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The Siren
The Siren
Offered by HarperCollins Publishers CA
Price: CDN$ 11.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 3.5 Stars, OK, one-time read, too much unnecessary drama, July 17 2016
This review is from: The Siren (Kindle Edition)
3.5 Stars

I liked the story, though logic sometimes failed. Parts of it were quite charming. I did not believe the reasons why "the issue" the main character was facing could not have been worked out. The reasons felt weak in this day and age.

I also do not understand why Sirens could not go after "bad" ships. Why not attack pirates or boats polluting the Ocean?

The story was entertaining enough, but definitely a one-time read.

I borrowed the audiobook from the Toronto Public Library. Great acting.

The Tropic of Serpents: A Memoir by Lady Trent
The Tropic of Serpents: A Memoir by Lady Trent
by Marie Brennan
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 14.17
25 used & new from CDN$ 0.55

5.0 out of 5 stars A thrilling adventure!, July 15 2016
Wonderful! Listening to theses books, I feel as if the world created is real. The story is told by a scholar with an amusing sense of humour. I feel as if Lady Trent and I could be friends. I can't wait for the next adventure.

I borrowed the audiobook from the Toronto Public Library.

The Racketeer
The Racketeer
Offered by Random House Canada, Incorp.
Price: CDN$ 11.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Boring. Unrealistic. I could not finish this book., July 13 2016
This review is from: The Racketeer (Kindle Edition)
I give up. I found the beginning interesting, but then the whole book fell apart. This story is suppose to be taking place in the real world, dealing with horrific matters, but everyone in it lacks basic intelligence. Half-way through the book, I was bored. Now that I finally found out the purpose for the documentary, I don't even care. I would have liked to see the main character best the government that destroyed his life, but I stopped caring about this character the moment he left jail. There are maybe two hours left in the audiobook, but boredom has felt like torture for the past hour. I just can't take this book anymore.

I loved movies based on John Grisham's work. I thought books would be better. This is the third one I have read, and I'm giving up on this author. For the books that I was able to get through the best I can say is they were "meh".

Agatha Christie can make a tea party sound more intriguing and interesting, while Grisham makes running from the law and drug dealers sound boring.


Disappointed. This author is clearly not for me.

I borrowed the audiobook from the Toronto Public Library.

Lady of Light and Shadows (The Tairen Soul)
Lady of Light and Shadows (The Tairen Soul)
Offered by HarperCollins Publishers CA
Price: CDN$ 9.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Too much "telling" not enough "showing", repetitive, but interesting plot., July 11 2016
Maybe 3.5 for the 2nd half.

I cannot get over all the telling and not showing. I feel as if I was beaten over the head with Ellie being plain and a woodcutters daughter as if because she is she does not deserve to be happy (though "everyone" knows she's adopted and has used magic). Also I'm tired of the gorgeous Rain and his tortured soul. He does not read like someone who has lived for 2000 years.

I like the world, I like the plot, but I find most of the characters are rather flat, like caricatures of types rather than real people.

I also like that Wilson takes the time to develop the story, but I do not appreciate the constant repetition, as if we readers forgot what happened in the previous chapter. I get that people reflect on events, but this book has taken reflection to a whole new level.

Near the end the pace picked up and I found I was unable to put the book down.

I like the image of Ellie sleeping on the grass (which I believe never happens in the book), but the rest of the cover is awful. I can see the artist has skills, but the composition is so cheesy. I never would have though that the book was published in 2007 (?).

I borrowed the book from the Toronto Public Library.

The Jane Austen Book Club [Blu-ray] (Bilingual)
The Jane Austen Book Club [Blu-ray] (Bilingual)
DVD ~ Amy Brenneman
Price: CDN$ 14.71
11 used & new from CDN$ 6.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Atypical, yet wonderful romantic comedy., July 9 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Wonderful! One of the cleverest and most charming romantic comedies I've ever seen. Great cast, great writing, excellent direction. I love this film.

Lord of the Fading Lands (The Tairen Soul)
Lord of the Fading Lands (The Tairen Soul)
Offered by HarperCollins Publishers CA
Price: CDN$ 9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars If you can get over the many issues of this book, the story is quite enjoyable., June 28 2016
I liked this book. If you are looking for a fantasy that feels real, avoid this book. If you are looking for a romantic fantasy equivalent to those feel-good TV Romances, this book is for you.

I enjoyed this book and I found it entertaining, because I did not think too much about it. However, there were a few things that just hit me over the head as ridiculous. First of all the King and Queen of Celery (yes, I keep thinking of celery every time I read the name) feel more like children playing at being a King and Queen than actual rulers of the "most powerful" kingdom. The queen is a brat. It sounds if she has a son who is about to get married (though we never see him--I'm a bit confused on this point), so she must be in her 40s at least, but she's behaving like a spoiled child. I just can't take her character seriously. She also goes on and on about being insulted that the King of the Fading Lands has found a mate who is a Woodcarvers daughter. Does she or does she not know that the girl was adopted? I feel as if the King and Queen should know this. Then because she was a foundling, can they not figure out that she may be more than what she seems?

