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Dave Clark Five & Beyond: Glad All Over [Import]
Dave Clark Five & Beyond: Glad All Over [Import]
Price: CDN$ 26.38
23 used & new from CDN$ 20.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Mr.Clark shoots for a braoder audience to set the record straight!, May 21 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It has been long over due,but I am glad(all over) that this DVD has finally appeared.History and especially musical history, tends to morph,twist and get re-written in the most fascinating of ways.The British Invasion,and specifically The DC5's place in it,has been so marginalized, they have been almost(and in some quarters) completely forgotten.
Mr.Clark has finally produced this wonderful two disc set and tries to set the record straight.On the first disc we have an approximately two hour documentary,originally shown on PBS in the States,laying out exactly what the group accomplished,highlighted with some wonderful footage from vintage TV shows of the 60s,showing what the group did best....playing.The screams of the fans and the sheer numbers show just what a drawing card this group was in their heyday.While taking us step by step from the beginning of their career through to their eventual break up(strictly voluntary),it is augmented with interviews by the likes of Paul McCartney,Elton John,Sharon Osbourne,Gene Simmons(in full Kiss makeup),Bruce Springsteen and many,many more.We learn,among other things, that Mr.Clark not only personally steered the group (he was very image conscious) but produced them,managed them and obtained a personal plane for them to travel the world in.He also owned their publishing rights and asked for four times the going rate for their music in the beginning,got it and in three years the song masters came back to him.It is amusing to hear folks like McCartney and John say they regret not having done what Dave did,because it would have saved them alot of money in lawsuits,which didn't always yield them satisfactory results.
While some of the material covered might be old hat to the average fan,there are alot of new things that Mr.Clark sheds light on that I was not even aware of.And the videos that you see alone are worth watching it for.They sure brought alot of memories back to me.But as my title says I believe Mr.Clark is trying to cater not only to the old fans,but find a new audience who may not have heard of the group before,or know very little.What better way to get tremendous exposure and reach a new audience,than to have your documentary seen on PBS? Mr.Clark's business savvy comes to the fore once more folks!
The second disc on this set contains many impressive extras,which includes,outtakes,alternate DC5 performances,interviews with participants of the Hold On special,footage from that,the Hits in Action short,their Royal Performance set(singing 19 Days and Georgia-they could REALLY play live and fantastically well!),and a special section on Mr Clarks smash London play success TIME,with interviews with many of the artists involved in the recording of its soundtrack such as Dionne Warwick,Cliff Richards,Stevie Wonder,Julian Lennon,Freddie Mercury,etc,its premier night and an interview with Sir Lawrence Olivier(it played to over a million folks and sold over 12 million records!).
I hope three things come out of this DVD release A)Musical history is rewritten to reflect the way it really was and the DC5s proper place restored B)We get a new CD release.Not a another greatest hits,but either a release of ALL the groups material,or at least a CD with songs that have not been released up until this point in time.As you listen to the documentary you hear some of the groups instrumental-only songs playing in the background.I thought gosh,I'd settle for just an instrumental album.And C)A book.This DVD proves that there is SO much unwritten and not said/known about the group.A well written book about the group is something that is long overdue and this DVD just screams that point.
In conclusion,this two DVD set is as welcome as pay day.The DC5 have always represented the best of what 60s music had to offer.They were a clean cut,drug free, straight ahead group with a different sound than anyone else's.It is probably what got them sidelined in the history books(they didn't fit the sex,drugs,and rock and roll profile),but it is what got them into my heart(and countless others) where they have stayed ever since.Mr.Clark I salute you and the guys for the countless hours of pure joy and excitement you gave(and still give) this old fan of yours.You are gone but not forgotten by any stretch.Let's hope you can gain some NEW fans with this DVD set.

French Connection 1 / French Connection 2
French Connection 1 / French Connection 2
Price: CDN$ 8.98
4 used & new from CDN$ 7.20

