platinum Series] [Import]
DVD ~ Kane Hodder
Price: CDN$ 16.76
23 used & new from CDN$ 2.30

4.0 out of 5 stars Evil Gets an Upgrade... BIG TIME, Aug. 23 2003
Believe it or not, this proved to be a pleasant surprise. After seeing "Freddy vs. Jason" I felt it was time to finally see the Jason movies once and for all. I have watched all 10 of them this weekend. Some were great... others were horrible. I was dreading the day I'd finally give this one a chance as I thought it would be terrible. Surprise, surprise, "Jason X" proves to be an entertaining addition to the Jason series that dishes out a bloody good time.
We've seen Jason in all sorts of periods of time... except for the future. That's right. The date is 2455 and a group of students stumble upon the body of Jason Voorhees. They take him to their ship hoping to find out more about him. Big mistake, as they have awaken the beast. Now he's controlling the ultimate bloodbath in space where nobody can save them now.
Like I said, I really did not expect this to be good. I was really surprised by how entertained I was by the movie. It is TEN TIMES better than "Jason Goes to Hell" (which in my mind was a complete disaster). Let's face it, when you go to see a Jason movie you're not looking for Shakespeare. You're not looking for an Orson Welles masterpiece. You want to see Jason brutally tear people apart with an assault of various weapons. And that's what "Jason X" accomplishes. And it even does it in a neat way. It sounds like it could be a mess, but the "space" setting is actually a neat and different approach to the already "legend" Jason movies. After all, you can only have Jason attacking campers at Crystal Lake so many times before it becomes old and tired. My hat is off to the originality that went behind the script.
The DVD has some really cool features. First, the movie looks AMAZING. A crystal clear picture quality all the way. The sound is impressive as well, as you can watch it in DTS if your system allows it. Special features include commentary, "Jump to a Death" option, a behind-the-scenes featurette, trailers and so much more. The best feature is the "Jump to a Death" feature which enables you to watch certain killings from the movie separately, at random, or all together. A very cool DVD that is more than impressive.
"Jason X" is what it is; a slasher flick with a new idea behind it. You're not going to watch it for the great acting, the in-depth plot or storyline, or to be intrigued and intellectually stimulated. You see it to watch Jason kill many, many people. You see it for the mayhem, the chaos and the brutality behind this masked fiend's bloodlust. While it's not the best one in the series, it definitely surpasses the bad ones in every way (mainly naming parts 3, 5 and "Jason Goes to Hell"). I have to admit it, it is a very enjoyable addition to the Jason series. If you're a fan of the hockey-masked killer, then I recommend it. You may be surprised. I know I was.

Shut Up You F**king Baby!
Shut Up You F**king Baby!
Price: CDN$ 18.96
15 used & new from CDN$ 5.74

2.0 out of 5 stars Not Very Funny..., Aug. 13 2003
I'm a pretty easy person to please when it comes to comedy, which is why I try out new people I've never heard before. Usually the results are great. Dane Cook was one of them and his CD is now one of my favorites. Bill Hicks was another one. Picked up one of his CDs without hearing a single routine from him, and again the results were positive.
David Cross' "Shut Up, You ----ing Baby!" did NOT have the same impression on me. I've tried to listen to this album at least three times and have never been able to make it all the way through. It's just not good, or at least that's what I think.
The biggest problem, you ask? The delivery. It is the delivery that KILLS this album. Cross sounds shaky, nervous, very unenergetic, and acts like he doesn't have a lot of faith in his material. Ever hear somebody do a speech in front of class when they hated doing speeches? What were the results? Stuttering, fumbling over words, using a lot of "ums," shaky voice and so on. That's exactly what David Cross sounded like. I felt like I was in a speech class hearing somebody trying to give a speech when they really didn't want to.
It's a shame, because he has some good material. It's clear that a lot of work goes into his routines and bits, but I wished more time was spent on the delivery. If you don't have the delivery when it comes to comedy, then you have NOTHING.
All in all, I wasn't very impressed with the album. And this is coming from somebody who is EASILY entertained by comedy routines. It really doesn't take a lot to get me to laugh. When I look at the title "Shut Up, You ----ing Baby!" I think to myself, "David, do yourself a favor and take your own advice." It's a shame, because he has a lot of potential. He just really needs to improve the poor delivery. If he does that, then he will have a very entertaining and funny show.

