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3 used & new from CDN$ 19.87

5.0 out of 5 stars Flashpoint rare seen great movie with Treat Williams, July 19 2004
This review is from: Flashpoint (VHS Tape)
William Tanner makes a very memorable and enjoyable flick with "Flashpoint". Good premise Treat Williams and Kris play two border portral guards going nowhere (like many in California). They soon uncover a buried dead body and jeep but next to that they find a bundle of cash. It turns out the cash was the loot of a former crook now dead.
Kristofferson's character wants to cash in the money and get the hell out of town but Williams characters wants to investigate why this sap got killed. LOL It's a little far fetch but the last half hour make up for it.
I loved another depiction of the FBI as the oorrupt greedy corporation they are especially with the guy from Robocop playing a crooked agent.
Treat Williams as Ernie Wyatt is terrific signifying a man who is at his wit ends in defending a system that really only helps
the powerful and rich. As a border portal guard, he takes an oath
to protect the innocent and weak like a cop, but Ernie learns
that life and law isn't fair especially with the dead body
he has found in the desert. Does he take the money and run?
Or does he find out what corrupted individuals did this and
do the right thing?
Tremendous performace by Williams.
Could have used more action but "Flashpoint" has good acting and a good soundtrack.

John Q [Import]
John Q [Import]
Offered by importcds__
Price: CDN$ 12.05
7 used & new from CDN$ 3.44

5.0 out of 5 stars The superb :"John Q" with Denzel Washington, July 6 2004
This review is from: John Q [Import] (VHS Tape)
JOHN Q was an amazing , important piece of work by Nick Cassavetes. Wow. Seems both sad and ironic that I watch this during Fourth of July weekend, when we boast again about our Independence from England, yet our country is in a pitiful mess. This is a great performance by Denzel ranking up there with "Training Day", "Glory" and "Philadelphia". A couple of times he goes over the top as John Q, but his acting and emotions make his character believable. John Q is a working man, whose family is just getting by, you can say their poor, as when his wife car becomes repossessed by the bank. His family has medical insurance, where he pays $100 a month or so, although as we learn doesn't mean a damn thing when it REALLY MATTERS. His kid becomes sick and we learn that he has a bad heart. Q's only recourse is to give his kid a heart transplant at the behest of a greedy HMO Chiropractor played James Woods and the greedy , white hospital director Rebecca Payne played Anne Heche. These are some vile characters. Despite the claims that Hope Memorial hospital helps out everyone, in reality they help out the rich with fat checkbooks.
Q learns that PPO former medical plan has changed and that the hospital wont offer any help. So basically he has to watch his son die with the Hospital Director with her million dollar salary and others not giving a damn. Aint that sweet Capitalism and Greed triumphs over Loyalty and Values in America. Q takes matter into his own hands and well the rest is history. Nick Cassavetes through this powerful, great film brings into the focus the Disarray , and Greed in Medical Care in America. Despite the fact that we boast about being the greatest superpower, WE CANT even take care of our people and, sadly it seems that the person in charge don't care. Talk about impact this movie makes it. Sad to say I don't think the situation will change whether a Democrat or Republic will take office. See John Q!!! I bet Michael Moore has as his next movie will supposedly tackle the Health Care Industry. Cassavetes does a great job here I wouldn't be surprised if Moore borrows a lot for that films from this one.
Also look for James Woods as the equally vile rich pathetic
Dr. Raymond Turner. He is the other part of the problem in
this epidemic of greedy HMO's who don't care about the patient.
Ray Liotta coming his pathetic performance in "Hannibal" gives
a somewhat better average performance as the corrupted Chief
Police along with his main kissbutt sidekick LT. Frank Grimes
played by Robert Duvall.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Limited Collector's Edition) [Import]
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Limited Collector's Edition) [Import]
DVD ~ Henry Thomas
Offered by True Blue Vintage
Price: CDN$ 34.95
21 used & new from CDN$ 3.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars E.T. The Cult Classic 20 yrs later, July 6 2004
It took 3 models of E.T. and whole number of great special effects and money to make this film but what it really took was the human element to make this one of the most memorable films in the last 20 years of film-making. Nothing or no one can capture the magic of this film.
Released in 1982 under a great deal of hype and marketing power, E.T. became one of the highest grossing films of all time,giving Steven Spielberg the award of being one of the greatest directors not only in the American cinema but in the whole world, even probably to where E.T. came from.
The movie is similar to other sci-fi alien flicks like THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL,but E.T. has more heart , humor and magic that any other previous sci-fi film.
This movie was shown on TNT this Saturday and probably will show again during the holidays, so you can catch E.T. if you want to relive the magic of being a kid and see this great film.
I had the pleasure of seeing E.T. when it came out (I was about 6 or 8 years old)and watching it again , it still has that same magic it had 18 or 20 years ago.
The movie starts off with the E.T. spaceship landing on a remote forest for some much needed repairs, then suddenly a couple of greedy government agents notice something moving in the forest (E.T.) and go after it.
E.T.'s friends seeing the threat coming,leave behind E.T.,
and so E.T. is entirely helpless and very afraid until he meets a young boy,Elliot (Henry Thomas) who cares for E.T. until his friends come back for him.
This movie resembles the story of a boy and a dog, they share alot of things together and when one hurts , the other one hurts as well.
So while E.T. is secretly hidden in Elliot's room alot of weird things start happening to Elliot he becomes sick and doesn't know.
The reason Elliot is sick is because E.T. is sick as well and they share a bond between each other thats make them feel the same thing.
Elliot's mother , Mary (Dee Wallace Stone who appeared in the cult classics the Howling, and the Stepford Wives) finds out what is going on ,but by the time she figures that out, the government agents come in and steal E.T. along with Elliot.
In what is the most saddest moment in the movie, we assume E.T. has died and I bet everyone in the movie theater was crying too,but E.T. comes back to life with his universal saying "E.T. phone home?". :-)
In the end, E.T. does phone home and tells Elliot that he will be with him "Ill be right here" as he points to his heart.
That is classic movie making folks.
See this movie to relive the magic and if you can get it on DVD with extra footage and behind the scenes specials, get it!! By all means but if you cant , get the VHS version.!!!!!

