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5.0 out of 5 stars I LOVE Paris!, April 1 2004
Munching on some fine French food in an Air France 777-200 jet at 35,000 feet and travelling at 888kph, I watched this movie, not once, not twice but THREE times. It is that good!I was flying from Paris at the time.
Jack Nicholson is excellent in his role as an aging Lothario who despite a pot belly, wrinkles, bad eyesight and balding scalp is still charming and irresistable to young women of 30 and below. He hs a wonderful sense of humour, great charm, wit and repartee plus charisma and Mr. Midnight which is what he calls his manhood. Harry is every old playboy's dream incarnate. Yes, it is true, ladies don't just fall head over heels in love with a guy for only his macho muscles. The character must have been based in part on Hugh Hefner.
Enter Marin, a young, nubile, sexy, juicy woman hearing 30 who just happens to be an auctioneer at Christies' New York. They go off for a romantic weekend to her Mom's house in the Hamptons, Southampton to be exact. All the people in this movie are rich and famous, you see. Suddenly, before thay get to make love, Mom in the person of Diane Keaton as Erica appears with her cynical sister Zoe. Zoe pulls a knife on Harry (Nicholson) in his boxer shorts and Erica threatens to have him arrested. Lo and behold, enter the fair Marin in a black bikini that almost gave me a heart attack. I had to calm myself with a glass of Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2000. Yes, they look after you well in Business Class of Air France. They all calm down after Erica gets over the shock of seeing her daughter in love with an older man, and all 4 spend the weekend in the huge luxurious house. Erica is a divorced, lonely, neurotic, sexually repressed famous writer and playwright.... and abruptly while they hear the sensual sounds of Marvin Gaye music and the oohs and aahs of Harry and Marin fooling around...Marin screams in panic,"Mom!!!" This is where the fun begins as Harry has had a heart attack while trying to smooch Marin. I don't blame him. The great scene which had me laughing in stitches is where Erica wants to give Harry mouth to mouth resuscitaion and he gesticulates NO NO! She does it anyway and saves his life.
Eternal triangles abound in this movie. Keanu Reeves as handsome Dr. Julian has a thing for older women like Erica and falls in love with her while inevitably, the hate-hate relationship between Harry and Erica becomes Love-hate and then Love-Love. The scene where they discuss the birds and the bees in the bedroom is hilariously sexy as Harry gets to remove her white polo neck with her gold scissors on her command, no less. The orgasm scene is so terrifically hilarious too and yet strangely true to life. Erica says much much later, "I loove S____" and Harry, totally exhausted exclaims, "You certainly do!" The lines and dialogue are so witty and funny, and they are really smooth, slick actors with perfect timing and super confident delivery of their lines. The final scene in Paris is so romantic. I love Paris in the springtime and most any time, and the scenes of Paris and the lovely river Seine are superb. The food scenes in the restuarant Le Colbert behind the Palais Royale are so perfectly filmed especially where the birthday cake arrives for Erica's birthday in February in Paris. I know a lot about restaurants as I'm The Travelling Gourmet and I write and broadcast on Food, Travel and Wine all over the world. The crying or rather howling scenes where Erica goes hysterical and into a nervous breakdown when she realises that Harry doen't want a long term relationship but just a quick roll in the hay, are sad yet funny, which is incredibly entertaining. She becomes inspired to write a hit Broadway play where she lampoons and lambasts Harry and their relationship to great effect. The scene where her tear drops on to the keyboard of her laptop while she types furiously is very touching. It brought tears to my eyes too.
The ending is really cute and I love the cute baby. A superb movie with a great story and wonderful acting. Filmed on location in New York, Paris and Southhampton, I liked this movie very much and watching it made the long flight so much shorter. Go see it soon and leave the movie theater Happy! By Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet

Casablanca (2-Disc Special Edition) (Sous-titres français) [Import]
Casablanca (2-Disc Special Edition) (Sous-titres français) [Import]
DVD ~ Humphrey Bogart
Offered by Sharehouse Goods CA
Price: CDN$ 14.97
29 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars It's still the same old story, a fight for love and glory..., March 16 2004
Yes, "Play it!" is what Bogart actually commands pianist Sam (played by Dooley Wilson) to do in that timeless, priceless classic "Casablanca". No genuine movie buff can ever forget that song with those ultra-romantic lines, "A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is still a sigh." Bogart as Rick is outstanding in his portrayal of an idealistic, intriguing anti-fascist adventurer with a facade of cynicism. In many ways he is better than James Bond. Immaculate in his white dinner jacket, he feels betrayed by the love of his life, Ilsa and harbours a deep seated grudge and resentment against her for not meeting him at the train station in Paris to flee from the Nazis. Rick is a hard man with a heart of pure 24 karat gold. It is a troubled time when the Nazi Wehrmacht invades Paris. Rick has to flee because he fought against Franco's Fascists in Spain and is on the Geheim Staats Polizei black list. It is better known as the Gestapo. The story set against a Europe ablaze with the fiery flames of a terrible war, is of the eternal triangle with 2 men in love with a beautiful woman, namely Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa. Her screen presence is as large as Bogie's and her elegant and ethearel beauty is absolutely mesmerizing. The chemistry between the two sizzle like a fondue. My all time favourite scene is where Captain Renault, the corrupt French Prefect of Police asks Rick, "Why did you come to Casablanca?". Rick says nonchalantly, "My health, I came here for the waters." Stunned, Renault interjects, "Waters, what waters? We're in the middle of the desert!" Rick calmly drawls sardonically, "I was misinformed." Another classic scene is when Captain Renault closes Rick's Cafe Americain and says, "I'm shocked, shocked to find there's illegal gambling here". Rick's fat waiter comes along and gives Renault some money which he won at the gambling tables and says, "Your winnings, Sir". Such true to life corruption and satirism is hard to find in any movie nowadays. I have seen this movie many times but I never get tired of it and I learn something new every time I see it. It inspires me every time. Another amusing thing is that many of the characters are named after cars, for example Ferrari and Renault. One intriguing question you must ask yourself is whether Rick committed adultery by making mad, passionate love to Ilsa the whole night long when she desperately tried all means to get the letters of transit for her husband. Did they or did they not. The Director never spells it out but leaves it to your imagination. Later, she schemes with Rick to leave Casablanca together and abandon her husband to the Nazis. However, Rick is too good a gentleman to break up their marraige. Instead he rescues them from the Germans. One round from his trusty blue nosed .45 calber Colt autoloader into the Nazi Major's black heart and it's curtains for him. Rick then walks off into the sunrise cooly with his good friend, Louis, saying those immortal lines, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
Recently, I was in the Westin St. Francis San Francisco and as I was leaving the Compass Rose, my friend the resident pianist played my favourite song for me and it made my day. It was "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca. This song like the movie lives forever in the hall of the immortals. Play it!
Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet

The Green Berets [Import]
The Green Berets [Import]
8 used & new from CDN$ 14.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Special War for Special Forces, Feb. 12 2004
MAKE no mistake, the Duke tells his side of the VN war. John Wayne felt it was his patriotic duty to answer "Jane Fonda" pinko liberal anti-VN War protesters and Hanoi Jane herself, the most hated sumbag by US GIs in VN. As a veteran of many covert low intensity wars, dedicated Colonel Mike Kirby of the US Special Forces, John Wayne leads a dedicated "A" team of highly skilled "Professors of Warfare" deep behind enemy lines in VN. Based in part on Capt. Roger Donlon's heroic and harrowing defence of a Green Beret outpost that won him the 1st Congressional Medal of Honour awarded in Vietnam, John Wayne is at his patriotic best in his realistic potrayal of a veteran of many, many wars fighting his country's enemies. The footage of an AC130 gunship "Puff the Magic Dragon" that terminates the VC that have over run the Special Forces camp is chilling in its depiction of quick death from the sky. Fascinating too to military buffs are the techniques of sentry silencing shown including garotting, as well as the use of the STABO extraction rig used to extract the enemy NVA General for interrogation. John Wayne's parting line as the sun sets over Danang, when he puts the Green Beret over the head of the orphan Vietnamese boy "Ham Chunk", "You're what this is all about, Green Beret" brings tears to your eyes. The plight of the boat people after the fall of Saigon showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that what John Wayne said to Ham Chunk in Danang Air Base was in fact TRUE. Refugees are people who vote with their feet. If you have ever seen the booby traps exhibited in the Cu Chi Tunnels exhibit you will realise that the sometimes simple and warm Vietnamese people can turn very nasty. Just see for yourself the many different leg traps made with rusty 6 inch long nails coated with faeces used to slice up unwary ARVN and US GIs and you will see exactly what I mean. As Ken, a good friend of mine always says, "Seeing is believing". If you know people who were in the re-education camps after the fall of Saigon, you won't be so quick to condemn this film. The Communists sytematically starved to death thousand in the re-education camps. my frind had to eat spiders and ants to stay alive. John Wayne had the guts and the money to tell the other side of the story, the side the pinko hippie pressure groups refused to see. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Today's Green Berets actually trace their lineage to the OSS of WW2 which set Europe ablaze and helped free a Nazi occupied continent. Today, the intrepid and indomitable Green Berets carry out the same daring mission President JF Kennedy gave them - De Opresso Liber which means to "liberate the opressed". In Afghanistan and Iraq, they fight today to keep freedom alive and I for one wish them every success in all their endeavours. De Opresso Liber!Dr. M The Travelling Gourmet.

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4.0 out of 5 stars When your castle is blown up, it's back to the spy game...., Feb. 10 2004
Great movie! Sir James Bond played by David Niven is forced back into espionage after his hedonistic lifestyle is so rudely interrupted by a British army 81mm mortar team who proceeds to blow up his perfectly splendid castle. Bond prefers a life of luxury to the dangers of espionage but alas, it's back to the good old Walther PPK 7.65mm and the cloak and dagger for 007. As Dr. Michael Lim the Travelling Gourmet, I too appreciate the finer things in life. I think all fans of Bond do too. The music is remarkable. This is THE movie where that immortal and hauntingly seductive song, by Burt Bacharach, "The Look of Love" reaches deep into your libido and psyche, especially when you hear it for the very first time. My old friend, the late Derek Nimmo (of BBC's Just a Minute) fame is in this movie too as a would be Bond under the tutelage of Sir James himself. If you see the current Austin Powers movies you'll see where the scipt writers got many of their ideas from. Beautiful and seductively voluptuous women abound as in all 007 movies. In those days, men were men and women were not pale, anaemic anorexic skin and bone creatures but lovely, curvaceous and meaty damsels. Bring back the real women I say to Hollywood film makers! This spook spoof will put a smile on your lips and cheer you up no end. Certain scenes like when Sir James demonstrates how things should be done are really hilarious. Above all, the classic British ideal of stiff upper lip, always remain calm and unruffled no matter what, and carry on regardless...comes through all the antics, bombs, blondes and bullets. David Niven comes a very close second to Patrick Macnee (The Avengers) when it comes to playing cool, calm and collected English gentlemen. And so, what's next? As Austin Powers would say, "Yeah, Baby, Yeah!!!" By Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet ENJOY!

