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All-Time Top 100 TV Themes
All-Time Top 100 TV Themes
Offered by Fulfillment Express CA
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5.0 out of 5 stars All Time Top 100 TV Themes (2CDs): 100 original TV themes; not pop versions; good sound; great collection!, June 26 2016

1 There are many CDs on TV Themes. Some are not original versions. Some are pop versions. In this case, TeeVeeTunes (TVT) Records have given us their top 100 TV Themes, all original versions. TVT Records have released many similar TV Themes series in the past, and these CDS are simply treasures to keep.
2 The sound is very well remastered, with clean good recordings from the original TV series.
3 There is an 8-page booklet, containing details of each song, very informative. The front and back covers contained pictures of old TV sets. Very cute and nostalgic indeed.


1 Which song should be included in the Top 100 is really up to the discretion of the producer. In this case, there are a few glaring omissions:
(1) Star Trek Theme
(2) Lost In Space Theme
(3) The Avengers Theme (British TV series, with John Steed and Emma Peel)
(4) Doctor Who Theme
(5) Golden Girls (Thank You For Being A Friend)
(6) 77 Sunset Strip Theme
(7) Dr. Kildare Theme
(8) Dr. Ben Casey Theme
(9) Mannix Theme
Just to name a few. Fortunately, the above themes are found in previously released TVT CDs.
2 Although there are 50 songs on each CD, the time occupied was only slightly over 50 minutes. Surely, TVT Records could have filled in the remaining empty space on each CD with more tunes.


This is the most updated TV Themes collection to date, with 100 tunes. Most collections are single CD with 20-50 songs. The sound is excellent. Listening to these original themes really bring back many happy memories of days gone by watching those beloved series. This set is very highly recommended.

PS. In all my reviews, I always list the entire song listing. In this case, the song listing is rather long and I purposely leave that to the end, so that in case you are not interested, you don’t have to waste time going through it. If you want to know just how great this set is, please read on:

01 Six Feet Under (2001 to date)(Comedy/Drama)(1:33)
02 Sex and the City (1998-2004)(Comedy/Drama)(0:39)
03 Ally McBeal - Vonda Shephard (1997-2002)(Comedy/Drama)(0:58)
04 Will & Grace (1998 - 2006)(Sitcom)(0:30)
05 Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)(Sitcom)(0:42)
06 Frasier (Tossed Salad And Scrambled Egg) - Kelsey Grammer (1993-2004)(Sitcom)(0:37)
07 Friends (I'll Be There For You - The Rembrandts (1994-2004)(Sitcom)(0:47)
08 Late Show with David Letterman - Paul Shaffer & The CBS Orchestra (1993-2015)(Talk Show)(1:20)
09 Mad About You - Andrew Gold (1992-1999)(Sitcom)(1:38)
10 Melrose Place - Timothy Truman (1992-1999)(Drama)(1:32)
11 Beverly Hills 90210 - John E. Davis (1990-2000)(Drama)(1:10)
12 Law & Order - Mike Post (1990-2010)(Drama)(1:20)
13 Northern Exposure - David Schwartz (1990-1995)(Drama)(0:44)
14 The Simpsons - Danny Elfman, Sally & Susan Stevens (1989 to date)(Cartoon)(1:19)
15 ThirtySomething - W.G. "Snuffy" Walden & Stewart Levin (1987-1991)(Comedy/Drama)(1:07)
16 Full House (Everywhere You Look) - Jesse Frederick (1987-1995)(Sitcom)(1:01)
17 21 Jump Street - Holly Robinson (1987-1991)(Action/Drama)(1:00)
18 L.A. Law - Mike Post (1986-1994)(Drama)(1:30)
19 Pee-Wee's Playhouse (Pee-Wee's Playhouse Theme) - Cyndi Lauper (1986-1991)(Family/Comedy)(1:31)
20 Perfect Strangers - David Pomeranz (1986-1993)(Sitcom)(1:13)
21 Growing Pains - B.J. Thomas & Jennifer Warnes (1985-1992)(Sitcom)(1:00)
22 Moonlighting - Al Jarreau (1985-1989)(Detective Comedy/Drama)(1:00)
23 Who's The Boss (Brand New Life) - Larry Weiss (1984-1992)(Sitcom)(1:00)
24 Miami Vice - Jan Hammer (1984-1989)(Detective Drama)(1:00)
25 Night Court (1984-1992)(Sitcom)(0:40)
26 The A-Team - Stephen Cannell (1983-1987)(Action)(1:37)
27 St. Elsewhere - David Gruson (1982-1988)(Drama)(1:40)
28 Cheers (Where Everybody Knows Your Name) - Gary Portnoy (1982-1993)(Sitcom)(1:02)
29 Knight Rider (1982-1986)(Adventure)(1:15)
30 Cagney & Lacey - Bill Conti (1982-1988)(Police Drama)(1:13)
31 The Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not) - Joey Scarbury (1981-1983)(Adventure)(1:40)
32 Hill Street Blues - Mike Post (1981-1987)(Police Drama)(1:14)
33 Dynasty - Bill Conti (1981-1989)(Drama)(1:31)
34 Magnum, P.I. - Mike Post (1980-1988)(Detective Drama)(1:01)
35 The Facts of Life - Gloria Loring (1979-1988)(Sitcom)(0:50)
36 Diff'rent Strokes - Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring, Gene Morford & Linda Harmon (1978-1985)(Sitcom)(0:50)
37 WKRP in Cincinnati - Steven Carlisle (1978-1982)(Comedy)(0:41)
38 Taxi (Angela) - Bob James (1978-1983)(Sitcom)(0:47)
39 Dallas - Floyd Cramer (1978-1991)(Drama)(1:16)
40 Fantasy Island (1978-1984)(Romantic Drama)(1:00)
41 The Love Boat - Jack Jones (1977-1986)(Sitcom)(1:34)
42 Soap (1977-1981)(Sitcom)(1:13)
43 Eight Is Enough - Grant Goodeve (1977-1981)(Comedy/Drama)(1:10)
44 Three's Company - Ray Charles & Julie Rinker (1977-1984)(Sitcom)(0:59)
45 Wonder Woman - New World Symphony (1976-1979)(Adventure)(1:40)
46 Charlie's Angels (1976-1981)(Detective Drama)(1:11)
47 The Muppet Show - Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Richard Hunt, Dave Goetz, Jerry Neslon & Erin Ozker (1976-1981)(Variety)(1:09)
48 Alice (There's A New Girl in Town) - Linda Lavin (1976-1985)(Sitcom)(0:58)
49 What's Happening (1976-1979)(Sitcom)(0:52)
50 Laverne & Shirley (Making Our Dreams Come True) - Cyndi Grecco (1976-1983)(Sitcom)