Y Tu Mama Tambien [Import]
Y Tu Mama Tambien [Import]
3 used & new from CDN$ 25.11

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2.0 out of 5 stars Y Tu Mama Tambien some ok moments but overall not good, July 6 2004
Y u mama tambien is a shambled mess by director alfonoso cuaron who is now at the helm of directing the next potter film. perhaps he'll make up for the failures of his past movies in that movie but not this one.
Essentially the movie is billed as a "coming of age" film, but anyone who is really honest will tell you, none of the characters really grow up, in fact most of the time, these characters unable to see their own bad behavior, fail to grow up at all.
I've seen movies like this before like in "american pie" and "porky's" and this is basically the latin version of those type of dumb adolescent movies.
I did find myself laughing in a couple of scenes however it's the laughing sense where your actually laughing at the characters and how dumb they are in getting themselves into certain situations.
Take the characters of tenoch (diego luna) and julio (gael garcia bernal), boys from the barrio who proceed to hit on a somewhat naive and weak older woman named luisa while her husband is away on business.
Luisa knows that these pathetic boys (they have no jobs and both of them basically live of the wealth of their parents), just want to sleep with her and keep using the most pathetic lines possible to "score" with her.
It's pathetic, but that kinda describes the whole movie. yeah it seems like it's a nice movie filled with some interesting locales of Mexico and a good blend of the culture but not really especially as presented through the eyes of these two losers.
Take a couple of scenes in the movie that kinda sum that up :
Tenocho farts in the car with julio beside him, he lays an ugly one and is reprimanded by Julio. Two minutes later Julio farts (the same guy supposedly who had manners) and laughs hysterically.
The two boys then laugh together as kind of like "hahaha we pretend to like the rules, but we break them like it's a joke".
That kinda seems to be attutide of the two. Luisa is just a "fresh piece of meat" that happens to be the target of these salivating lowlifes. lol
Even sadder is that Luisa succumbs to the advances of these two, however it's not due because of their charming personalities.. Hell no. It's actually due to the fact that Luisa catches wind of the fact that her husband has been having an affair with another woman.
Seeing her husband's infidelity face first, Luisa then like many women in that of position irrationally basically sleeps with both boys during separate instances.. LOL Even more hilarious is the case when these two fight over Luisa as if they sort of own her. Lol It seems that they are oblivious to the fact that they have basically had a couple of one night stands with a vulnerable woman who only wanted to strike back at her husband
Oh yeah I forgot to mention the couple of cheap lies that the boys use to entice Luisa to being with them is that their on a journey to "Heaven's Mouth" , a special beach in Spain presumably. lol
However this turns out to be one of the silly twists in the film does it really exist or not? I didn't particular care by the end

