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Mandi (Oregon)

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Finding Nemo - Game Boy Advance
Finding Nemo - Game Boy Advance
20 used & new from CDN$ 1.99

2.0 out of 5 stars An utter disappointment for an adult..., June 25 2004
The ONLY reason I gave this game 2 stars is because I imagine if I were 15 years younger I would have enjoyed least slightly. The graphics are your basic GBA graphics, as well as the sound....but ZERO difficulty or challenge for a gamer of the adult kind. Literally, I bought this game one afternoon, played it for about 20 minutes at work, got home from work and had it beat before dinner. It goes along the story line of the movie, and in between challenges you hear the movie retold on narrative screens. You can't go back and replay any of the levels-not that there's any need to since you can't really beat them w/o finding everything to begin with. I guess the dumbest part was collecting star rings to be given multiple chances at a matching game in between each level, but the matching games hold no relevance or benefits to the game whatsoever...
I was just very disappointed-I traded it off for another game the very next day.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
Offered by Entemeca
Price: CDN$ 9.19
6 used & new from CDN$ 8.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars i really wanted to give it five stars, but..., Dec 29 2003
it could just be so much better!
-the scenarios are very original and varying, and you can choose which ones you want to do in the order that you please
-the tasks are clear and precise, but sometimes too much alike
-easily operable w/the toolbar at the top
-many shops, stalls, scenery and theming to choose from, as well as oodles of rides
-i'm not sure if this is a praise, but the game is very addicting. i'm always so anxious to finish my park so i can open it and see what the people think
-the Six Flags scenarios are great. i grew up at Six Flags over Texas, and the rides were right on, but I was disappointed to see they took the bobsled out. when it didn't show up in the scenario on the game i found out it wasn't even in the park anymore. bummer. :(
-i don't have a problem w/the graphics, because i'm not really into realistic graphics anyway, but i get terribly frustrated with the viewing tools. for example-when building a roller coaster under uneven ground (Rainbow Summit) it is almost impossible to tell how far a track is from its destination, w/o changing views. and it wouldn't be so bad changing views if you didn't have other stuff (previous rides) in the way obstructing it
-the rides break down too much
-it would be nice if i could keep commands active (hide scenery) until deactivated-it's annoying trying to put in 20 bathrooms or whatnot and having to hide the scenery every single time you click on the add attractions button
-i also wish the people could be a little more original and free willed, it gets boring listening to the same complaints/comments, i'm actually starting to utilize the cheat names i dig up on the net just for a change of amusement
-hiring and assigning staff is a major chore, as well as redundantly putting in benches, trash cans, bathrooms and info kiosks-these are all basically required in any park, right? feature i would die for would be an automatic assignment key that would put a certain number of benches and trash cans and such to paths; bathrooms/kiosks to blocks; and automatically assign your staff to areas. i know this takes away from the purpose of the game, but seriously, it gets to repetitive and mind-numbing, is it entirely necessary for it to be so manual!? a feature like this would give me more time (and desire) to make my park pretty by using the themes and scenery, which i really like to do the most
-maybe i'm mistaken but i though on RCT1 you could raise land w/o it going flat, and you could build paths through uneven land w/o having to level it up or down. did they take that feature out? if not, it would certainly be a pleasant addition
i guess i play this game to suppress my desires to go to a real theme park (my local isn't open year round), i want the game to be more realistic. when it lacks details like guests walking together (i mean, who goes to an amusement park alone, come on!) or game booths, or snow in Alpine Adventures instead of rain, etc...i get a little frustrated. but i'm a simple person w/a simple mind and i enjoy simple games like this one. it well deserves its four stars.

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