01 One Day At A Time - Polly Cutter, Cynthia Bullens, Harry Nehls, Valerie Carter & Fred Freeman (1975-1984)(Sitcom)(0:50)
02 Welcome Back, Kotter - John Sebastian (1975-1979)(Sitcom)(0:55)
03 Barney Miller- Jack Elliott & Allyn Ferguson (1975-1982)(Sitcom)(0:45)
04 Starsky and Hutch - Tom Scott (1975-1979)(Police Drama)(1:12)
05 S.WA..T. - Rhythm Heritage (1975-1976)(Police Drama)(1:11)
06 The Jeffersons (Movin' On Up) - Ja'net DuBois & Oren Waters (1975-1985)(Sitcom)(1:07)
07 Police Woman (1974-1978)(Police Drama)(0:59)
08 The Rockford Files - Mike Post (1974-1980)(Detective Drama)(0:52)
09 Good Times - Jim Gilstrap & Blinky Williams (1974-1979)(Sitcom)(0:46)
10 The Six Million Dollar Man - Dusty Springfield (1974-1978)(Adventure)(0:56)
11 M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) - Johnny Mandel (1972-1983)(Sitcom)(0:46)
12 The Waltons (1972-1981)(Drama)(0:46)
13 Maude (And Then There's Maude) - Donny Hathaway (1972-1978)(Sitcom)(0:47)
14 Sanford and Son (The Streetbeater)(1972-1977)(Sitcom)(0:53)
15 All In The Family (Those Were The Days) - Carroll O'Connor & Jean Stapleton (1971-1979)(Sitcom)(0:43)
16 The Partridge Family (Come On Get Happy) - David Cassidy, Ron Hicklin, Jackie Ward, Tom & John Bahler (1970-1974)(Sitcom)(1:02)
17 The Odd Couple (1970-1983)(Sitcom)(1:14)
18 The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Love Is All Around) - Sonny Curtis (1970-1977)(Sitcom)(0:55)
19 Happy Days - Jim Haas, Ron Hicklin, Stan Farber, Gene Morford & Gerry Garrett (1974-1984)(Sitcom)(1:13)
20 Sesame Street - The Kids (conducted by Joe Raposo)(1969 to date)(Educational/Children's)(0:55)
21 Love, American Style - The Cowsills (1969-1974)(Comedy/Anthology)(0:49)
22 The Courtship of Eddie's Father (The "Best Friend") - Harry Nilsson (1969-1972)(Sitcom)(0:56)
23 The Brady Bunch - The Brady Bunch Kids (1969-1974)(Sitcom)(0:58)
24 Scooby Doo (New Scooby-Doo Movies Theme) - Hoyt Curtin & Singers (1972-1973)(Cartoon)(0:59)
25 Hawaii Five-O - Morton Stevens (1968-1980)(Police Drama)(0:55)
26 The Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song)(1968-1970)(Animated)(1:22)
27 The Newlywed Game (1966-1974, 1977-1980, 1984-1990)(Game show)(1:23)
28 The Dating Game (1965-1974, 1977-1980, 1986-1989)(audience particpation)(0:49)
29 The Monkees - The Monkees (1966-1968)(Sitcom)(0:48)
30 Batman (1966-1968)(Fantasy/Adventure)(0:41)
31 I Dream of Jeannie (Jeannie) - Hugo Montenegro (1965-1970)(Sitcom)(0:47)
32 The Wild Wild West (1965-1970)(Western)(0:52)
33 Green Acres - Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor (1965-1971)(Sitcom)(1:04)
34 Gilligan's Island (The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle) - Bill Cole, Gene Merlino, Stan Farber, Ian Freebarn-Smith, Morton Stevens (1964-1967)(Sitcom)(1:01)
35 The Addams Family - Vic Mizzy (1964-1966)(Sitcom)(1:21)
36 Bewitched (1964-1972)(Sitcom)(0:35)
37 The Jetsons (1962-1963)(Cartoon)(1:36)
38 The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)(Sitcom)(0:44)
39 The Andy Griffith Show (The Andy Griffith Theme) - Earl Hagen (1960-1968)(Sitcom)(0:50)
40 The Flintstones (Meet the Flintstones) -Hoyt Curtain and Randy Van Horne Singers (1960-1966)(Cartoon)(1:21)
41 My Three Suns (1960-1972)(Sitcom)(1:00)
42 The Twilight Zone (1959-1965)(Sci-Fi anthology)(0:26)
43 Leave It to Beaver (1957-1963)(Sitcom)(0:34)
44 Perry Mason - Leith Stevens and his Orchestra (1957-1966)(Drama)(1:09)
45 The Honeymooners (1955-1971)(Sitcom)(1:12)
46 Merrie Melodies (Merrily We Roll Along)(1955-1964)(Cartoon)(0:13)
47 Looney Toons (Merry-Go-Round Broke Down)(1955-1964)(Cartoon)(0:14)
48 Dragnet (Danger Ahead)(1952-1959)(Police Drama)(1:07)
49 I Love Lucy - Wilbur Hatch & Orchestra (1951-1957)(Sitcom)(0:53)
50 The Lone Ranger (William Tell Overture)(1949-1957)(Western)(1:13)

This set was released in 2005. I hope TVT Records will give us a more updated versions of more recent TV Themes in the near future. I hope the above information is helpful to you.

Complete Decca Sessions 1955-1956 by Barber, Chris Jazz Band (2009-12-22)
Complete Decca Sessions 1955-1956 by Barber, Chris Jazz Band (2009-12-22)
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 131.76
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5.0 out of 5 stars Chris Barber Complete Decca Sessions 54/55 (2CDs): 29 songs; 12 studio versions; 17 live versions; good sound., June 23 2016

“The Complete Decca Sessions 1954/55” by Chris Barber’s Jazz Band, released by Lake Records from UK in 2000, is a 2-CD set, with first disc devoted to studio recordings (12 songs), and second disc devoted to the live sessions (17 songs). I have compiled a detailed song listing (including singles label & number, chart position, year of release)(UK=UK Singles Chart):

01 BOBBY SHAFTOE (Decca F-10492)(uncharted UK a-side, March 1955)
02 CHIMES BLUES (Decca F-10417)(uncharted UK a-side, December 1954)
03 THE MARTINIQUE (Decca F-10492)(UK b-side, March 1955)
04 NEW ORLEANS BLUES*from album “The Best of Chris Barber” (Ace of Clubs 1037)(1960)
05 MERRY DOWN RAG (Decca F-10417)(UK b-side, December 1954)
06 STEVEDORE STOMP*from album “The Best of Chris Barber” (Ace of Clubs 1037)(1960)
07 WEEPING WILLOW BLUES (with Ottilie Patterson)(Decca F-10621)(UK b-side, October 1955)
08 NOBODY KNOWS YOU WHEN YOU’RE DOWN & OUT (with Ottilie Patterson)(Decca F-10621)(uncharted UK a-side, October 1955)*rare gem; CD debut
09 ROCK ISLAND LINE – Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group (Decca F-10647)(UK a-side, UK 8/1956)
10 JOHNY HENRY – Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group (Decca F-10647)(UK b-side, 1956)
11 NOBODY’S CHILD*from album “The Best of Lonnie Donegan”
12 WABASH CANNONBALL*from album “The Best of Lonnie Donegan”