The Time Machine (Widescreen)
The Time Machine (Widescreen)
DVD ~ Rod Taylor
Offered by 5A/30 Entertainment
Price: CDN$ 49.78
16 used & new from CDN$ 6.98

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Time Machine still a timeless classic, July 5 2004
Rod Taylor, Alan Young, and Yvette Mimieux star in George Pal's "The Time Machine", a great sci fi movie based on the novel by H.G. Wells.
Taylor plays George an inventor in the late 18th century (1899 to be exact) who makes a machine that can go back in time.
At first his colleagues are skeptical, but when they see George's small model machine that goes back in time, they start to believe him.
George's best friend, and supporter is David played by Alan Young.
George takes the machine back, because he is sick of the present time, with war being brought on.
He travels to the early and middle 1900's and to his shock , George finds out that Man's future lies in war (which is pretty accurate even up to today's time).
He sees how WWI and WWII started, and even sees when his house is destroyed by an enemy plane!
George then travels far into the future, the year 802701, to see if mankind has any hope of living in peace.
At first, he sees a great paradise with many people (mostly children) play about in solitude. But when one lady named Weena, starts to drown, he sees that no one seems to care. He rescues her, and after talking to the other youths, he learns that they learned nothing from their ancient ancestors.
The books they have are old and buried.
They have lived the good the life, based on the sacrifices from mankind, and they don't appreciate it (which is another accurate telling of today's times).
He learns that Weena is part of the Eloi society which is under the slavery of the Morlocks, a cannibalistic race.
The Morlocks give everything, food and clothing to the Eloi , in exchange for the slavery and their bodies as food.
The movie was directed by sci fi whiz George Pal who won an impressive 7 oscars and awards for his movies.
He is the Steven Spielberg when it comes to sci fi movies.
What's astonishing about the film is the special effects that were made without computer help (which in most movies make the movie look more fake than real).
The way the special effects people made flowers bloom, candles burn while the Time Machine went in time, is very special to see.
It's a great site, from a special effects view, how these people managed to do these effects, with the limited resources they had.
He directed "War of the Worlds" and "Destination Moon" which won numerous awards. DVD comes with a number of great features:
A behind the scenes documentary with Rod Taylor. A great documentary where he shows how George Pal designed the machine. Taylor even shows us storyboards which haven't been seen in 30 yrs.
Even the DVD main menu with Taylor on the cover and the Murlocks in the background, give the DVD a great sci fi look!!