3.0 out of 5 stars "Have you ever picked your feet in Poughkeepsie?", Aug. 15 2013
This two disc set by MGM packs both French Connection(released Oct/71) and French Connection Two(released May/75) into one set.MGM has released alot of these two and four pack movies in this same style of holder,without giving us the specs of the movies we're watching(see below).This is just plain sloppy and cheap packaging,and puts off those with even a modicum of savvy from buying them;never a good PR strategy.This set is a good buy considering what you get,though.The first film of course is the one you want to have,with FC2 coming in a sorry second.
The French Connection stars,among others,Gene Hackman,Fernando Rey,Roy Scheider,Tony Lo Bianco and Marcel Bozzuffi.The film,directed by William(the Exorcist)Friedkin,finds Hackman as Popeye Doyle,with Scheider as his sidekick,both New York city detectives.The scenario bounces back and forth between Marseilles,France and New York City.In France a drug lord is preparing to ship a huge amount of heroine to New York.In the big apple,stake outs and take downs have revealed that the criminal element there are preparing to receive the shipment.In particular,a couple with a record who run a luncheonette but have far more expensive tastes,are the two Doyle and his partner lean towards receiving it.The Frenchman arrives in New York with his Lincoln Continental in tow.Doyle and his partner,with the help of other cops,tail the Frenchman,whom he calls Frog#1.In the beginning Doyle and his cohorts manage to keep a safe distance but when Doyle plays musical subways with the Frenchman and loses,he knows,they know about the tails and who the tail-er is.Soon after an assassination attempt is made on Doyle,but fails.Doyle tries to apprehend the shooter and a long chase ensues,with Doyle in a car following the EL the man is in.The chase ends when the EL reaches the end of the line and Doyle shoots the man dead on the stairs of the subway entrance.
After this Doyle and company find the Frenchman's Lincoln parked on a street and stake it out.They catch a car full of people,but it turns out they were just car thieves.They impound the car and tear it apart looking for drugs.They find nothing.Scheider asks the weight of the car when it was first brought in.It seems the car is slightly overweight,even in pieces.So they look again and finally find the drugs in the rocker panels.They put the car back together and the guy who drove it originally,and reported it stolen,comes to retrieve it.He takes the car and drives it to Wards Island where the transaction of drugs takes place.The place is suddenly surrounded and a shoot out occurs.The Frenchman runs into an abandoned building where the film ends,as Doyle enters a room out of camera range and fires a shot,presumably killing the Frenchman.
The film doesn't quite have the same punch as it did back in the early 70s,and in fact has a kind of stop and go feel to it.The tough and politically incorrect language will have some newer viewers blanching.However the big thing here is the famous car chase.Not since Harold Lloyd took the ride of his life on a careening horse drawn street car through New York's streets under the EL tracks,has there been such a nail biting chase.More than once Hackman comes close to piling up his ride,but somehow manages to squeak through and get the bad guy.This film is in its original w/s a/r of 1:85:1.It is clear enough,but it certainly needs a new print struck and/or remastering,as it gets quite grainy in spots.There is commentary by the director and Hackman and the trailer.3 1/2-4 stars.
The French Connection Two stars,among others,Gene Hackman and Fernando Rey.The scene is set in Marseilles,where Hackman has been sent to get the Frenchman.It seems he got away in the first one.Doyle and the police force don't quite see eye to eye and tensions mount between the two.Hackman languishes for the longest time,wanting leads which the police won't give him.At one point Hackman is coincidentally spotted by the Frenchman.Hackman is captured and for several weeks is forced to take heroin.When the Frenchman realizes Hackman has nothing on him he lets him go.Back with the police he is dried out,which again takes much time.Finally back on his feet Hackman returns to the hotel he was taken to and burns it down.Next he and the police make a raid on the Frenmchman's hide out but he gets away.A long foot chase ensues as Hackman tries to catch up to his yacht which he is attempting to escape on.He finally is able to get close enough to get a bead on the Frenchman and shoots him dead.Fade to black.
The ending is the real killer here.After all of what we witnessed,the film suddenly cuts to black as the Frenchman unceremoniously falls over dead on his yacht.Another detriment to this film is Hackman's capture and nightmare time on heroin.It is a long and grueling watch and gets quite movie did well at the box office but not near as well as the first one,running on the first one's coat tails.And of course we had a different director at the helm this time around.The film is in its w/s a/r of 1:85:1 and this one looks much better than the first.Extras include commentary and trailer.2 1/2-3 stars.
All in all The French Connection is the one you want to see,while the second is a cheap runner up and at times arduous in its pace and watch-ability.

Sinatra: Nothing But The Best
Sinatra: Nothing But The Best
Price: CDN$ 18.84
13 used & new from CDN$ 11.02

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Beware of what you think you want,and of what you really get!, Sept. 26 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This 2008 remastered CD of some of Sinatra's Reprise years(his own label),is a definite one for newbies new to Franks works.However more seasoned Sinatra fans will know that one has to be careful.More than a few of these songs have been recorded previously during his time at Capitol,and one might be thinking one is getting those more well known versions,than what are on here.Fly me to the Moon,The way you look Tonight,Moonlight Serenade,Bewitched,The Best is yet to Come,Fly me to the Moon,and more,all re-recordings.However that is not to say they are deficient,as Frank more than imbues each song with his own 60s mark;it just may not be the version you recall.To be on the safe side I would suggest you purchase his hits from EMI/Capitol,maybe more expensive but probably more familiar and pleasing than this one.I also have a problem with the remastering here.I have not checked out each track thoroughly,but on New York,New York there is supposed to be a drum roll after his famous À number one line as the song goes into its last turn.It is barely audible.I am afraid at what other faux pauxs I will hear,but should not.The sound is good and lush but I cannot give this CD what it deserves if they are now tinkering with the core of songs
The upshot is it is more than a fair look at Franks days as owner of his own label,but geared more for those familiar with the difference of record labels.Also they seem to have cheated us out of the central core of at least one famous tune,and probably others,because as they say where there is smoke there is fire.Pass.