Life of Brian
Life of Brian
Offered by USA_Seller_4_Canada
Price: CDN$ 61.80
4 used & new from CDN$ 34.84

5.0 out of 5 stars "He's not the Messiah... he's a very naughty boy!!", Aug. 12 2003
This review is from: Life of Brian (Audio CD)
This is every Python fanatic's dream come true. I was so happy to find the "Monty Python's Life of Brian" soundtrack. Being a big Monty Python fan, I knew I had to have it. And, it's from my favorite Python film.
I always hesitated to buy this at first because I thought it would only be the music from the movie (and I remembered there wasn't a lot, so I was always wondering how in the world could they make a CD out of it?). Well, not only are the songs included, but most of the SEGMENTS from the movie are included. That's right, now you can hear your favorite parts of the film on CD! And most of them are here, too. So it's something you will want to listen to over and over again.
The bits never get old or unfunny. That's the magic the Monty Python. No matter how much you see them or hear them, they are ALWAYS funny. My favorite tracks on the album are "the wise men at the manger," "stoning," "what have the Romans ever done for us," "he's a very naughty boy," "Ben..." ah, forget it! They're all great to listen to. There's even exclusive narration from the boys made specifically for the soundtrack on some of the tracks.
Are you a Python fan? Do you love "Life of Brian?" Then what are you waiting for? Pick up this soundtrack as soon as you can. You will not regret it. Laugh along with your favorite segments from the film and relive the movie again and again. Now you don't need a TV to enjoy the film. A very excellent purchase, and I couldn't be happier.

Hard Eight [Import]
Hard Eight [Import]
DVD ~ Philip Baker Hall
Offered by 5A/30 Entertainment
Price: CDN$ 115.68
15 used & new from CDN$ 54.00

4.0 out of 5 stars An Important and Memorable Debut from P.T. Anderson, Aug. 1 2003
This review is from: Hard Eight [Import] (DVD)
Talk about a more-than-impressive debut from a very important director, P.T. Anderson's "Hard Eight" hits all of the right notes at all of the right times. It's a film that's built around characters and dialogue rather than plot. It's a film that takes you for an unpredictable ride into the unknown and delivers a good time. Debuts come and go, but rarely do they come in top-form like this. A film noir filled with drama, humor and heart, "Hard Eight" is a very satisfying film that is enjoyable to watch.
Sidney is an old timer who used to be a successful gambler. He stumbles upon a not-so-lucky John, who is pretty much broke. Sidney unexpectedly takes him under his wing and helps him get back on his feet. The two become very close friends as time goes by and as John's winning streak improves more and more. However, John's going to need serious help from Sidney later on, and it's something that's a lot more serious than money troubles in this very involving film noir that is both thoughtful and dark.
As with the other P.T. Anderson films, I had no idea what to expect from this movie. And that's what's so great about him. No film is ever the same, and each film has a look and feel of its own. In no way could P.T. Anderson ever be a one-trick director. It is apparent that he has MANY tricks up his sleeves, and has only begun to reveal them to us.
The film certainly stands out from other debuts. It's got a strong cast, a smart screenplay, and a certain direction it wants to take. The film is complex, but not because of the plot. It is complex because the characters themselves are complex. That is what's so unique about the film. You want to take the time to get to know the characters. Not for story's sake, but because you actually want so know what makes each character tick. The acting is superb, and I don't use that term lightly. Philip Baker Hall steals the show and certainly does know his stuff. John C. Reilly also gives it his all, which leads to successful results. Everybody else is great too, but it's clear that the movie is a success because of those two particular actors. Still, it must be said that Gwyneth Paltrow and Samuel L. Jackson are also very impressive in the movie as well.
The DVD has a few extras; not many, but enough to keep us happy. The picture and sound quality is really great. You have the choice of watching the movie in its original widescreen format or you can view it in fullscreen. Extras included are commentaries, trailers, a deleted scene, and Sundance Institute filmmaker lab scenes. Not the most explosive DVD package, but it gives enough to satisfy.
"Hard Eight" is a great film for many reasons. It's smart, involving, electric and powerful. This is not something to see if you're looking for a movie with lots of action, shoot-outs, car chases and so on. If you're looking for a smart film noir that's more focused on characters rather than plot, this is the film to check out. P.T. Anderson is an impressive filmmaker, and an important one as well. So far it's always been a joy to watch his movies. It may take time to get used to him, but once you give him the chance, he really grows on you.