05 STORYVILLE BLUES (Decca FJ-10790)(UK b-side, October 1956)*rare gem
06 IT’S TIGHT LIKE THAT (Decca F-10666)(uncharted Uk a-side, December 1955)
09 ICE CREAM (Tempo A-132)(UK b-side, March 1956)
11 THE GIRLS GO CRAZY THE WAY I WALK (Decca F-10666)(UK b-side, December 1955)*rare gem
12 I NEVER KNEW JUST WHAT A GIRL COULD DO (Decca FJ-10790)(uncharted UK a-side, October 1956)*rare gem
13 ST. LOUIS BLUES (with Ottilie Patterson)(Decca FJ-10724)(uncharted UK a-side, April 1956)*rare gem
14 I HATE A MAN LIKE YOU (with Ottilie Patterson)(Decca F-10472)(uncharted UK a-side, February 1955)*rare gem
16 RECKLESS BLUES (with Ottilie Patterson)(Decca F-10472)(UK b-side, February 1955)
17 THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR THE SUNRISE (Decca FJ-10724)(UK b-side, April 1956)


1 Chris Barber started his charting career on Decca label. This set represents the most complete coverage of his output during that time. As noted above, there are many rare singles, making their CD debut.
2 The sound is well remastered.
3 There is a 16-page booklet, with an informative essay by Paul Adams. LP labels and rare pictures and posters are included.


1 During the Decca era, I notice that Chris Barber also recorded on Memory Jazz, Storyville, Metronome and Tempo labels. All the singles should have been included to make this set more complete.
2 No label & number are included.


Chris Barber has 3 charted singles on UK Singles Chart. I have just finished compiling a Complete Singles Discography, and found that he actually has 71 singles from 1952 to 1985 (charted & uncharted, As & Bs from different countries). His main labels are (1) Memory Jazz (1952), (2) Decca (1954 – 1956), (3) Pye (1957 – 1960), (4) Columbia (1960 – 1966), (5) Marmalade (1967 – 1969), (6) RCA Victor (1970), (7) Black Lion (1976), (8) Ultra (1977), and (9) Sonet (1976 – 1985).


Chris Barber was born Donald Christopher 'Chris' Barber on April 17 1930. He is a British jazz musician, best known as a bandleader and trombonist. As well as scoring a UK top twenty trad jazz hit, he helped the careers of many musicians, notably the blues singer Ottilie Patterson, who was at one time his wife, and vocalist/banjoist Lonnie Donegan, whose appearances with Barber triggered the skiffle craze of the mid-1950s and who had his first transatlantic hit, "Rock Island Line", while with Chris Barber's band.

Chris Barber’s recording career can be divided into three major labels. For his early Decca output, the current set is recommended. For his Pye era, surprisingly, the 2CD set of “Pye Anthology” is inadequate and not complete. For his later Columbia Records era, I would highly recommend “The Best of Chris Barber” (EMI, 2002, 1CD, 22 songs)(be careful there are many collection with that title out there) and “Jazz Band Favourites” (EMI Gold, 1991, 1CD, 22 songs). The best overall set belongs to “Absolutely Essential Collection” (Big 3, 3CDs, 60 songs, 2015, covering 1954-1962).

If you like his early output, this set fits the bill. The entire set is totally enjoyable, and is highly recommended to all Chris Barber and jazz fans.

1959-1969: Best Of: Jazz And
1959-1969: Best Of: Jazz And
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 43.90
10 used & new from CDN$ 13.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nancy Wilson: Best of: Jazz & Blues Sessions (1CD): 18 rare album tracks; good sound; not a Greatest Hits CD, June 23 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)

“The Best of Nancy Wilson: the Jazz & Blues Sessions”, released by Capitol Records (US) in 1996, contains 18 album tracks. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including album label & number, chart position and year of release)(BB200=Billboard Album Chart):

01 LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE*from album “Tender Loving Care” (Capitol 2555)(BB200 35/1966)
02 I WISH I DIDN’T LOVE YOU SO*from album “Nancy, Naturally” (Capitol 2634)(BB200 35/1967)
03 DEARLY BELOVED*from album “Hollywood – My Way” (Capitol 1934)(BB200 11/1963)
04 JUST FOR A THRILL*from album “Nancy, Naturally” (Capitol 2634)(BB200 35/1967)
05 I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER*from album “From Broadway With Love” (Capitol 2433)(BB200 44/1966)
06 IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD*from album “But Beautiful” (Capitol 798)(BB200 185/1971)
07 GETTING TO KNOW YOU*from album “Broadway – My Way” (Capitol 1828)(BB200 18/1963)
08 CALL IT STORMY MONDAY*from album “Something Wonderful” (Capitol ST 1440)(1960)
09 HE’S MY GUY* from album “Something Wonderful” (Capitol ST 1440)(1960)
10 YOU’RE GONNA HEAR FROM ME*from album “A Touch of Today” (Capitol 2495)(BB200 15/1966)
11 PEOPLE*from album “How Glad I Am” (Capitol 2155)(BB200 4/1964)
12 SUFFERIN’ WITH THE BLUES*from album “Yesterday’s Love Songs – Today’s Blues” (Capitol 2012)(BB200 4/1964)
13 WAVE*from album “Easy” (Capitol 2909)(BB200 51/1968)
14 UNCHAIN MY HEART*from album “Today, Tomorrow, Forever” (Capitol 2082)(BB200 10/1964)
15 NEVER WILL I MARRY*from album “Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley” (Capitol ST 1657)(BB200 30/1961)
16 GREEN DOLPHIN STREET*from album “The Swingin’s Mutual” (with George Shearing)(Capitol ST 1524)(1961)
17 YOU DON’T KNOW ME*from album “Welcome to My Love” (Capitol 2844)(BB200 115/1968)
18 A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND*from album “Hello Young Lovers” (Capitol ST 1767)(BB200 49/1962)


1 This is a decent collection of 18 memorable album tracks of Nancy Wilson. Some of the above mentioned albums are quite expensive on CDs, like “How Glad I Am”, “Tender Loving Care” and “From Broadway with Love.” I personally bought this CD for those songs.
2 The sound is good, but nothing spectacular.
3 There is a 6-page fold-out booklet, with the usual informative essay by Will Friedwald. The names of source albums were clearly identified.


