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iPad Air 2 Case (iPad 6) - KHOMO DUAL Super Slim Cover with Rubberized back and Smart Feature (Built-in magnet for sleep / wake feature) For Apple iPad Air 2 Tablet (Red-Black)
iPad Air 2 Case (iPad 6) - KHOMO DUAL Super Slim Cover with Rubberized back and Smart Feature (Built-in magnet for sleep / wake feature) For Apple iPad Air 2 Tablet (Red-Black)
Offered by KHOMO Accessories
Price: CDN$ 16.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth it, Nov. 19 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Thanks to all previous reviewers who added photos, I knew it was a great product for a very reasonable price. It fits perfectly (on Model # MGL12CL/A) - just place, push to click and all openings line up perfectly. The red-black cover is very sleek w/ a richer & deeper red than shown in the photo. Overall finish & design are very well done. All flip/ fold options work as shown. If you leave the "Locks" sound on (iPad settings), you'll hear a click when you close the cover.

The only minor drawback - the smooth finish on the back (black) shows fingerprints, drag marks or scratches quite easily. Wiping it w/ a soft, dry cloth does help to remove some of it.

Magicfly White Liquid Chalk Marker Pens 8-pack - 4mm Reversible Tip
Magicfly White Liquid Chalk Marker Pens 8-pack - 4mm Reversible Tip

5.0 out of 5 stars Cool & fun!, Nov. 17 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I chose these for the reversible tips feature - just pull out the tip, flip it over & insert for bullet or chisel style. I did the switcharoo before first use to avoid getting ink on my hands. Later on, I did switch one marker back to chisel tip and found that wash-up (stains on skin) was very easy.
Activating the marker - follow instructions printed on the side of marker. It does take a few GENTLE pumps (pressing tip down & push repeatedly) to make it work.

Great results on mirror and whiteboard (WB) for everyday lists and doodles. On WB, a very faint ghost image shows after wiping off w/ a damp cloth - could also be because the board is old. Colours on caps (in 1st photo) are closest to what you get - more neon than traditional, IMO. It even wipes off w/ a dry paper towel.

I'm not sure how long they'll last in comparison to traditional WB markers but, the absolute ease of clean-up (on skin), wipe-off (from surface) and the sheer brilliance & choice of fun colours make them such a joy to use!

U By Kotex Click Tampons Super Plus Absorbency, 18 count (Pack of 4)
U By Kotex Click Tampons Super Plus Absorbency, 18 count (Pack of 4)
Price: CDN$ 15.36
7 used & new from CDN$ 15.36

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly super plus!, May 20 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
For super-heavy flow, it lasts approx. 5 hours (+/-). For overnight use, I keep an alarm for 5 hours to change w.r.t TSS. Easy insertion thanks to taper hold on applicator whose click-pull doesn't come apart easily. Also, the crinkle-free wrapping doesn't wear out (in purse) & the printed S+ makes a huge difference - see photo for why. Removal is relatively pain-free - it retains its tubular shape even after expanding. In comparison, Tampax Super Plus (full sized applicator, not Compak) lasts the same time but, doesn't retain its tubular shape. Upon expansion, it opens up into separate wings around the central thread which makes removal a bit more painful and difficult.

While I use both brands regularly for diff. days/ needs, UBK Super Plus (both Click & regular applicators) is the one I prefer as they've nailed the design for form & function! Just wish all plastic applicators were also recyclable.

U by Kotex Tampons Click Super Absorbency, 36-Count
U by Kotex Tampons Click Super Absorbency, 36-Count
Price: CDN$ 9.96
6 used & new from CDN$ 9.96

5.0 out of 5 stars Works well, May 20 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
For heavy flow, it lasts approx. 2.5 to 3 hours depending on activity and flow speed. I sounds like Physics class! :) The taper hold design helps for easy insertion, removal is also easy and pain-free. The click-pull didn't come apart even when pulled harder than normal. The crinkle-free wrapping (in such crazy-cool colours!) doesn't wear out in the purse over time. The 'S' (or S+) clearly printed on wrappers is a real bonus - w/o this, there's really no way to tell them apart.....see photo for why.
In comparison (my experience), Tampax Compak Super lasts longer (3 to 3.5 hours). However, wrapping isn't crinkle-free, wears out faster (in purse), no way to easily tell which absorbency (nothing printed on wrapper) and comes apart more easily when pulled to click. Despite this, I use both brands regularly for diff. days or needs.

BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod + Rapid Wall Charger- (Bulk Packaging)
BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod + Rapid Wall Charger- (Bulk Packaging)
Offered by OEM Source
Price: CDN$ 32.00
4 used & new from CDN$ 32.00

2.0 out of 5 stars Poor quality power cords/cables sent, Jan. 28 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Because of the damaged USB charging port on my BB Playbook and based on the good reviews here, I ordered these 2 chargers from Fast Retailing. Delivery (no tracking available) took 24 days from Guangzhou, China. Packaging was good.

While both chargers seem like genuine Blackberry products, I'm unsure about the 2 power cables. The ones I've received look nothing like the ones shown (on right in seller's photo). In a comparison to one from DELL™ (N. American but made in China), the width & finish clearly don't match (see photos). One of my cables is also defective - it won’t fit and its protective sheathing is detached at the contact point; a possible fire hazard. Even the fit into the power socket is really tight.

For now, a DELL™ laptop power cable fits the 1 rapid charger rendered useless by the defective cable.

Buyer beware - use these iffy power cables at your own risk. If you do, make sure to test both charger and cords - don't assume they'll work (like I did and only realized it the next day!).

MoKo Amazon Kindle 7th Gen Case - Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Cover Case for Amazon Kindle 2014 ( 7th Generation ), BLACK
MoKo Amazon Kindle 7th Gen Case - Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Cover Case for Amazon Kindle 2014 ( 7th Generation ), BLACK
Offered by BSCstore CA
Price: CDN$ 14.95

25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Cool, sleek, well-built & functional design, Dec 9 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
All the many photos provided by the seller were so helpful and clear.

I chose it* (black) for its slim design and hard material. Most women's purses/bags don't have dedicated separators inside, so, this case's hard cover and magnetic closure really help to keep it in place.

The wake/sleep function works very well. I felt it was priced just right for the good quality (Ex: No idiotic seams or weirdly glued crap guaranteed to fail, etc). Looks cool, is lightweight and delivery was within a week (is probably faster but delay was due to other items in my order). It's clearly designed and built to last unlike many of the other cheaper (or more expensive) options.

[Glad I found this one and searched a bit instead of using Amazon's 'recommended', more expensive leather covers that don't even have a magnetic closure.]

* ETA: The one I bought; Kindle 7 2014 (Slim Shell)" fits Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi

Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi
Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi
Price: CDN$ 79.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Worth it!, Nov. 19 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After using the "Kindle for PC" app on my laptop for a few years, I decided to get a dedicated e-reader.

This one is ready-to-use straight out of the box, very easy to follow menu/ tap settings, etc, and a useful tutorial. Kindle content downloads quickly and easily.

I chose this one (over Paperwhite) only because I don't usually read in low-light conditions. The screen reads fine even in artificial light. Since the interface and operating system for both are exactly the same & this model is 1oz lighter, the $60 surcharge (for Paperwhite) didn't feel worth it. In-store (Staples), I compared them at the same light level (lowest setting on Paperwhite = this model's one and only setting).

Not sure why there's no sign-out of "My account" option but my guess is the content can't be read if so. Also why there's an option to protect it w/ a Device Password and/or add Parental Controls.

To fully charge it, I used my BlackBerry USB power adapter or there's an included USB-only cable. Have yet to buy a case* for it.

I also found some videos on YouTube that were very helpful in helping me decide which model to choose. :)

For this price and as a simple, effective e-reader, it's absolutely worth it.

ETA: * = I've since bought (and love) this case; listed as "Kindle 7 2014 (Slim Shell)": MoKo Amazon Kindle 7th Gen Case - Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Cover Case for Amazon Kindle 2014 ( 7th Generation ), BLACK

Breville Panini Duo BSG520XL
Breville Panini Duo BSG520XL
Price: CDN$ 100.41
10 used & new from CDN$ 90.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars Handy, compact and efficient, Aug. 20 2013
This grill works very well because of the different plates - bottom one's flat with a raised edge, top one's the grill. The non-removable plates seem to heat faster and evenly. Cleanup is fairly quick with damp paper towels (see photos) when the grill is still warm to touch - it also helps that the grill grooves aren't deep (but they do leave good grill marks).

