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American Sniper [Import]
American Sniper [Import]
Price: CDN$ 27.60
22 used & new from CDN$ 11.83

4.0 out of 5 stars Eastwood captures the struggles of real vets., Jan. 4 2016
This review is from: American Sniper [Import] (DVD)
American Sniper(released Nov/14)stars,among others,Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller.This story,based on true events of Navy Seal Chris Kyle,is a riveting one from beginning to end.Director Eastwood directs with a deft hand and gives us one of Cooper's best performances to date.
The story involves one Chris Kyle as we first see him in Iraq as a sniper about to fire his first in-combat shot,at a child given a grenade by his mother.The film then gives us the back story of his life and the events that led him to that place and time.Once we're back we see him shoot that child and then the mother who picks up the grenade and attempts to throw it at a group of Marines,until she too is felled by Kyle's second shot.His reaction to it all speaks volumes,as a testament to his job,others like him and to the man himself.
Kyle ends up doing four tours in Iraq and builds up quite the reputation.Many call him "legend"(160+ kills,an all time high for a sniper),and many others still, admire his loyalty,tenacity,guts and patriotism.When he finally takes down a fellow enemy sniper who has claimed countless Marine lives,he heads back home for good.Stateside is an equally difficult time for Kyle,who has to regain who and what he was.As therapy he works with countless ex vets to ease their own transitions back to some kind of "normalcy``.The film comes to an end as Kyle,after all he has been through,is killed by an ex vet he is trying to help at a rifle range.During the final credits we see actual film of his funeral and pictures of the real Kyle and his wife.
The picture over all is a moving testament to Kyle,the man, and all who serve,are still serving and those who have come back broken in limb and/or spirit.
Cooper is bang on with his portrayal of Kyle as are all his supporting actors.Miller`s angst in regards to Kyle`s service and attitude ring very true.All vets past and present can relate.It explains,in part, the divorce,suicide,drinking and abuse rates among vets.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and is clear and crisp.There are two discs here and the second one contains all the special features which include two features on the film.
All in all a touching portrayal of a real American hero and his journey to the front line and back home, to regain who he really is.Eastwood handles the film with a deft touch and captures the real life emotions of vets in general.4-4 1/2 stars.

NEW 28 Weeks Later/28 Days Later (DVD)
NEW 28 Weeks Later/28 Days Later (DVD)
Offered by LoganMedia416
Price: CDN$ 13.99
8 used & new from CDN$ 13.99