1 Only 18 songs. This was probably acceptable standard in 1996.


Beware, this CD is NOT a Greatest Hits of Nancy Wilson, despite of the title as The Best Of. If you are looking for her true Best Of or Greatest Hits, I would recommend “Anthology” (Capitol, 2CDs. 30 songs, 2000).
Nancy Wilson is basically an album artist. I am in the process of collecting all her albums on CDs. This set is still a welcome addition to my Nancy Wilson album library. This entire set is still enjoyable and is recommended to all Nancy Wilson fans.

Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels
Price: CDN$ 7.00
45 used & new from CDN$ 7.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Bob Dylan Fallen Angels (1CD): Bob’s 37th studio albums performing 12 old classics of yesteryears; poor sound., June 23 2016
This review is from: Fallen Angels (Audio CD)

“Fallen Angels” by Bob Dylan, released by Columbia Records in 2016, was his 37th studio album. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including album label & number, year of release and names of artists of the original versions plus chart positions)(BB200=Billboard Album Chart; UK=UK Album Chart; US=US Singles prior to 1955; BB Pop=Billboard Hot 100):

LP “FALLEN ANGELS” (Bob Dylan)(Columbia 530802)(BB200 7/2016; UK 5/2016):
01 Young At Heart (2:53)*original version by Frank Sinatra (US 2/1954)
02 Maybe You'll Be There (2:50)*original version by Gordon Jenkins (US 3/1948)
03 Polka Dots And Moonbeams (3:30)*original version by Tommy Dorsey (US 18/1940); first hit vocal by Frank Sinatra
04 All The Way (3:58)*original version by Frank Sinatra (BB Pop 2/1958)
05 Skylark (2:51)*original version by Dinah Shore (US 5/1942)
06 Nevertheless (3:22)*original version by Jack Denny (US 5/1931); Frank Sinatra (US 14/1950)
07 All Or Nothing At All (3:00)*original version by Frank Sinatra & Harry James (US 1/1943)
08 On A Little Street in Singapore (2:10)*original version by Jimmy Dorsey (US 13/1940); Frank Sinatra with Harry James (US 27/1944)
09 It Had To Be You (3:56)*original version by Isham Jones (US 1/1924)
10 Melancholy Mood (2:49)*original version by Artie Shaw (US 8/1939)
11 That Old Black Magic (3:01)*original version by Glenn Miller (US 1/1943)
12 Come Rain Or Come Shine (2:36)*original version by Margaret Whiting (US 17/1946)


1 Following the footsteps of Rod Stewart and Tony Bennett, Bob Dylan presented to us her husky version of old classics, although all been sung by Frank Sinatra, but in some cases, his versions were not the original versions. The restrained picking and creamy pedal-steel guitar of his live band imposes a smooth but demotic country mood behind Dylan’s elegant, world-weary croon. His voice may be husky and damaged from decades of performing, but there’s beauty to its character.


1 I am very disappointed by the digital remastering of all the songs in this disc. As the matter of fact, there was probably no additional remastering at all. Being a remasterer myself, I would rip the songs onto my computer, and the wav files reminded me of those efforts from the early days of compact discs in the 80s where the tracks were simply laid down as was, with no remastering at all. And this is the case with this set. You probably have to turn the volume up to hear the details.
2 Only 12 songs.


Being a Bob Dylan fan, I would buy any CD release by him. Being an old-timer, I personally have the original versions of all the songs above and quite familiar with them, plus old Frank’s versions. I personally prefer the original versions. The poor sound with lack of remastering is a big minus and major disappointment. Fortunately for myself, I have remastered all the songs and now they sound like what they originally should. I would not recommend if you are not a Bob Dylan fan.

Meant To Be
Meant To Be
Offered by Vanderbilt CA
Price: CDN$ 41.95
11 used & new from CDN$ 6.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nancy Wilson & Ramsey Lewis: Meant To Be (1CD): 2nd collaboration; 11 songs; good sound, June 23 2016
This review is from: Meant To Be (Audio CD)

“Meant To Be” by Nancy Wilson & Ramsey Lewis, released by Narada Jazz in 2002, contains 11 songs. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including album label & number, year of release):

LP “MEANT TO BE” (Nancy Wilson & Ramsey Lewis)(Narada Jazz 50774)(2002):
01 Peel Me A Grape
02 Truthfully
03 Did I Ever Really Live
04 Velvet Night
05 A Moment Alone
06 Moondance
07 Meant To Be
08 Piano In The Dark
09 Time Peace
10 First Time Love
11 Tanquissimo


1 This is the second collaboration between Nancy Wilson & Ramsey Lewis, following their very successful “The Two of Us” in 1984 (CD still very expensive now). In 2001, Nancy Wilson performed at Chicago’s famed Ravinia Festival. Ramsey Lewis, the festival’s Artistic Director of Jazz, was chatting backstage with her. They both agreed that they should do something together. “Meant To Be” is the result. Songs composed by Van Morrison, Brenda Russell and Patti Austin were used. The majority of the songs were composed by Ramsey Lewis himself.
2 The sound is very well remastered using 24-bit technology.
3 There is an 8-page fold-out booklet, outlining the personnel. A forward by Nancy Wilson was included.




This is Nancy’s 62nd domestic album release. Her next release is also with Ramsey Lewis, called “Simple Pleasures.” I am in the process of collecting all of Nancy’s albums on CDs. This set is totally enjoyable with great sound, and is a welcome addition to my Nancy Wilson album library. This set is of course highly recommended to all Nancy Wilson and jazz fans.

Take My Love
Take My Love
Price: CDN$ 28.04
16 used & new from CDN$ 10.18

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nancy Wilson Take My Love (1CD): her 45th and final Capitol album; 3 great “live” recordings; good sound!, June 22 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Take My Love (Audio CD)

“Take My Love” by Nancy Wilson, released on LP by Capitol Records in 1980 and now finally released on CD by SoulMusic Records from UK in 2013. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including album and single label & number, year of release):

LP “TAKE MY LOVE” (Nancy Wilson)(Capitol 12055)(1980):
01 Take My Love
02 Someone Else
03 Welcome Home (Capitol 4839)(b-side, 1980)
04 The Sadness In My Eyes
05 Let’s Hold On To Love (Capitol 4839)(uncharted a-side, 1980)
06 I Loved You All The Time
07 Not Afraid to Love (live)
08 I’m Coming Home (live)
09 Bows (live)


1 In this set, Nancy Wilson reunited with co-producers Larry Farrow and Carolyn Johns, shifting the focus from dance music to radio-pop with lyrical themes that more often touched upon the shadier realities of romance. The set is also making its CD debut.
2 The sound is well remastered.
3 There is a 16-page booklet, with an informative essay by A. Scott Galloway. The album front and back covers are in full displayed, each occupying an entire page. The LP labels are also included.