Vol. 01 Best of Insomniac/ Uns
Vol. 01 Best of Insomniac/ Uns
DVD ~ Dave Attell
Price: CDN$ 17.99
6 used & new from CDN$ 5.51

5.0 out of 5 stars An All Out Party that Lasts All Night Long..., July 30 2003
After hearing his comedy album only a few days ago, I knew that I would have to check out his show, "Insomniac with Dave Attell." The guy's funny, sarcastic and very entertaining. So I knew the show would be good. After seeing an episode of the new season, I decided to get the DVD "The Best of Insomniac with Dave Attell: Volume 1." The show goes to show you that the fun and hijinx of comedy doesn't end when the act or set is over.
Dave Attell is the host and takes you on a journey full of booze, women, interesting people and wild parties. As soon as his comedy act is over, that's when he takes you for a ride you won't forget. And what's great is that this is an uncensored look, meaning that the language and other shenanigans that could never air on Comedy Central without being bleeped or blurred is here. Get ready to enjoy the nightlife as you cruise around with Dave in the cities of Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, New York and Montreal.
The show is very original and unique. It doesn't fail to entertain for a second. It's 107 minutes long, giving you tons of material to watch. Although it would've been nice to have the complete season of the show, this is still a nice thing to have. And you know there will be a Volume 2 coming out in the near future.
"The Best of Insomniac with Dave Attell: Volume 1" is more than enjoyable. It's funny, edgy, entertaining and memorable. If you've seen the show on Comedy Central or love Dave Attell, then check out this DVD as soon as you can. I can hardly wait for a Volume 2 and I would love it if a complete season would be released on DVD. Still, this DVD is not too shabby.

Live from Hell
Live from Hell
Offered by langton_distribution
Price: CDN$ 46.35
5 used & new from CDN$ 15.02

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sammy's Pawnshop; The People's Pawnshop, July 29 2003
This review is from: Live from Hell (Audio CD)
Sam Kinison was, and always will be, a comedic genius. He traveled where others feared. He said things that made everybody laugh and cringe at the same time. You would be laughing one minute and then thinking "what is wrong with me??" the next. That's the kind of effect he had on you, no doubt about it. And many of his fans will tell you the same thing. Sam Kinison's "Live from Hell" is a comedy gold and a classic to love.
Now, they have issued a re-mastered version of the album, which sounds a lot better than the older one. And, now the tracks are separated instead of the entire act being on one track (as the first edition was). This is a major plus, because sometimes you just need a quick fix and don't have time to listen to the entire album, and it's annoying to forward through the entire disk until you get to the bit you want to hear. Still, it's always best to hear the album in its complete entirety.
Sam talks about it all. From Pee-Wee Herman to Joan Rivers; from the Space Race to the first Gulf War; from pawnshops to the smart bomb; and there's so much more. His material was edgy, controversial, and risky. This is why we loved the man so much. He was clearly original, as there will never be an equal.
My favorite bits are "I missed the Joan River's Show," "Sammy's Pawnshop," "J.F.K.," "100 hour war," "Sam's Tirade," "the homeless," and "Cable TV." They're all good and hilarious, but those are the ones that stick out the most to me.
Sam Kinison was, and still is, a genius when it came to comedy. He dished it out like nobody else could. "Live from Hell" is Sam at his best. If you are a fan and have not checked out the album yet, get your hands on a copy as soon as you can. This album is bound to stay in your stereo for weeks.