The no switch (for ON/OFF) feature wasn’t an issue at all. A manual cord winder at the bottom of the grill is useful (see photo). For small spaces, the “LOCK” feature also helps store it upright. The “MELT” position allows good open-face melts or reheat pizza slices. The floating hinge is, by far, the best and most important feature – makes this grill so very versatile!
So far, I’ve made paninis, grilled veggies (roasted peppers & thick slices of Portobello mushrooms and smaller slices of Creminis) and even chicken burgers – all turned out delicious. The no-drip design actually works since very little drippings were created. Except for the paninis where I applied a bit of butter to both sides of the bread, for all other stuff, the non-stick surface worked w/ no butter/oil used.

I researched several grills, read reviews and even bought one (the "Beach") only to return it because of flimsy design and quality for the same price. Most importantly, the front handle always remained cool to touch (the sides do get warm). Absolutely worth it!
[Note: Purchased at a Toronto 'futuristic' shop on sale! :D]

Soul Integration
Soul Integration
by Sal Rachele
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 27.49
10 used & new from CDN$ 23.51

5.0 out of 5 stars Soul-full!, July 18 2013
This review is from: Soul Integration (Paperback)
To quote from the book:
........A Course In Miracles says “The last step is taken by God.” That means we can instruct souls on how to create the proper environment for enlightenment to take place, but God has the final say. That is the purpose of this book – to lead souls to the place where God within can take the final step.....

This book is very well-written with a clear intention to help. Sal’s books always evoke a good-hearted, glad to be alive feeling. In my case, there’s always an uncanny sense of timing to reading such info. – it shows up when I’m ready or most need to read it. That said, this book would suit any reader; it doesn’t presume any previous knowledge or required reading, also why it stands alone from his other books. It covers all aspects of soul from original inception, human incarnation, its integration and then, much more beyond it via channeling from The Founders, Leah and The Arcturians - the book flows effortlessly through these chapters (and several sub-chapters/topics):

Chapter 1: The Journey of the Soul
Chapter 2: Soul Mates and Twin Flames
Chapter 3: Soul Fragmentation
Chapter 4: Healing and Restoring the Soul to Wholeness
Chapter 5: The Nature of Enlightenment
Chapter 6: Soul Integration in the World
Appendix-A: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix-B: What Really Happened on December 21, 2012?
Appendix-C: Soul Vibration Level Index

It made me pause, reflect and feel much more than usual books. A lot of commonly rehashed and/or misunderstood concepts are explained with a gentle and grounded approach. Any writing that can bring clarity and still be thought-provoking is worth reading.
This made me laugh (quoted from book):
.........Ascension is a normal, natural process once a soul has reached a certain level of awareness. Ultimately, it is totally unnecessary to offer ascension workshops or techniques. You can liken this to a caterpillar taking a weekend workshop on how to become a butterfly........

Other than Sal’s books (Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 - 2030) and articles, I have no personal knowledge of him and yet, it’s clear that he is a very good channel because of how inspired, grounded and clear I felt after finishing the book. Even though the topic is heavy-duty (ha…ya think?!) the kind, elderly/wise friend-approach made a huge difference. The reader is treated as an equal, a seeker and a co-creator.

These words were inspiring (quoted from book):
........One of the keys to enlightenment is a willingness to face the unknown. The ego always retreats into the comfortable familiarity of the known, but becoming attached to it is, ultimately, a slow death. While real death is an ending of the known, the fear of death stems from attachment to the known. The real reason the ego fears the unknown is that it fears its own demise..........

And to end, what brought peace (quoted from book)::
........Ecstasy and bliss do not happen in the unknowable; they happen when we return from our journey and enter back into the world. We return to the world gladly because we are free of it.....

A lovely book that was absolutely worth it.

[Note: I purchased it as an e-book (Kindle & e-Pub available) from Sal’s own site because I couldn't wait 1-4 weeks for the paperback]

RoomMates RMK1453BCS Dotted Peel and Stick Border (Raspberry)
RoomMates RMK1453BCS Dotted Peel and Stick Border (Raspberry)
Offered by Direct from America
Price: CDN$ 22.87
5 used & new from CDN$ 22.87

5.0 out of 5 stars Works well, Nov. 23 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
To begin, I bought it to use on card stock and not on walls! :D

It makes for a great border to give instant pop when cut in half (for smaller cards) and a fab. background for bigger sized cards. Add some stickers, word art et voila - a beautiful, easy-to-make, handmade card. Keep in mind that the surface is glossy and may need stronger adhesives to stick stuff on top of it. When used this way, total value for money given that it's 15 feet long. Hope this helps.

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