1 There are no bonus tracks.


This set was Nancy’s 45th album and her final album release on Capitol. The last three songs in this album were specifically designed to record in front of a live audience in the large Capitol “Studio A” with a fifty-one piece orchestra. The entire set was enjoyable. I am in the process of collecting all her albums on CDs. This set is a welcome addition to my Nancy Wilson album library, and is recommended to all Nancy Wilson fans.

Kaleidoscope/I Know I Love Him: Expanded Edition
Kaleidoscope/I Know I Love Him: Expanded Edition
Price: CDN$ 31.71
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5.0 out of 5 stars Nancy Wilson Kaleidoscope/I Know I love Him (1CD): twofer; 2 complete charted Capitol albums; great sound; fantastic collection!, June 22 2016
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“Kaleidoscope/I Know I Love Him” by Nancy Wilson, released by SoulMusic Records from UK in 2013, contains 2 complete charted Capitol albums. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including album and singles label & number, chart position, year of release)(BB200=Billboard Album Chart):

LP “KALEIDOSCOPE” (Nancy Wilson)(Capitol 852)(BB200 151/1971):
01 The Greatest Performance Of My Life (Capitol 3212)(uncharted a-side, 1971)*rare gem; CD debut; became a staple of her concerts; big hit by Shirley Bassey
02 If I Were Your Woman*big hit by Gladys Knight
03 I’ll Get Along Somehow
04 Middle of the Road
05 Let It Be Me*big hit by Everly Brothers and Betty Everett & Jerry Butler
06 To Be The One You Love (from film “The Anonymous Venetian”)
07 Mr. Bojangles*big hit by Sammy Davis Jr.
08 Ain’t No Sunshine*big hit by Bill Withers
09 Everyone Knows (Capitol 3212)(b-side, 1971)*rare gem; CD debut
10 Once In My Lifetime*big hit by Harry Belafonte
LP “I KNOW I LOVE HIM” (Nancy Wilson)(Capitol 11131)(BB200 201/1973):
11 We Can Make It Baby (Capitol 3540)(b-side, February 1971)
12 Morning In Your Eyes
13 Don’t Misunderstand*originally sung by O.C. Smith for movie “Shaft’s Big Score”
14 Are We Losing Touch (Capitol 3540)(uncharted a-side, February 1971)*rare gem; CD debut
15 I Was Telling Him About You
16 Easy Evil
17 The Laughter and the Tears
18 Can I
19 I Heard You Singing Your Song
20 I Know I Love Him


1 Thanks to SoulMusic Records, these two fantastic albums are making their CD debut. All the songs reflect Nancy’s unique vocal style, ranging from dynamic peak in “The Greatest Performance of My Life” to gentle ballad in “The Laughter and the Tears”, capturing the hopeless feelings of lovelorn and lonesomeness when you can never forget someone you love who is no longer there and never coming back.
2 The sound is wonderfully remastered, as per usual high standards at SoulMusic Records.
3 There is a wonderful 20-page booklet, with an informative essay by A. Scott Galloway, plus liner notes from both albums. The front and back album covers of both albums are clearly displayed, each occupying an entire page. Good job, SoulMusic Records, and thank you. Labels and numbers are included.


1 There are no bonus tracks.


“Kaleidoscope” and “I Know I Love Him” were Nancy’s 35th and 37th domestic album releases respectively. Both albums showcase the singer at the top of her jazzy easy listening form, gliding effortlessly through carefully selected songs she knew she could leave her timeless classy stamp upon, to be discovered by generation after generation. I personally am in the process of collecting all of her albums on CDs, and this set is certainly a welcome addition to my Nancy Wilson album library. This twofer, with both great performance and sound, is highly recommended to all Nancy Wilson fans.

The Tragically Hip: That Night In Toronto
The Tragically Hip: That Night In Toronto
DVD ~ Tragically Hip
Price: CDN$ 9.99
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5.0 out of 5 stars Tragically Hip That Night in Toronto (DVD): fantastic concert in 2004 Air Canada Centre; 24 songs; great performance and sound!, June 21 2016

The Tragically Hip, often referred to simply as The Hip, are a Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario, consisting of lead singer Gordon Downie, guitarist Paul Langlois, guitarist Rob Baker (known as Bobby Baker until 1994), bassist Gord Sinclair, and drummer Johnny Fay. Since their formation in 1984 they have released 13 studio albums, two live albums, 1 EP, and 54 singles. Nine of their albums have reached No. 1 in Canada. They have received numerous Canadian Music awards, including 14 Juno Awards (Canadian equivalent to the “Grammys”. “That Night in Toronto” was filmed at the Air Canada Centre on November 26, 2014.


“That Night in Toronto” arrives on DVD with 1.85:1 widescreen. The transfer was good, with sharp images. Colour was subdued. The stage was quite plain and black and white. (3/5)


“That Night in Toronto” arrives on DVD with Dolby Digital 5.1 or PCM 5.1. I chose DD 5.1. The sound was excellent. Gordon Downie’s vocal was the main feature, while all the guitar notes and drum beats were clearly heard. (4/5)


This concert has 24 songs. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including chart positions of singles and names of source albums):
01 Vaccination Scar (CAN 5/2004)*from album "In Between Evolution" (2004)
02 Fully Completely (CAN 65/1993)*from album "Fully Completely" (1993)
03 Grace, Too (CAN 11/1994)*from album "Day For Night" (1994)
04 Summer's Killing Us (uncharted single, 2004)*from album "In Between Evolution" (2004)
05 Ahead By A Century (CAN 1/1996)*from album "Trouble at the Henhouse" (1996)
06 Silver Jet (CAN 3/2002)*from album "In Violet Light" (2002)
07 As Makeshift As We Are*from album "In Between Evolution" (2004)
08 Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)(CAN 10/1993)*from album "Fully Completely" (1993)
09 Bobcaygeon (CAN 3/1999)*from album "Phantom Power" (1998)
10 Nautical Disaster (CAN 26/1995)*from album "Day For Night" (1994)
11 Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park*from album "In Between Evolution" (2004)
12 Poets (CAN 4/1998)*from album "Phantom Power" (1998)
13 At The Hundredth Meridian (CAN 18/1993)*from album "Fully Completely" (1993)
14 It Can't Be Nashville Every Night (uncharted single, 2004)*from album "In Between Evolution" (2004)
15 My Music at Work (CAN 47/2000)*from album "Music @ Work" (2000)
16 New Orleans Is Sinking (CAN 70/1989)*from album "Up To Here" (1989)
17 Heaven Is A Better Place Today*from album "In Between Evolution" (2004)
18 It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken (CAN 5/2002)*from album "In Violet Light" (2002)
19 Little Bones (CAN 11/1991)*from album "Road Apples" (1991)
20 Gift Shop (CAN 4/1996)*from album "Trouble at the Henhouse" (1996)
21 Springtime in Vienna (CAN 11/1997)*from album "Trouble at the Henhouse" (1996)
22 Three Pistols (CAN 59/1991)*from album "Road Apples" (1991)
23 Boots Or Hearts (CAN 47/1990)*from album "Up To Here" (1989)
24 Blow At High Dough (CAN 48/1989)*from album "Up To Here" (1989)

My favourites were “Bobcaygeon””At the Hundredth Meridian” and “Ahead by A Century.” The interviews with the audience during the rolling of the end credits were us a true appreciation as to how great the show was and how good a live band the Hip was.