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle [Import]
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle [Import]
7 used & new from CDN$ 11.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World!!!, July 5 2004
"The hand that rocks the cradle" from 1992 and by Hollywood pictures was a great movie. i remembered it did create a buzz when it came out. the performances were good, but what really got it attention was this vile and almost mesmerizing character of peyton flanders (rebecca mornay). an over the edge psycho who wants to get revenge on one family because of a miscarriage she suffered over the fact that her husband , dr. mott (john de lancie) has been found guilty of sexually foundling his own patients.
Of course dr. mott has dr. mott has had a long history of doing this and his wife knows about it. however his dark secret is exposed by claire bartel (annabella sciorra) who while pregnant gets some unwanted sexually advances by the good old dr.
Bartel then is pointed as the first woman to come out as one of the dr. victim's and this causes a domino effect where other victims come of the closet to talk about the dr. the dr's games are over , however he can't deal with the fact that he has been exposed and going to prison, so he commits suicide (via a gunshot).
Peyton (mornay) loses their baby in the process and when she finds out miss bartel was the first victim to speak out she does what any typical psycho would do, she targets her for her revenge. the expression "hell on wheels" definitely applies here. Peyton's character is quite a sight for sore eyes, i haven't seen a psychotic character like this since glenn close's alex character in fatal attraction.
However, peyton doesn't launch an obvious assault on claire. no she's schemes to get into the family and then killing clare by posing as a nanny for hire in the family.
She then sets up the situation to get hired by making it look like the baby of the Bartel's is choking and thus saving her life. Pathetic. However the Bartels, Clare and Michael (Matt Mccoy) laughingly fall for the lies of Peyton despite the fact that she isn't whom she claims to be but then again the Bartel family is such a naive family that they are easily pluckings for Peyton's revenge.
For instance, Peyton is hired to be the "nanny" even though, she admits she wasn't sent by a nanny agency , she doesn't have clear cut references, and Marlena Craven (Clare's friend) doesn't like her one bit.
That about sums the movie itself in a way. It seems several characters are either too dumb or too naive to see what's going and this in turn leads to the disastrous things that happen at the hands of Peyton.
For example it seems that Clare has a sort of asthma problem and she must take her pills. Well one day, Michael (Matt Mccoy) must turn in an important proposal to his company. Clare volunteers to do it, but when her back is turned, Peyton hides the proposal thus ensuring some problems in the marriage of the Bartels. The stress caused on Clare causes her to have several asthma attacks yet she doesn't see that Peyton is responsible despite the warnings from Marlena or the obvious advances Peyton is making toward Michael. Yes that's right Peyton ever the home-wrecker tries to make sexual advances toward this gullible guy to break up the family.
Add further insult the other person who doesn't believe Peyton's nanny character is who she claims is Solomon (Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters and Oz). Solomon is a black man who is mentally challenged, yet despite this Solomon has the intelligence to realize Peyton is a psycho. However, Peyton before Solomon has a chance to discuss his suspicions of her, gets rid of Solomon, thus leaving the Bartel family once again an easy target for her.
LOL I made it sound like a soap opera. But all kidding aside "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" is a very intense psychological thriller. Probably the best that came after Fatal Attraction and was then followed by another thriller about a psycho woman in "Single White Female" with Bridget Fonda.

Beyond The Mat
Beyond The Mat
2 used & new from CDN$ 9.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Beyond the Mat the movie McMahon doesnt want you to see!!!, July 5 2004
This review is from: Beyond The Mat (VHS Tape)
If you always wanted a peek inside the real world of wrestling, then this movie is for you. It focuses on three Hall of Fame Wrestlers (in my book) Mick Foley, Terry Funk and Jake The Snake. It also shows scenes of up and coming wrestlers like the people's champ "The Rock".
This movie is one of the best documentaries on wrestling next to
"Brett Hart: Wrestling with Shadows" and the biography on Owen Hart both available through A&E home video.
The movie shows what sacrifices and punishment these guys go through to put a show for us wrestling fans. We see Mick Foley get hit hard with a chair from the Rock when he was a bad guy while his kids and wife look on. His wife is in tears as she sees her husband take a beating.
Anyone who says that wrestling is fake, should try out for the WWF and see how fake it really is. After only a couple of minutes getting backdropped, slammed and hit with a chair by these guys , I am sure you'll see it's not fake,as Hulk Hogan says "its choreographed."
The biggest controversy of the movie is when Vince McMahon, corporate mogul and CEO of the WWF, decided to have this movie pulled off during commercials of the WWF and to ultimately turn his back on the whole project. Thereby making this film an Independent Film since it would no longer receive any help from the WWF.
Nevertheless, Vince, makes several cameos in this movie, trying not to look like the greedy pig he really is.
The timing of this movie is ironic, only a couple of months before this movie came out,Brett Hart would get screwed in his final match in Canada with Shawn Michaels, then in late May his brother Owen would die in a freak accident where he would fall to his death in front of a capacity crowd in a WWF pay per view event (that footage was edited out of the event).
Recently (November 2000), the Hart family made a settlement with the WWF for a whopping $18 million dollars for the lawsuit the Hart's filed against the WWF. The Hart's say they will use some of the money for charity. I can just see the smile on Vince McMahon's face go down right now :-) . Now On to the review.
The film is excellent and is a must see for all you WWF fans. It is already out on DVD with extra footage not seen in theaters. EBAY currently has several auctions for it starting at $10-20.
A bargain for a really emotional,entertaining film.
The Director, Barry Blaustein, who did some of the writing for the Nutty Professor, has shown here that he can do drama as well as comedy.
If you're kid is foolish enough of thinking of getting into wrestling, you might want to show him this film, it will definitely change their mind.
Which is the other theme of this movie, Wrestling is definitely something that is done by professionals.
The "extra footage" while great is not necessarily important
as it contains inteviews with "Chyna" and "Tommy Dreamer"
back when Dreamer was in ECW and "Chyna" was just about to
have boob implants and jaw surgery to make her rugged
image more sexy.
Pay attention also to the former employees illegaly fired Vince
such as Koko B. Ware and the Great Samoan. They were two
favorites fired illegally by McMahon.

