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Breville Smart Convection Toaster Oven BOV800XL
Breville Smart Convection Toaster Oven BOV800XL
Price: CDN$ 224.99
7 used & new from CDN$ 224.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Failed control panel after 2 years, May 12 2014
We purchased this oven 2 years ago after reading a number of glowing reviews, not to mention this was our 5th Breville appliance; we are happy Breville customers and never had prior issues with any of their products (blenders, juicers etc...).

We loved this oven. It was easy to use, fast heating, It wasn't the easiest to clean but then again which toaster oven is? No issues at all during the first year.

One issue we started having in the 2nd year of use was the fan started to get loud and still is today. It's not a deal breaker but it is annoying. We keep the oven clean and well maintained but we have no idea what's causing the fan to be this loud all of a sudden.

The deal breaker came a few weeks ago when the controls started to act up. For example, when you press the Start/Cancel button to start the oven sometimes it would not register a press no matter how many times or how hard you press and sometimes it works perfectly (in our estimation it works about 40% of the time). Then the Time dial started acting up by skipping intervals, for example: turning the dial up to increase the timer in minutes, it would go 7-8-9-20-23-etc... skipping 10-19, 21-22. Repeating the process it would randomly skip others, no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

So on any given day, depending on pure luck it seems, the oven may be perfectly functioning or completely unusable. We contacted Breville Canada for advice knowing full well that it's out of warranty. They informed us that there is no service centre near us and that the only option is to repurchase the oven. To their credit they offered us a discount to repurchase it directly from them with free shipping but after recently reading online the number of people posting about the exact same control issues with this specific oven, we're very hesitant to invest more in a Breville oven as there may well be a defective design in the panel itself.

We're now researching alternatives.

Braun 760CC Pulsonic Self-Cleaning Shaver
Braun 760CC Pulsonic Self-Cleaning Shaver

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great shaver but too expensive here, Dec 30 2011
I have the step-up model of the same shaver (Model 790cc-4, which became available in Canada in late 2011) and it's fantastic. Same shave as this model but with a few more bells and whistles, namely a grey-matte finish, a more detailed and muted LCD display instead of the bright LEDs on the 760 and a fast-clean mode on the base.

Normally I wouldn't recommend the 790cc-4 over this since those minor upgrades are not worth the extra cost but I just got my 790cc-4 from Bed Bath and Beyond (with a 20% off coupon) for $240 (normally retails for $300+) which is less than what the 760 is priced here. FWIW, Walmart also has the 790cc-4 regularly priced at $299. Additionally, the 760cc is actually becoming a discontinued SKU according to a Braun Canada correspondence I received so for those out west London Drugs were clearing out their stocks of 760cc for $199 and they included a free 3-pack of the Clean and Renew cartridges, but locally for me all my LD stores are now out of the 760cc and instead stocking the model 720. But it might be worth looking into whether any LD stores still have stock.

This is a great shaver but way over priced here.

Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System
Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System
Offered by Personal Care and Small Kitchen Appliance Shop
Price: CDN$ 279.98
5 used & new from CDN$ 239.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars As good as it get for electrics, Dec 29 2011
I've had the pleasure of trying out just about every electric shaver from the sub-$100 Remington (Foil shavers), to the $300+ high end shavers from Panasonic (foil) and Philips (rotary) and the Branu 790cc-4 is as good as it gets in my opinion.

The Clean and Renew base is terrific. Cleans, lubricates and dries the shaver so it feels like new every time you use it. The cleaning system is superior to Panasonic's too; I found with my Panasonic Arc IV that the cleaning system left a few stubbles and it didn't smell great, and to top it off it didn't dry off completely.

The shave from this Braun is blade-good. I mean, I can run my fingers against the grain after a shave and there's nothing but smooth skin, which is a first for me from any electric shaver. It's not too loud either and the Pulsonic system doesn't cause any uncomfortable vibrations to the hand at all. The head only got marginally warm after 6-7 minutes of shaving and stayed very comfortable. There are three sensitivity settings but I find even the most intense setting to be quite mild and never irritated my sensitive skin. Also, the trimmer is very effective and the head can be locked in one position for shaving in tight spots such as under the nose.

The build quality on this shaver is unsurpassed. It's made in Germany, unlike many other shavers which are cheaply made in China these days.

About the only disappointments I found with this shaver, and to some degree this goes for all the shavers I tried, is that I couldn't get a total close shave in under 5 minutes. I found that it takes me a good 7-8 minutes to get a complete shave as you'll need to go over some areas more than once, and from different angles. It also helps to stretch the skin ahead of the shaver especially on the the neck area to get a really close shave. Also, this shaver only works on a dry face, which is fine for me as I want to move away from using brushes and creams but that means if your face just happens to have a bit of moisture on it, maybe after a shower or from sweating after a workout, it didn't perform at its best. So now every time I shave I have to make sure my face is at its driest, so I either shave before a shower or long after a shower, and before working out. In all, minor annoyances but well worth it to get the best shave from an electric.

In my view, this shaver is as good as it gets. I just wish they are priced the same here as they are in the US. This shaver is about $100 less in the US so if you happen to be heading south, it's probably worth getting from there instead of here.

Braun Clean and Renew Refill, 3 Count (Transparent)
Braun Clean and Renew Refill, 3 Count (Transparent)
Offered by Duty Free Shop
Price: CDN$ 29.99
8 used & new from CDN$ 24.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Great product, lousy price, Dec 22 2011
This is a great product and highly recommended for people with Braun Clean and Renew systems. However, this is way over-priced here. I found it at my local stores (including Walmart) for $10 less. Why is becoming synonymous with over-priced?

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