The Concert (5+/5)


It is indeed very sad news that Gord Downie was discovered to have terminal brain cancer, when the Hip was planning their 2016 Canadian Tour. The tour would still proceed, but the sour note was that most of the tickets were scooped up by scalpers and resold at 2000% profit. Additional show was added at the Air Canada Centre in August 2016, and with the redesign of the stage, more seats were available. I was not the fortunate one to get a ticket for the three shows at ACC. I hope a high definition blu-ray disc will be released in the future, and hopefully the concert will also feature all their many singles and memorable album tracks. This is a fitting tribute to this great Canadian Rock N Roll Band!!

Yesterday's Love Songs
Yesterday's Love Songs
Offered by USA_Seller_4_Canada
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5.0 out of 5 stars Nancy Wilson Yesterday’s Love Songs/Today’s Blues: 1 complete charted Capitol album + 5 rare bonus tracks; great sound & album!, June 21 2016
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This review is from: Yesterday's Love Songs (Audio CD)

“Yesterday’s Love Songs/Today’s Blues” by Nancy Wilson, released by Capitol Records in 1964 and on CDs in 1991, contains the complete charted Capitol album, plus 5 rare bonus tracks. I have compiled a detailed song listing (including album and singles label & number, chart position, year of release)(BB200=Billboard Album Chart; BB Pop=Billboard Hot 100):

LP “YESTERDAY’S LOVE SONGS/TODAY’S BLUES” (Nancy Wilson (Capitol 2012)(BB200 4/1964):
01 The Song Is You
02 The Very Thought Of You
03 Satin doll
04 Bewitched
05 Sufferin’ With The Blues
06 Someone to Watch Over Me
07 The Best Is Yet to Come (Capitol 5408)(b-side, April 1965)
08 Never Let Me Go
09 Send Me Yesterday
10 All My Tomorrow
11 Please Send Me Someone to Love
12 Blue Prelude
13 What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (Capitol 5084)(b-side, November 1963)*rare gem
14 The Show Goes On*from album “How Glad I Am” (Capitol 2155)(BB200 4/1964); rare gem; CD debut
15 West Coast Blues*from album “How Glad I Am” (Capitol 2155)(BB200 4/1964)
16 Tell Me The Truth (Capitol 4991)(a-side, BB Pop 73/June 1963)
17 The Sweet Thing (Capitol 4991)(b-side, June 1963)*rare gem; CD debut


1 If you like this album, this CD is the only source to get it. There is no twofer. It is her 8th domestic album release, and has the highest charting position on Billboard Album Chart (same as “How Glad I Am” later that year). This album marked the climax and conclusion of the (Nancy) Wilson/Wilson (Gerald Wilson, the arranger & orchestra) partnership. There are many outstanding pieces, like “Never Let Me Go”, the most emotionally soaring piece, and “The Best Is Yet To Come”, that predates Sinatra and Basie.
2 There are 5 rare bonus tracks, three rare singles, with one still making CD debut in 2016, and two others from her most well known album “How Glad I Am” (for some unknown reasons, still not reissued and now still very expensive).
3 The sound is very well remastered from original three-track master tapes. It was pointed out that a scratch sound on the vocal make early in “Never Let Me Go” was on the original recording.
4 There is a 6-page fold-out booklet, with an informative essay by Will Friedwald. Details about personnel on each song were included. The front cover of the booklet represents the original album front cover.


1 The rare a-side of “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”, being “That’s What I Want For Christmas”, should have been included as bonus track.
2 The album back cover should have been included in the booklet too. I know I’m asking too much.


“Yesterday’s Love Songs/Today’s Blues” was her 8th domestic album release. The entire album, with great sound, is totally enjoyable. The bonus tracks were simply icing on the cake. I am in the process of collecting every Nancy Wilson release, and this CD is indeed a very welcome addition to my Nancy Wilson album library. This set is very highly recommended to all Nancy Wilson fans.

Collection 1906-42 (5CD)
Collection 1906-42 (5CD)
Price: CDN$ 20.47
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5.0 out of 5 stars John McCormack Collection (5CDs): 120 songs 1906-42; his entire career; many rare gems CD debut; good sound; a Must-Own!!!, June 17 2016

1 If you are a John McCormack fan, rejoice! Acrobat Music has compiled this 5-CD set with 120 songs, spanning his career from 1906 to 1942 when he retired, in one single set. Of course, there are many rare gems, many making their CD debut.
2 The songs are, more or less, sequenced chronologically.
3 This set covers his earliest acoustic recordings for Odeon in 1906, through acoustic recordings for HMV and Victor into the 1920s, and then electric recordings for the same labels up to 1942. Considering the age of many of the above recordings, the sound is excellent, as per high standards at Acrobat Music.
4 Although he has 73 charted songs, I was simply amazed at just how big his discography is. You will know what I mean when you visit his society’s website in UK. I painstakingly extracted the label & number plus chart position to demonstrate just how popular a singer he was. No fillers here. It should be noted that there were no b-sides on 78s until 1924.
5 As usual, there is an excellent booklet, with an informative essay by Paul Watts. High marks are given to the efforts in putting the labels & numbers in, both US & UK, Victor & HMV. Great job!!


1 There are glaring omissions of five charted a-sides:
(1) Kathleen Mavourneen (Victor 74236)(a-side, US 3(1)/1911)*using the 1927 version on disc 4 does not count
(2) Aida – O terra addio (with Lucy Isabelle Marsh)(Victor 74398)(a-side, US 9/1915)
(3) Evening Song (Victor 64496)(a-side, US 8/1915)
(4) Crucifix (with Reinald Werrenrath)(Victor 64712)(a-side, US 6/1917)
(5) When You And I Were Seventeen (Victor 1086)(a-side, US 5/1925)


John McCormack was born on June 14, 1884 in Athlone, Ireland. He was the legendary tenor singer. He became an American sensation in 1910, and was so popular that he largely abandoned opera to concentrate on solo concert performances. Along with Enrico Caruso, he firmly established the value of commercial recordings in the United States. He died on September 16, 1945 (age 61).

My own original reference was “I Hear You Calling Me” (Living Era, 2CDs, 50 songs). There are also “John McCormack Collection” (Naxos, 11 volumes). There are still many missing tunes. Now, thanks to Acrobat Music, this 5 CD set is my dreams come true. I consider this set one of the most important releases in 2016 and is very highly recommended.