Martin [Import]
Martin [Import]

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3.0 out of 5 stars Martin by George Romero, July 5 2004
This review is from: Martin [Import] (VHS Tape)
The movie stars John Amplas and even has a special appearence
by Legend Makeup effects man Tom Savini (Dawn of Dead, Night Of the Living Dead to name a few). The movie also has an appearance by George Romero himself as Father Howard.
Amplas has been in alot of Romero's movies but Martin is the
only movie where he is the star and it's by far his best acting
and by far his best role.
Ive always like George Romero's movies, their full of action, great camera angles, eerie music, and some gore too, the biggest complaint though and this is BIG!! is that George always find a way to screw up his movies. He always likes to kill of several main characters in his movies, just when we are starting to understand or like them.
From Night of The Living Dead to Day of the Dead , George always winds up killing our favorite characters,Barbara, Roger the policeman/swat in Dawn, Captain Rhodes in Day of the Dead etc.
Martin is no exception, I was visually entertained through out the whole film, the great camera shots, the dreamlike scenes in
which Martin is with that girl he bites and the housewife he
meets in his little world.
Oh yes , I forgot to mention Martin is a wannabee vampire who doesnt have fangs but has a strong fetish for blood, he is one sick puppy. But taken his surroudings it's a little understandable. He has some human elements to him but most of the film deals with his addictiveness toward human blood and woman. His Grandfather suspects he is a vampire like Nosferatu and constantly watches Martin.
Martin has some 70's nostalgia to it like the music.
When I saw the cheap ending where Martin's Grandfather killed him,though, I said "Oh no" George did it again, he put a bad ending to a good film.
However to his defense, I know George kills off his characters on purpose, though you would think he would kill of the annoying characters and not the good ones.
My advice to anyone seeing this movie is expect more of the
same in his other movies, great from the beginning and middle
but kinda lets you down in the end.
A good film from a great ,yet stubborn director.

Landlord [Import]
Landlord [Import]

