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Super Baby Food
Super Baby Food
by Ruth Yaron
Edition: Paperback
88 used & new from CDN$ 0.33

5.0 out of 5 stars One book so many benefits!!, June 30 2004
This review is from: Super Baby Food (Paperback)
I, like so many moms, was on the path to boxed baby cereals and Gerber jars when my 4 month old got extremely constipated and irritable with her 1st rice cereal experience. My pediatrician advised me to wait a couple of weeks and resume rice cereal. It was so hard to wait because my child was hungry and she had proven she could eat quite well! The same thing happened with the 2nd try of rice cereal - constipation, screaming and writhing in pain. Here I had this hungry, eager little eater and the traditional American baby foods just weren't working.
I ordered Super Baby Food from Amazon, and all my troubles went away in an instant. My life and and my daughter's diet suddenly involved mashed fresh bananas and water, mashed fresh avocados and water, pureed sweet pototoes, mangos and more. All fresh, all with good anti-viral properties, all helping me contribute to the extent that I can to helping my daughter develop and maintain a healthy immune system.
Today, my daughter is a 2-1/2 year old who is an amazing eater. She eats a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies everyday including eating fresh steamed green beans the way other kids eat french fries. She devours fresh steamed broccoli, eats pesto packed pork chops, and just yesterday she downed a cold salad of black-eyed peas, green olives and tomatoes. My friends, neighbors, and even I am amazed as she eagerly tries any food I put in front of her.
I share this not to brag but to let others know that I attribute her eating habits largely to her Super Baby Food diet where never once did I put something in front of her that tasted yucky. I believe by feeding her stuff that even I thought was tasty, she came to develop a trust that whatever food I give her, chances are it's going to be good.
I think a lot of food issues with children are a result of plain old Pavlov-type conditioning. Most parents will agree the Gerber jars are just plain disgusting when it comes to taste, and they wouldn't consider taking a bite themselves. Yet, they feed the stuff to their kids 4-6 times a day for 8 months or so. I can't help but think if I'm a baby and I've been fed stuff that tastes yucky for months and months on end, don't I naturally develop a distrust of the person feeding me and the choices they put before me? Aren't I more inclined to be resistent to trying new things this person offers me?
So many of my friends with toddlers lament that they can't get their kids to eat more than a few different fruits and veggies and very few have a well-balanced diet.
Anyway, you probably get my drift by now. I'm a huge proponent of this book, the diet espoused and the fact that by cooking & preparing healthy foods for your child when he/she is 4-6 months old you'll develop a great habit as a mom that will last a life time. So many moms get their toddlers to 12 months and then they wonder what's the best table food to feed them. The tendency must be so strong to continue down the minimal nutrition path of processed, packaged foods.
With super baby food you never make any kind of food switch, you just serve up the same delicious stuff your kid already loves - only it's served chunky-style.
We all know how good fresh fruits and veggies are for building a healthy immune system. At the same time, our culture is so ingrained in quick eats & pre-packaged food. If you think for more than a minute on this, what is better for your kid, a jar of baby food that's been on a warehouse or store shelf for up to a couple of years? Or fresh foods you prepare at home?
I highly recommend this book to any new mom. One last unexpected benefit from the book - my husband and I eat a much wider variety of fresh fruits and veggies now too. We all have benefited from this book!!

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM) Children's Vaccinations
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM) Children's Vaccinations
by Stephanie Cave
Edition: Paperback
51 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Balanced, Well Researched, Facts Based Information, Nov. 14 2002
After my infant daughter had an immediate physical reaction and a prolonged, 4-week neurological reaction to her routine 4-month vaccinations, I began searching for information about vaccines and safety that would help me determine the best, safest course of action with future vaccines. Searching the internet yielded an enormous amount of information - some of which is very alarmist and frightening and some of which is overly scientific and hard for a non-scientific parent to understand. It is very difficult to find information that is easy to understand, balanced presenting both the pros and the cons, and is comprehensive, facts-based and well-researched. This book is by far the most comprehensive and most useful information contained in a single cover that I have found. An added benefit is that the information is presented in such a way that it is a very compelling read - I read the 1st 100 pages within 3 hours after my amazon box arrived - while tending to a busy, crawling infant!
Who Can Benefit from this Book?
I believe that this book is a must read for all parents. Given that vaccinations are mandated by law it is very important for parents to understand as much as they can about vaccines. Parents have a responsibility to themselves, their children and our shared community to be informed on these matters. The subject of vaccines and their safety is much too complex for any pediatrician to adequately address with each individual parent that they serve. The most time I've spent with my pediatrician in a single visit is about 15-20 minutes max. The pros, cons, history of vaccines, past study findings, current research, etc., cannot be covered in such a short amount of time. As someone who is a proponent of vaccination programs and who believes strongly in doing what is best for the greater good in terms of public health, I found that the general statement from the medical staff at my pediatrician's office, that vaccines are safe and reactions are very rare, was not sufficient for me. I needed to know more, and thanks to this book now I do.
If you are a parent, even if your children have already been vaccinated, you will benefit from the knowledge gained by reading this book.

Taking Charge Of Your Fertility
Taking Charge Of Your Fertility
by Toni Weschler
Edition: Paperback
53 used & new from CDN$ 1.71

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Book for All Women, July 25 2001
I bought this book because I wanted to get pregnant and there were a lot of great reviews on Amazon. It has totally exceeded my expectations!! The book truly is an excellent and informative read, and really teaches women what to do to get pregnant and what to do to avoid getting pregnant. While I thought my cycles were "regular" before reading the book, after charting for a few months, I learned I was actually quite irregular. For several months in a row I was ovulating on day 16 or later. When I finally did get pregnant, I ovulated on day 12! Thanks to this book, I recognized the fertility signs immediately and was able to conceive my first child, to my surprise, on day 12.
If you're like me, you may get to the section on the Menstrual Cycle and think you might skip it because you already know that stuff. Trust me, chances are good you don't know the half of it - Don't skip that section! It's way more than you learned in sex ed, and it's truly fascinating!

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