PS I purposely leave the song listing to the end because of its extensive length. If you really want to know just how fantastic a singer he is, please read on (US=US Singles Chart prior to 1955, according to Joey Whitburn’s Pop Memories book):

01 THE BOYS OF WEXFORD (Odeon 57555)(uncharted, 1906)
02 TROTTIN’ TO THE FAIR (Odeon 57594)(uncharted, 1908)
03 KILLARNEY (Victor 74157)(a-side, US 5/January 1910)
04 CARMEN - IL FIOR CHE AVEVI A ME (Flower Song)(Bizet)(Victor 88216)(a-side, US 10/January 1910)
05 UNA FURTIVA LAGRIMA (From L’Elisir D’Amore)(Victor 74219)(uncharted, February 1910)
06 COME BACK TO ERIN (Victor 74158)(a-side, US 9/February 1910)
07 THE MINSTREL BOY (Victor 64117)(uncharted, February 1910)
08 DRINK TO ME ONLY WITH THINE EYES (Victor 74204)(a-side, US 6/March 1910)
09 ANNIE LAURIE (Victor 64138)(a-side, US 8/March 1910)
10 WHEN SHADOWS GATHER (Victor 64127)(a-side, US 4/March 1910)
11 TU CHE A DIO SPIEGASTI L’ALI (From 'Lucia Di Lammermoor')(Victor 74224)(uncharted, March 1910)
12 THE SNOWY BREASTED PEARL (Victor 74166)(uncharted, March 1910)
13 I HEAR YOU CALLING ME (Victor 64120)(uncharted, March 1911)
14 BELIEVE ME IF ALL THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS (Victor 64180)(a-side, US 10/March 1911)
15 I’M FALLING IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE (Victor 64174)(a-side, 1(7)/March 1911)*his first No. 1 song
16 INDIANA MOON (Victor 1011)(a-side, US 9/August 1924)
17 MOTHER MACHREE (Victor 64181)(a-side, US 1(5)/March 1911)*his second No. 1 song
18 MACUSHLA (Victor 64205)(uncharted, March 1911)
19 DEL TEMPIO AL LIMITAR (from In The Depths Of The Temple)(duet with Mario Sammarco, baritone)(Victor 87082/87553)(uncharted, April 1911)
20 TAKE, OH TAKE THOSE LIPS AWAY (Victor 64252)(a-side, US 4/April 1912)
21 THE WEARING OF THE GREEN (Victor 64258)(uncharted, April 1912)
22 SILVER THREADS AMONG THE GOLD (Victor 64260)(a-side, US 6/April 1912)
23 THE ROSARY (Victor 64257)(a-side, US 4/April 1912)

01 WHERE THE RIVER SHANNON FLOWS (Victor 64311)(a-side, US 3(1)/January 1913)
02 I’LL SING THEE SONGS OF ARABY (Victor 64375)(a-side, US 6/January 1913)
03 MOLLY BRANNIGAN (Victor 64316)(uncharted, January 1913)*with Spencer Clay, piano
04 THE FOGGY DEW (Victor 64326)(uncharted, January 1913)*with Spencer Clay, piano
05 MOTHER O’MINE (Victor 64332)(uncharted, March 1913)
06 THE LOW BACKED CAR (Victor 64329)(uncharted, March 1913)
07 GOODBYE (Victor 74346)(a-side, US 7/May 1913)
08 A LITTLE LOVE, A LITTLE KISS (Victor 64343)(a-side, US 4/May 1913)
09 NEARER MY GOD TO THEE (Victor 64345)(a-side, US 8/May 1913)
10 EILEEN ALANNA (Victor 64341)(uncharted, May 1913)
11 SAY “AU REVOIR” BUT NOT GOODBYE (Victor 64328)(a-side, US 5/March 1913)
12 LULLABY FROM JOCELYN (“ANGELS GUARD THEE”)(with Fritz Kreisler)(Victor 88483)(a-side, US 5/March 1914)
13 AVE MARIA (Victor 88484/89107)(with Fritz Kreisler)(a-side, US 4/March 1915)
14 AVE MARA (FROM “CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA”)(with Fritz Kreisler)(Victor 87192/87546)(a-side, US 7/March 1914)
15 BEAUTIFUL ISLE OF SOMEWHERE (Victor 64428)(a-side, US 4/April 1916)
16 MY WILD IRISH ROSE (Victor 64426)(a-side, US 7/February 1915)
17 MARY OF ARGYLE (Victor 64432)(uncharted, April 1914)
18 IT’S A LONG, LONG WAY TO TIPPERARY (Victor 64476)(a-side, US 1(8)/January 1915)*his biggest hit and third No. 1 song!
19 SOMEWHERE A VOICE IS CALLING (Victor 64405)(a-side, US 1(2)/January 1916)*his fourth No. 1 song
20 COME INTO THE GARDEN, MAUD (Victor 74434)(uncharted, March 1915)
21 ADESTE FIDELIS (Victor 74436)(uncharted, March 1915)
22 SERENATA (with Fritz Kreisler)(Victor 87230)(a-side, US 5/October 1915)
23 A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN (Victor 64543)(a-side, US 9/May 1916)

01 THE OLD REFRAIN (Victor 64559)(a-side, US 2(1)/May 1916)
02 IL MIO TESORO (From “Don Giovanni”)(Victor 74484)(uncharted, May 1916)* his diction and breath control enabled him to sing 64 notes in one breath – simply amazing!
03 BELLE NUIT – OH NIGHT OF LOVE (Barcarolle From “Tales Of Hoffman”)(with Fritz Kreisler)(Victor 87245)(a-side, US 3(2)/September 1916)
04 CRADLE SONG 1915 (Victor 64606)(a-side, US 3(2)/November 2016)*adapted from “Caprice Viennois”
05 LOVE, HERE IS MY HEART! (Victor 64623)(a-side, US 6/February 1917)
06 THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR SMILE (Victor 64622)(a-side, US 1(4)/December 1916)*his fifth No. 1 song
07 WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING (Victor 64631)(a-side, US 4/May 1917)
08 THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER (Victor 64664)(a-side, US 1(3)/May 1917)*his sixth No. 1 song
09 KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING (Victor 64696)(a-side, US 4/September 1917)
10 THERE’S A LONG, LONG TRAIL (Victor 64694)(a-side, US 3(2)/September 1917)
11 THE RAINBOW OF LOVE (Victor 64732)(a-side, US 5/March 1918)
12 SEND ME AWAY WITH A SMILE (Victor 64741)(a-side, US 1(4)/January 1917)*his seventh No. 1 song
13 GOD BE WITH OUR BOYS TONIGHT (Victor 64773)(a-side, US 3(2)/June 1918)
14 WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE HEART OF A ROSE (Victor 64814)(a-side, US 2(3)/July 1919)
15 LITTLE MOTHER OF MINE (Victor 64778)(a-side, US 3(2)/June 1918)
16 CALLING ME HOME TO YOU (Victor 64803)(a-side, US 4/May 1919)
17 LOVE’S GARDEN OF ROSES (Victor 64787)(a-side, US 3(2)/November 1918)
18 DEAR OLD PAL OF MINE (Victor 64785)(uncharted, May 1918)
19 WHEN YOU COME BACK (Victor 64791)(a-side, US 4/February 1919)
20 ROSES OF PICARDY (Victor 64825)(a-side, US 9/December 1919)
21 ROSE OF MY HEART (Victor 66012)(a-side, US 10/February 1922)
22 THAT TUMBLE-DOWN SHACK IN ATHLONE (Victor 64837)(a-side, US 5/April 1920)
23 SOMEWHERE (Victor 64976)(a-side, US 8/August 1922)
24 THANK GOD FOR A GARDEN (Victor 64900)(a-side, US 8/December 1920)