5.0 out of 5 stars The Landlord a cult classic, June 30 2004
This review is from: Landlord [Import] (VHS Tape)
Beau Bridges is the son of a wealthy but racist white mom, who falls in love with a black woman named Fanny and who ends up actually having a baby with her!!!
Elgar's mother, Mrs. Enders is the owner of a building in
which several black people live in. Mrs. Enders cares nothing about the people except that they pay her on time with rent.
Elgar, on the other hand, is a sensitive and open minded
guy who gets along with everyone in the building with the
exception of a black racist professor named Professor Duboise (Melvin Stewart). Every encounter these two have, results in either Duboise mocking the white society, or
Duboise, try to show Elgar how superior black people are
to white people. When it was it released it probably got alot of controversy because interracial romances was something that just wasn't shown on screen. Making things more complicated is the fact, that black men and women still didn't have the rights that white people in the time. It's a great example of great cinema directing, in one scene, Elgar Enders (Beau) has just made love to
Fanny, then the girls leans over and tells him that she
loves her boyfriend Copee (played by Louis Gosset Jr in
one of his first movie appearences). The scene then cutaways to Elgar running to talk to another girl for advice while Fanny is telling Elgar this. Copee is a black, jealous and violent boyfriend of Fanny. When he learns that Fanny is pregnant and he is not the father, he goes berserk, beating Fanny into telling him who the father is.
Once Copee, learns who it is, he grabs an axe and goes
after Elgar!!!! I loved the film because it breaks several stereotypes:
*It shows that color doesn't matter when we are talking about love, it's all about the feelings a man and woman feel for each other that is important.
*Elgar represents a group of conscious men who don't see Blacks and other minorities as inferior. In fact, throughout the film, Elgar is actually happier with his black friends than with his own mother.
*There are several messages about the dysfunctional family.
Elgar's mother (Lee Grant) is a rich white woman who has everything, yet she is a cold, miserable woman.
It was interesting to see Louis Gossett Jr. (Copee) as a crazy , jealous boyfriend . He usually plays good guy roles, but in this role, he nails his part by playing a guy who
has completely lost it.
The movie was directed by Hal Ashby, a man who has directed
several important cult films of our time including:
*Being There (1979 film with Peter Sellers ) *Shampoo (Great 1975 film with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie)
* Coming Home (A good 1978 film with Jane Fonda)
This is a very good movie, hard to find on video, but I highly recommend it.

Lee, Bruce - Return of the Dragon [Import]
Lee, Bruce - Return of the Dragon [Import]
6 used & new from CDN$ 14.24

5.0 out of 5 stars The Classic Return of the Dragon with Bruce Lee, June 30 2004
Bruce Lee wrote, directed and stars in this masterpiece.. The original title was Way of the Dragon, but after the tremendous success of Enter The Dragon (1973), the title was renamed "Return of the Dragon." Lee is a country boy going to Italy help a family friend whose Chinese restaurant is being bullied by local gangsters.
The movie is nothing short of brilliant and it has several themes to it, and yes I'll explain everyone of them.
Bruce Lee in all his films managed to maintain a family element in his films. He is either fighting alongside family members against crooked politicians or Chinese gangs. In short, he comes to his family's defense when they need him.
Also unlike most Hollywood directors who use people for a film and throw them away, Lee always wanted to include his friends in his films (Chuck Norris, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Nora Miao and others).
The costar of this film, Nora Miao was in The Chinese Connection and Fists of Fury. She is a pretty decent actress in those films.
So Bruce comes in to help his family from these thugs threating their humble establishment and he beats the hell out of them. LOL
I remember the first time as a kid I saw Bruce Lee's movie in the U.S. not only were they good ,but soon after many Asian stars (Jet Li, Chow Yung Fat, Jackie Chan) saw there was a market for martial arts action and gave their best efforts to live up to the same high quality Bruce Lee had in his movies.
On top of that, the whole Martial Arts movement have inspired many people to take self defense karate courses and martial arts training. A kick can do much more damage than a fist sometimes.
Anyhow, soon the head crime boss (Robert Wall who is the godfather of Freddie Prince Jr.) enlist the help of a famous US martial artist named Colt (Chuck Norris) to eliminate Bruce.
The action scenes are incredible. To see Bruce go into his routine and execute his moves to perfection is inspiring.
Especially the fight with Chuck Norris, before fights him he goes into a mind boggling array of stretch exercises that were soon copied by bogus Bruce Lee imitators including Chuck Norris.
Without giving too much away, the film is jam-packed with flying fists, kicks and humor.
In one scene for example, an Italian thug tries to use Bruce Lee's nunchucks against him and ends up hurting himself!!!
The movie is a great buy for any action fan, and if you're a Bruce Lee fan, you should have this in you're collection.
More info about the movie:
On, the movie has gotten great feedback from it's viewers, including Leonard Maltin.
Chuck Norris was a student of Bruce Lee's martial arts school along with James Coburn, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and others.
Raymond Chow produced this film but it was Lee who wrote ,directed and starred in it.
Raymond Chow has executively produced other great martial arts films like "Police Story" by Jackie Chan and the Bruce Lee movies "Fists of Fury" , "Chinese Connection" and "Enter the Dragon."

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