3.0 out of 5 stars So so ``Z```fare, Oct. 3 2015
This two DVD box set contains 28 Days Later(released Nov/02) and 28 Weeks Later(released April/07).Both films are set in England and show what it might be like if a viral plague got a hold of a huge population.
28 Days Later stars,among others,Cillian Murphy,Naomie Harris and Brendan Gleeson.The story finds a group of activists gaining access to a laboratory doing experiments on animals.They start to release them,despite the warnings of a lab worker,with fatal results.Once bitten they take the virus outside and it spreads nationally.The film then,28 days later,zeroes in on a man who wakes up in an operating room by himself.The last thing he recalls is being hit by a car(he was a bicycle courier).He cannot find anyone alive inside and going outside results in his being chased by other infected.He is eventually rescued by a woman and a man.The latter gets attacked and has to be killed by the woman.The two find refuge in an apartment occupied by a young girl and her dad.They formulate a plan to drive north to a sanctuary area n/w of Manchester.They arrive at a walled area but no one at first appears to be around.The father accidentally gets infected blood in his eye from a body hanging upside down above,turns and has to be killed.In due course a group of rag tag army types show up and take them to a large mansion where they are hold up.Things soon degenerate as the courier is marched off to be shot and the woman and young girl are to become sex slaves for the soldiers.The courier escapes and goes back and slowly but surely manages to eliminate most of the soldiers,but not without getting shot.The film ends as he is recovering in a remote cottage,with the woman and girl.When a jet flies over the group unfurls a banner on the ground and a rescue helicopter is sent for.
The film starts off well enough and moves along well until they come in contact with the soldiers.The story then becomes a bit helter skelter/all over the map.It slows the pace and the courier`s transformation from a milquetoast leaf tossed in the wind to a major physical threat loses its impact and/or credibility.3 stars.
28 Weeks Later stars,among others,Robert Carlyle,Rose Byrne and Jeremy Renner.The story here has a group of survivors in a house in the country,one is a husband and wife.When the house is attacked her hubby panics and abandons his wife.The last she sees of her is her disappearing from an upper floor bedroom window.He runs down to a boat in the river and barely manages to escape.28 weeks later and the virus is apparently gone.Britain is totally decimated population wise,and is under the strict control of the US armed forces.Some Brits who managed to get away during the first outbreak are now arriving back home,and we follow a young girl and her brother as they arrive back and get reunited with their father.The father is none other than the same man who panicked and left his wife to die.After getting settled, the two kids one day go into a restricted zone and grab a motorcycle to ride.They arrive back at their original home and start to collect their things.However, who should also be there but the children's mother,in hiding! Just at this juncture the army arrives and enters the house,taking the mother back with them.It seems through testing that the mother has been infected but is just a carrier.She has the key to a potential cure and it is recommended she be kept alive to harvest one.While the army brass discuss the pros and cons the kids dad sneaks into the holding room to reunite with his presumed-dead wife.They kiss but he becomes infected.He kills her and runs wild killing others in the building.Panic sets in and the army goes into lockdown mode.Fleeing citizens in the building who venture outside are shot by rooftop snipers on sight.In the panic the brother and sister become temporarily parted but are eventually reunited in a locked in room.However when their dad arrives at one door and manages to enter he attacks one person after another who become infected and the virus spreads rapidly.This group too gets shot at as they leave the building but one sniper sees the young boy and cannot shoot him.The boy and his sister seek refuge in a nearby grocery store with others.The sniper soon arrives and volunteers to lead a small group to safety.Along the way one of his military buddies in a helicopter informs him that the area they are now in will soon be fire bombed and that he must make it to a park where he can land and rescue him.After some close calls the group makes it to the landing zone, but the infected are hot on their trail.In fact the pilot cannot take anyone but the solider.The latter refuses and agrees to hook up at another point.The group reenters the zone,post fire bombing and come upon a deserted van.They hop inside just as a group of military personnel come up burning the many dead bodies that litter the street.The soldier gets out to push from behind as the van won't start on its own.The van will soon start, but the soldier will be burned to death by his own people.The children and another adult escape to a subway where the children's father arrives to kill the adult and bite his son.The boy's sister ends up shooting her dad.It seems the virus reacted the same way with the boy as with his mother;he is a carrier.The two manage to make it to the helicopter and he takes them across the Channel.The film ends as we come upon the crashed helicopter and a group of infected emerging out of a subway tunnel and onto the streets of Paris.
This film is the weakest of the two.While the story is compelling enough to start, it soon degenerates.After the children's father gets infected he is popping up everywhere throughout the rest of the story.Not only does he continue to infect and kill throughout,even one of the few if any that escape the fire bombing unscathed(!),but he manages to follow his kids around like a lost dog.He knows when they leave and he miraculously knows when they return.It stretches ones disbelief to the breaking point.2 1/2 stars.
Both films are in their original w/s a/r's of 1:85:1 and are clear and crisp.Each are in their own snap case.Both have quite the extras included.28 Days includes deleted scenes,3 alternate endings,commentary,featurettes and more.28 Weeks includes commentary,deleted scenes and several featurettes..
28 Days was on the leading edge of the Z wave that hit Hollywood in the 2000s.Pegg`s Shaun of the Dead took alot from this film.However when it is all boiled down,while the first one is the best,both are just average/below average Z fare.There have been alot better,but then again there has been alot worse.

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