Skanks for the Memories
Skanks for the Memories
Price: CDN$ 18.09
7 used & new from CDN$ 11.38

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Entertaining, July 29 2003
This review is from: Skanks for the Memories (Audio CD)
Dave Attell is very new to me, but after hearing his album "Sk*nks for the Memories...," I think he's a hilarious comedian who's not afraid to take his comedy to the limit. Chances are that you won't be believing some of the things that you hear. As I always love to experiment with new comedy albums, I am glad that this was one that I gave a chance. It was time not wasted, I assure you.
He talks about it all on this album; drinking, drugs, women, fireworks, traveling... and a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't even begin to describe (just check out the track listing and look at the names). And he does a great job. He has a look and feel of his own, which enables him to stand out from others. He can even have a bitter and cold tone at times, which makes it all the funnier. (I kind of see a Bill Hicks influence in him, without the political material).
My favorite bits are "drinking tips," "travel," "flying," "smoking," "bus station," "fun happens late" "religion," and of course, "find that smell." The whole album is entertaining and doesn't miss a beat for a second.
Be warned, this guy's not for everyone. Some may find his material offensive and so on. (Again, look at the track listing). If you don't like comedians who swear and use very adult oriented material, then I suggest you steer clear from the album. If you love all that stuff (like me) then check it out!!
All in all, Dave Attell is a very funny comedian who knows his stuff. I'll have to check out his show "Insomniac" now, as I am curious to see it after hearing the album. "Sk*nks for the Memories..." is an outrageously hilarious album that will entertain just about any fan of stand-up comedy. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Garfield Feeds the Kitty: #35
Garfield Feeds the Kitty: #35
by Jim Davis
Edition: Paperback
30 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars "I'm sending nature a postcard.", July 27 2003
No matter what kind of a mood I'm in, I'm always entertained by reading Garfield comic strips. I have no problem admitting that, even though I'm in my early twenties. I think it's a very hilarious strip and it gets better with every year. "Garfield: Feeds the Kitty" is yet another very amusing collection of funny Garfield strips.
Laugh along as Garfield takes on dieting, Mondays, his owner Jon, the very not-so-bright Odie, smart-aleck mice who always get the last laugh, and much more. With Garfield, you know it's never a dull day (even if HE finds it dull).
Again, Jim Davis never misses a beat with making Garfield funny and entertaining. While some strips are funnier than others, the overall product is very satisfying. You'll want to re-read the book over and over again. It's a great read, especially when you need some cheering up.
The 35th book in the Garfield series, "Garfield: Feeds the Kitty" is a very hilarious collection of Garfield hijinx that you won't want to miss out on. If you're a Garfield fan, I highly recommend you checking it out. Always nice to have something that is bound to get a laugh or two from you.

Garfield Pulls His Weight
Garfield Pulls His Weight
by Jim Davis
Edition: Paperback
29 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars "GARFIELD! Stop giving the dog coffee!", July 27 2003
Before I got into Calvin and Hobbes when I was little, my introduction to comics was none other than everybody's favorite cat, Garfield. And even in my early twenties, I can say proudly that I still read him. Any time I'm feeling down or need a good laugh, that's when I pull out a Garfield book. "Garfield: Pulls His Weight" is a hilarious collection of some of Garfield's funniest moments.
Nothing ever changes, as Garfield is always faced with the same obstacles; dieting, surviving Mondays, putting up with his not-so-bright owner, kicking Odie off the table, and much more. This book's no different from the rest, but it's still funny every time I read it.
Jim Davis has it down when it comes to creating hilarious situations for Garfield and his owner. It's almost impossible not to crack a smile when reading some of the strips. Most of the time you will run into a strip or two that will get you laughing, even if you don't want to!
"Garfield: Pulls His Weight" is a very funny collection of Garfield strips, and I recommend it to any Garfield fans out there. If you're looking for a few laughs or just want some entertainment, this is something that is bound to fulfill your needs. Garfield never gets boring, and I have no problem admitting to that.

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