Mostly Martha (Widescreen Subtitled)
Mostly Martha (Widescreen Subtitled)
DVD ~ Martina Gedeck
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 127.01
16 used & new from CDN$ 24.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Mostly Martha MOLTO Bellisima!!!, Dec 9 2003
Molto Bellisimma means very beautiful and this movie is very, very beautiful! This is the best movie I have seen in 2003. It has everything I love in a movie: Love, Drama, superb acting, fabulous and Believable story line, wonderful locations and it is so delicious just like the food in the movie. Only one slight critisicm, no restaurant would have 2 Chefs off work on the same day in the scene where Lina and Mario cooks Italian food in Martha's home kitchen. Set in the Lido restuarant of Hamburg in northern Germany, Martha Klein is a neurotic but wonderful Chef of a boutique restaurant, famous for its great food like foie gras. She has to see a psychiatrist or Therapeut (in German)otherwise her lady boss will fire her. The funny scenes like when she tells the imbecilic customer who complains that her foie gras (goose liver) is raw, that it is ,,perfekt" and cooked at 140 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes is simply hilarious. She then tells him "go and eat Leberwurst (liver sausage) if you don't know how to eat foie gras!!". I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! As Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet, I am a Travel, Food and Wine Writer/Consultant and I can tell you that much of the movie is true to live. I am also a Chef and complaints from people who do not know how to appreciate fine gourmet food are legion. Especially so from the nouveau riche. Lots of money but full of bad taste. Moments of great sadness in the movie made me cry like when Martha hears that her single parent sister has gone to heaven in a car accident. She ends up taking care of her 8 year old niece who could do with some psychiatric help too. I don't blame her as her Italian Dad has run off to Italy where he has another wife and kids while her Mum has just died in a car accident, plus she is only 8 years old. The trauma of her Mums's death sends her into a deep depression and she becomes anorexic and refuses to eat. Enter charismatic and somewhat eccentric Mario in the restaurant as her assistant and sparks fly. He cooks with style and finesse to Dean Martin singing "Volare" in Italian which he plays on his own "Ghetteo Blaster". Martha is shocked and the contrast between the uptight German character of Chef Martha and the coool, extrovert and hang loose Mario is really incredibly and sardonically funny! Mario is a very nice guy although somewhat manipulative and he really helps Lina the little girl to overcome her Anorexia Nervosa and start eating and laughing again. Mario and Martha and Lina eventually form a nice family unit as Mario falls in love with Martha and vice versa. Like an emotional roller coaster, the father of Lina arrives to bring her back to Italy in his lorry. He is a long distance lorry driver with another family in Italy. Mario and Martha are depressed. I cried too. Then Martha decides on her course of action and acts in the best traditions of the SAS who always believe that "Who Dares Wins!" She gives an irate customer with bad taste who complains that her steak is not rare enough a chilled, raw bloody steaky on the table! A Chef's dream come true, Ha! Ha! Then Mario and Martha drive to Italy to bring back Lina, get married and open their own gourmet restuarant. The scene where Lina runs laughing with love and glee right into the outstretched arms of Martha while the warm Italian sun shines is heart wrenching. I cried at the end but they were tears of joy! A fantastic movie and if you understand German and know something about food, you will fall in love with this movie as much as I love Azerbaijan Malossol Caviar and Wieninger Gruner Veltliner Austrian wine. Guten Appetit! Die Gedanken sind frei! ENJOY! By Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet

Blue Ice [Import]
Blue Ice [Import]