Having gone to high school populated by entitled brats, I get the blind prejudice of the wealthy class, so I have let this go. However, the King and Queen of Celery have been presented as good rulers who care about their people. I just do not see this reflected in their actions, particularly the Queen's actions. I know I keep repeating myself, but I just don't believe her.

The villains are of a moustache-twirling variety. They are bad, and they know they are bad. Somehow, I do not buy these kinds of characters. I like villains who believe to the depth of their soul that they are good and that what they are doing is because it will make the world a better place. X-Men villains are a great example.

The only motivation I get from the villains is that they want to rule the world and have fun torturing and killing people.

I love Bel. He is the best character in the book. In fact I like the entire quintet.

I do buy Ellie. A lot of people commented on her weakness with bursts of sudden strength. I buy this, because she lived in a restrictive society where she was taught to suppress her strangeness (even tortured into it) since she was a kid. She is a simple girl, who is suddenly mated to the Fay King and is thrust into the highest echelons of society. Of course she does not know how to behave, and of course she does not become a brilliant strong woman fighting force overnight. I'm curious to see how she'll grow and change as a character. I would like the author to stop telling us how she's innocent, and kind, and good... We get it. Show, don't tell!

Rain is wonderful tortured, but again we are told he's tortured. He does not often come across as tortured. He keeps telling us he is, and sometimes we see it, but often he just keeps telling us it is so. I also expect more wisdom from a 2000 year old powerful King. I get the unfulfilled desire of the Mating Bond may mess with his mind and turn him into a randy teenager, but still... Where is the wisdom? Lack of patience with "stupid" people, I also get. He is a stereotypical cranky old man, but I would like to see him be a wise old King sometimes.

The age difference issue... Old men being cradle robbers is gross. I've always been disturbed by 50 year-old-men dating 19 year-old-girls. I get the poor desperate girls who see the old men as the only way to have a life, or them having some psychological issue that equates old men with safety and security. I also get that old men lust after young girls, but how disturbed do you have to be in the head to look for young girls as a partner? Creeps me out.

However, Rain is not mortal, so I can get over it. He does not see Ellie as 24, he sees her as a Fay woman of nearly his age. Only when he stops to think about it does he realise how young she is. Then there is the mate bond thrust upon him by the gods. Gods must be right, no?

Ellie also does not see an old man. She sees the hottest man alive, who is also a powerful King she has fantasised about since puberty... Then there is the mate bond.

I do buy the romance, and can get over the icky age factor. I also like that this is not a book about sex, but it is about love and what it means to love someone.

In conclusion, I was able to get over most issues of this book (I just cannot get over the stupid Queen), and I enjoyed the story.

P.S. I got this book from the Toronto Public Library

The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle
The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle
Price: CDN$ 13.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining but it could have been better..., June 5 2016
Ah, Apollo... In the beginning he should be called Narcissus, because he does not love anyone or anything as well as himself.

I enjoyed this book, and will be listening to the next one for sure. I found Riordan's style of writing rather jarring, but after I got use to his colloquial approach, I began enjoying it very much. I like all of his books, more or less.

This one could have been better. It was entertaining but I wanted more action. The book is lengthy, but not much happens. It is also very predictable. However, as I said I enjoyed it and was entertained. I love the actor who reads the audio version. He really brings the characters to life.

I also love how Apollo grows and changes as the story progresses.

I got the audiobook from the OverDrive.

The Death Cure (Maze Runner, Book Three)
The Death Cure (Maze Runner, Book Three)
by James Dashner
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 9.48
64 used & new from CDN$ 1.09

2.0 out of 5 stars Depressing, Illogical, and Predictable, May 12 2016
This book is not for me. If you like shooter games, you may enjoy it. I was intrigued by the first book, got skeptical in the second, and was mostly bored by the third.

If any of the characters developed, I did not notice. I found them as cardboard cutouts. I also found the reality of the world not plausible. There seemed an extreme lack of intelligence in the authority figures.

I expect more from books, especially ones with good reputation.

I'm also tired of writers who write these fatalistic books for teens. Why is there no one who can write a book about a post apocalyptic society that rises from the ashes to create something wonderful? Or why not write a book about saving the planet, before we get to the apocalypse? No wonder depression is sweeping the world when even fiction is painful to read.

I borrowed the audiobook from the Toronto Public Library.

The Relatives Came
The Relatives Came
by Cynthia Rylant
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 9.41
52 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars A fun book with some lovely pencil crayon illustrations., May 8 2016
This review is from: The Relatives Came (Paperback)
A fun book about family. I loved it! I loved the way the illustrations expanded upon the well-written story. I found them quite whimsical and entertaining though I wish humans looked better.

I love the tracks showing that the car hit and broke the mailbox, and I love the illustration showing the relatives' initial journey.

A fun book.

I borrowed this book from the Toronto Public Library.
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Have You Seen My Duckling?
Have You Seen My Duckling?
by Nancy Tafuri
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 7.96
47 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice little book., May 8 2016
Sweet. I think kids will have a lot of fun searching for the missing duckling. This book consists mainly of pictures with two sentences in total.

Some of the illustrations are nice, but others are quite lacking. I'm surprised by the lack of structure in the drawings. However, I'm an artist, so most people may not see anything wrong.

Nice little book.

I borrowed this book from the Toronto Public Library.

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