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by Greg Bear
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
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3.0 out of 5 stars The Eon Enigma. Great SF or complete bollocks?, Nov. 16 2003
This review is from: Eon (Mass Market Paperback)
Something inbetween perhaps. The ideas in Eon earn 9/10, however Bear's writing style gets a 4. For starters, he describes the different locations in overtechnical geometric language. Sentences like "Patricia stood parallel to the vortex so that she formed a toroid at 90 degrees to its summit" tells the average reader nothing. I made this sentence up but its not an overexageration. The book is full of these sort of descriptions. Great for a hard geometry test, terrible for anything but. In my opinion Larry Niven's geometric descriptions in Ringworld are about as far as a writer should go. Its a shame because if Bear had used simpler language I probably would have been amazed by the pictures my imagination formed. I think Bear's characterisation is ok. I disagree with other reviews in that I didn't find his characters akin to carboard. Neither does the book fall apart at the half way mark. The story develops nicely. The problem is that Bear spends too much time describing some things and not enough entertaining. I am not asking for a shorter book or for his characters to do a tap dance. I was simply hoping that Bear's characters would play more of a key role in the events that shape the 2nd half of the book rather than just being the unwitting cause of what unfolds. If you think about it, only Patricia actually does anyhing, and only right at the end. More involvement, less babble is required. It could have been a 5 star earner. This is the first book I have read by Bear and it is worth reading. I will check out Blood Music as I have heard its pretty good.

Price: CDN$ 8.70
39 used & new from CDN$ 3.13

5.0 out of 5 stars Why RIO Remastered sounds better, technical info for you., Oct. 22 2002
This review is from: Rio (Audio CD)
There was a comment made in one of the reviews that RIO has been remastered "Too brightly". This has prompted me to make a few comments. First, If you live in the U.S. then you will notice that the new CD doesn't have the same mixes as the U.S. release of the record. The rest of the world is happy though. 2nd, RIO Remastered does sound different from the original release CD. It actually sounds like the Vinyl record that I bought in 1982 !! This is thanks to 24 bit mastering. As you know, CD's are 16 bit. They give a full frequency response, 20-20KHz, but Audiophiles often accuse CD's of sounding inferior to Vinyl. Why? Becuase 16 Bit's sampled 44 thousand times a second is not enough to hold audio information. Vinyl or analogue studio tape is equivalent to 24 Bit's in the digital domain. Now with 24 Bit mastering you can hear more in the music! This is why Audiophiles are anxiously waiting to see which 24BIT standard will be accepted (SACD or DVD Audio). Rather than waiting until the cows come home, recording artists/labels have been on a remastering binge. They then convert their new 24Bit master to 16 Bit and issue a remaster on CD. The new CD sounds superior because the coversion to 16Bit's is done using transposiition. To try and explain transposition in detail is beyond the scope of this review. I'd simply explain it by saying that a lot of the sound characteristics of the 24BIT master (that is the detail) is preserved when transposing down to 16 Bit. Its technical trickery. You do end up with a 16 Bit CD, but you CAN hear most of the depth of the master (Just as you can hear the depth in CD's compared to MP3). Of course when the new 24 Bit medium has been standardised and accepted we won't be buying CD's. Until then I will be buying remasted CD's !! Listening to RIO remastered you can hear sounds clearer and some sounds that wern't audible on the original cd release. It's not brightness, it's clarity. Surprise yourself, The clarity shows some little imperfections in, dare I say it, Simon's vocals (Forgive me Simon). Amazing for me was to realise that some of the sounds I thought came from keyboard are actually guitar (with a Chorus Effect). And I can hear South American windpipes in New Religion!The best album from the best 80's group on Planet Earth.

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