4.0 out of 5 stars Out of the Blue, Nov. 17 2003
This review is from: Blue Ice [Import] (VHS Tape)
MICHAEL Caine is a super cool, ex-MI6 Intelligence Officer who gets sucked back into the treacherous and deceitful world of espionage when he tries to help his paramour played by curvaceous, voluptous, sensuous Sean Young. She is the inspiration for the movie's unusual title. Sexy Sean Young just happens to be the wife of the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom and is one hell of a raunchy lady (check out the shower scene!). Michael owns a Jazz Club but beneath his dark and ruthless side, he has a gleaming heart of gold. The movie sound track is full of superb jazz. His old Spy Boss puts in a sterling performance as the typical stiff upper lip Establishment British gent but is he all that he seems? In all goo dspy movies nothing is as it seems. Michael Caine shows that he can handle a Browning Hi Power 9mm autoloading pistol well in the scene where he tries out his friend's Combat Shooting range with pop up targets. In real life Michael did his National Service in the British Army fighting Communist terrorists in the jungles of Malaya. To this day he still remembers the tension in the jungle when all you hear is the quiet click of safety catches being pushed off just before a visious firefight explodes. This is one of the reasons why I like to see him playing action heroes because he really knows how to handle his weapons professionally, unlike other actors who have never even fired a shot in anger. In the final climactic scene, the shoot out on the London Docks is hair raising but good old Michael uses his Czechoslovakian Skorpion 7.65mm machine pistol to good effect and wins the day. As Shakepeare said, "All's well that ends well." I like the closing shot of the glassof champagne as his paramour flies off in to the sunset.By Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Widescreen) (Bilingual)
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Widescreen) (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Kate Hudson
Offered by OMydeals
Price: CDN$ 28.01
26 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Laughs Galore!, Sept. 1 2003
MOVE over, Goldie, here comes your daughter, KATE Hudson! At certain angles, Kate looks like Goldie when she was younger. The same trademark giggle and cheeky grins are there, but for me Goldie has that certain X factor, and is definitely more well endowed than her daughter (and it shows). The story line is simple, and one I can empathize with as I am The Travelling Gourmet & I am a Travel, Food & Wine journalist. Kate is a journalist for a top womens' magazine in New York and for a story, she is assigned to write a piece (journalistic lingo for story or article) on "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" To do this her simple minded plan is to entice and ensnare a guy in a short while & then to dump him unceremoniously in 10 days. Of course, all sorts of funny and hilarious things happen in between like when she invades his bachelor pad with all her cuddly stuffed toys, bears and what have you! Also, she crashes his weekly Poker Party with the boys and creates havoc with her PMS tantrums. Then there is the classic scene where she tells him she is a vegetarian after he has slaved over a hot stove to cook her a gourmet meal of Lamb. Another classic is the restaurant scene where she accuses him falsely of calling her "FAT". What a guy, he is so tolerant he even falls in love with her! he is the Sensitive New Age Man personified. Well, who can blame him. She is undoubtedly beautiful, with or without cleavage. As star she is sure to rise and shine very fast in the future. I liked the portrayal of a HARD AS NAILS editor; very true to life. I have known editors like her, only better looking but still tough to the core beneath their designer power suits complete with immaculately varnished shocking red nails. The scenes in the magazine publishing house is very realistic, as is the scene where the stories are assigned to various writers during an Editorial meeting. I was thinking as I watched, "Is it Art imitating Life, or vice versa, or both??" The twist is that the guy also has underhand plans of his own to get a plum advertising account for a Diamond tycoon. What a world! To do this he has to prove he can ensnare Kate with his macho charms. Anyway, to cut a long story short, true LOVE wins in the end and triumphs over all obstacles. This only goes to show you how true the motto of the SAS is as WHO DARES WINS! I watched this with someone I love very much, and I recommend you watch this with someone you love very much too. It made our day and I'm sure it will make your day too. ENJOY! By Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet

Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe [Import]
Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe [Import]
7 used & new from CDN$ 24.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Food, Mystery and Intrigue, July 21 2003
As Dr. Michael Lim, The Travelling Gourmet, I have dined and tasted fine wines all over the world. I love this movie because of its humour, attention to detail and great food. Jacqueline Bisset is the most voluptuous Chef ever, although I did know a blonde Chef of wondefully statuesque proportions, and I am not referring to her Bombe Alaska. Great story, bizarre but believable. This is not a high brow movie for arrogant and pompous people but one for those who love life and have that joie de vivre that only the truly secure can ever appreciate. If Jacqueline Bisset can cook as good as she looks in this movie, she can fry my Bratwurst, grill my Schweinshaxe and flambe my Bananas Foster any time! George Segal, the Canadian actor is wonderful as the straight man, and it is obvious that all the actors are having a hell of a time on the set of this movie. Robert Morley, the gargantuan actor is very funny too as the stiff, upper lipped Englishman. One my favourite restaurants is a star in this movie. It is the regal la Tour d'Argent overlooking the Seine in Paris, the City of Light. I love to go there for the Duck a la Tour d'Argent and to see my old friend, Claude Terrail, the Directeur. A movie for gourmets, gourmands and food lovers with a good sense of humour. See it and then eat a large banana split with lashings of strawberry sauce & chocolate sauce and be happy you are alive. Guten Appetit!!! By Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet

Daredevil (Full Screen) [2 Discs] (Bilingual)
Daredevil (Full Screen) [2 Discs] (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Ben Affleck
Offered by Variety Chest Canada
Price: CDN$ 10.24
55 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Derring Do Hong Kong Style, July 18 2003
Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet says, "All the stunts are done like in Hong Kong with concealed wires pulling the stars up as they do their high kung fu kicks. In real life, no true martial artist kicks high. The lower the better. However, in the movies where the bad guys are paid to fall down a la the script, the more fancy and stylish the moves, the better. Notwithstanding all that, I liked the movie. Colin Farrel is great as Bullseye, the lunatic killer who loves to throw lethal objects like Ninja Shaken and other such missiles at people. He is a totally different person from his character in The Recruit where he has a perpetual frown plus 5 o'clock stubble but looks much better. The scene where a young Daredevil puts an end to the school bullies really made my day. A super duper scene! I love too the scene in the plane where Bullseye kills the chatterbox old lady next to him. His weapon of choice, a humble peanut from those small packets the air hostess gives you with your martini. He really stops her inane and boring chatter with a single move.Personally, I really dislike people who talk too much. Jennifer Garner is very good. Muscular, craggy and curvaceous and, she is not beautiful in the classic sense, BUT has that sex appeal or 'je ne sais quoi' as the Frenchies say that most men find completely irresistable. She can kick my butt any time. Her martial arts moves are smooth although it is clear she has no background in the martial arts. The love scenes sizzle! There is a very obvious "chemical attraction" between the two lead actors and it shows. A Comic strip hero is brought to life as only Hollywood can do it, complete with computerized special effects. I could do with a cane like Daredevil's cane. It has as many weapons as James Bond's briefcase in "From Russia With Love". All hot blooded Daredevil fans must be wondering where they can get one just like it. The movie is so fast and SO exciting, don't see it if you want to sleep after the movie, you might dream of jumping up all over the place and beating up a few dozen baddies with your collapsible cane! The message is the same as in the "Death Wish" movies with Charles Bronson, namely, when the law fails, take matters in your own hands and just 'waste' the baddies. Simple and basic. Ah, if only life in the 21st Century were so simple. But there again, what about Iraq? Bush and Blair were real Daredevils there and they did one hell of a job! I'll vote for them anytime. Enjoy!"

Point Of No Return
Point Of No Return
2 used & new from CDN$ 14.00

4.0 out of 5 stars You have never lived until you have almost died, May 29 2003
This review is from: Point Of No Return (VHS Tape)
This is Hollywood's answer to French Director's "La Femme Nikita". The storyline is almost identical. Bridget Fonda plays the part of a drug addict junvenile delinquent who wakes up thinking she is in heaven or hell (she doesn't know which). Actually she has become an unwilling recruit to the government's super secret covert action spook agency. The Agency is never named. Presumbably it is the notorious Company. She is thoroughly trained in all the necessary spy skills like foreign languages, Karate, small arms and weapons skills, computers, etc and promptly unleashed to fight for freedom and democracy. "Mrs. Robinson" from The Graduate has a cameo role as one of her trainers. She soon learns that her missions as a covert assassin involves terminating lots of people the government deem undesirable. A hell of a way to fight for democracy. Her controller falls in love with her but she has the hots for another guy. The scene where she controls her panic after seeing her fellow operative shot before her eyes is very well done. Bridget codenamed "Nina" after the famous Jazz singer Nina Simone says softly, "I never did mind about the little things.." That saves her life to fight another day. Early on in the show, there is a glaring mistake when her controller remarks, "Rule Number One: never chamber the first round". In real life you always chamber the first round because when the action starts you have no time to lock and load. A bullet in the chamber ready to rock and roll may be the difference between life and death. Obviously, the Director and Screenwriter have never fought in any wars and don't know much about guns. Nevertheless, very entertaining and exciting. Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet

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