01 YOUR EYES HAVE TOLD ME SO (Victor 64860)(a-side, US 6/May 1920)
02 WHEN YOU AND I WERE YOUNG, MAGGIE (Victor 64913)(uncharted a-side, December 1919)
03 SWEET PEGGY O’NEIL (Victor 66028)(a-side, US 11/May 1922)
04 THE BAREFOOT TRAIL (Victor 64878)(a-side, US 6/July 1920)
05 WHEN NIGHT DESCENDS (with Fritz Kreisler)(Victor 87571)(a-side, US 5/September 1920)*from Rachmaninoff, Op. 4, No. 3
06 THE LAST HOUR (with Fritz Kreisler)(Victor 87576)(a-side, US 13/January 1922)
07 LEARN TO SMILE (Victor 64982)(a-side, US 4/October 1921)
08 LITTLE TOWN IN THE OULD COUNTY DOWN (Victor 64994)(uncharted a-side, June 1921)
09 THE LOST CHORD (Victor 74791)(a-side, US 10/June 1923)
10 LOVE SENDS A LITTLE GIFT OF ROSES (Victor 961)(a-side, 5/January 1924)*first time b-side available; here, b-side “Wonderful One” not included
11 SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD (Victor 968)(a-side, US 5/February 1924)*b-side “Where the Rainbow Ends” not included here
12 MARCHETA (Victor 1011)(b-side, US 12/September 1924)*a-side “Indiana Moon” disc 1, track #16
13 COME MY BELOVED (From “Atalanta”)(Victor 1034)(uncharted a-side, September 1924)
14 BEFORE MY WINDOW (THE CHERRY TREE)(Rachmaninoff)(HMV DA-614)(uncharted, September 1924)
15 ALL ALONE (Victor 1067)(a-side, US 1(2)/February 1925)*his eighth & final No. 1 song
16 ROSE MARIE (Victor 1067)(b-side, US 5/March 1925)*title song from Broadway musical
17 MOONLIGHT AND ROSES (Victor 1092)(a-side, US 3(1)/August 1925)*b-side “The Sweetest Call” not included here
18 YOU FORGOT TO REMEMBER (Victor 1121)(a-side, US 11/February 1926)*b-side “Oh How I Miss You To-night” not included here
19 JUST A COTTAGE SMALL (BY A WATERFALL)(Victor 1133)(a-side, US 4/March 1926)*b-side “Through All the Days to Be” not included here
20 JUST FOR TODAY (Victor 1281)(uncharted a-side, September 1926)
21 THE FAR-AWAY BELLS (Victor 1215)(a-side, US 6/April 1927)*b-side “Because I Love You” not included here
22 SOMEWHERE A VOICE IS CALLING (Victor 1247)(uncharted a-side, April 1927)
23 NOW SLEEPS THE CRIMSON PETAL (HMV DA-1111)(uncharted a-side, September 1927)
24 PANIS ANGELICUS (Victor 6708)(uncharted, May 1927)
25 KATHLEEN MAVOURNEEN (Victor 6776)(uncharted a-side, October 1927)

01 LOVE’S SWEET OLD SONG (Victor 6776)(b-side, October 1927)
02 BY THE SHORT CUT TO THE ROSSES (Victor 1528)(uncharted a-side, January 1928)
03 JEANNIE, I DREAM OF LILAC TIME (Victor 1360)(a-side, US 15/February 1929)*b-side “Sonny Boy” not included here
04 THE ROSE OF TRALEE (Victor 1452)(uncharted a-side, February 1930)
05 IRELAND MOTHER IRELAND (Victor 1452)(b-side, February 1930)
06 THE GARDEN WHERE PRATIES GROW (Victor 1553/HMV DA-1171)(b-side, December 1930)
07 THE HARP THAT ONCE THROUGH TARA’S HALLS (Victor 1553/HMV DA-1171)(uncharted a-side, December 1930)
08 IS SHE NOT PASSING FAIR? (HMV DA-1286)(uncharted a-side, September 1932)
09 BLESS THIS HOUSE (HMV DA-1285)(uncharted a-side, September 1932)
10 I KNOW OF TWO BRIGHT EYES (HMV DA-1342)(uncharted a-side , September 1933)
11 JEANNIE WITH THE LIGHT BROWN HAIR (HMV DA-1405)(b-side, August 1934)
12 SWEETLY SHE SLEEPS, MY ALICE FAIR (HMV DA-1405)(uncharted a-side, August 1934)
13 TERENCE’S FAREWELL TO KATHLEEN (HMV DA-1396)(uncharted a-side, August 1934)
14 O MARY DEAR (HMV DA-1432)(b-side, June 1935)
15 THE KERRY DANCE (HMV DB-2848)(uncharted a-side, March 1936)
16 THE OLD HOUSE (HMV DA-1715)(uncharted a-side, November 1939)
17 THE STAR OF COUNTY DOWN (HMV DA-1718)(uncharted a-side, November 1959)
18 I’LL WALK BESIDE YOU (HMV DA-1718)(b-side, November 1959)
19 THE LASS WITH THE DELICATE AIR (HMV AGSA-59)(uncharted a-side, July 1940)
20 THE BARD OF ARMAGH (HMV DA-1752)(b-side, August 1940)
21 THE MEETING OF THE WATERS (HMV DA-1752)(uncharted a-side, August 1940)
22 OFT IN THE STILLY NIGHT (HMV DA-1760)(uncharted a-side, August 1940)
23 PRAISE YE THE LORD (HMV DA-1786)(uncharted a-side, May 1941)
24 SHE MOVED THRO’ THE FAIR (HMV DA-1813)(uncharted a-side, June 1941)
25 OFF TO PHILADELPHIA (HMV AGSA-54)(uncharted a-side, December 1941)

I hope I did not bore you with all the details and the information is helpful to you. Happy listening!

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