Royal Wedding/ Belle of New York (Sous-titres franais)
Royal Wedding/ Belle of New York (Sous-titres franais)
DVD ~ Various
Price: CDN$ 19.67
18 used & new from CDN$ 15.99

3.0 out of 5 stars One Good,one bad from the peerless Astaire!, May 20 2012
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This release by MGM of two early /50s films starring THE legendary man of dance Fred Astaire,offers up his two successively made projects;one good the other not so good.However both are in brilliant technicolour and quite pleasing to the eye.
Royal Wedding(released in Mar/51)stars Fred as Tom Bowen and Jane Powell as his sister Ellen.They are a popular sister and brother act with the sister being kind of a male magnet.When the two get a chance to take their show to the London stage,they jump at it.While in London Ellen succumbs to a little too much male extra circular actvitiy with an English Lord Brindale(Peter Lawford);much to the chagrin of her brother.However the love bug eventually strikes Tom too and he falls hard for one Miss Ashmond(Sarah Churchill).Their act is a smash on the London stage while the course of true love doesn't necessarily run smooth for either.When the day of the real Royal Wedding of the now Queen of England comes around Tom and Ellen,who are by now pretty much set to marry their love interests,decide it would be foolish to break up the act for marriage.They vow to remain single but when the royal couple leave the church they break down and both go running after their respective mates.The film ends with a pull-back shot of the now married foursome leaving the church.
Those that know anything about Astaire will immediately see how this film is loosely based on his own career with his first and best partner,his sister Adele.Adele fell for an Englsih Lord that inevitably broke up the act in the early /30s.Royal Wedding I would give about 3 1/2 stars;a good picture but certainly not one of Astaires best.However there are more than enough moments in this film for him to shine,and shine he does.In the "Sunday Jumps" number he is impatiently waiting for his sister to show up for rehearsal.He plays around with a few steps,looks at his watch and looks out the door,grabbing a hat rack by his right hand.As he turns back in he is still holding the hat rack and suddenly he is using it as his dance partner.The room he is in is supposed to be a gym room so he uses many other props that he finds but the hat rack is certainly the most used,inventive and entertaining of them all.The other number which has become legend in itself is the "You're all the world to me" routine.He is nuts over Miss Ashmond and while sitting looking at her picture decides to get up and dance.He dances to and fro and just when you think there's nothing more he can do he starts climbing the walls.This wonderful routine takes him in a visual circle up one wall,onto the ceiling and down the other wall and back briefly to each.The number has always managed to retain that "wow" factor,even today.Powell and Astaire also manage to pull off a pretty good routine together in an against-type number called "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You,when You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life" .Watch for Albert Sharpe as Miss Ashmond's father,better known in later years as Darby O'Gill from the movie "Darby O'Gill and the Little People".Technically the movie has been transferred beautifully and it has never looked as gorgeous as it does now.Special features include a special from TCM's Private Screenings with Stanley Donen,a featurette,an actual outtake from the movie(rare),a couple of period cartoons,the trailer and a promotional interview on radio with Astaire and Powell.
Belle of New York(released Feb/52) is a pretentious and uninteresting movie that,if it didn't have Astaire in it,wouldn't be worth the film it was shot on.The film opens with a shot of an entire street filled with male admirers singing "When I'm out with the Belle of New York" to Angela(Vera Ellen).She is a member of the "Daughters of Right",a Salvation Army type group of women led by Lettie(Marjorie Main).In comes playboy extraordinare Charles Hill(Astaire) who is supposedly on his last night of bachelorhood asking a bevy of his old girlfriends(musically)who will give him his last kiss.He leaves his intended bride standing at the altar and next day while on a buggy ride with a new female friend through the park he spots Angela and the rest of the "Daughters" out spreading the "word" to the homeless and downtrodden.Charles leaves the buggy and his girl and becomes immediately smitten with Angela.She is a tough nut to crack but over time he manages to get into her good books and the two become an item.Trouble is Charles' Aunt is Lettie,the very same Lettie who leads the "Daughters",of which Angela is a part of and she doesn't approve of the two at first.Lettie eventually relents and gives her blessing.Comes their wedding day and Charles gets two sheets to the wind and stands up Angela at the church.She is heartbroken and returns to the "Daughters" to work but a sorry Charles still pursues her.In the end he gets his girl as the two go off into the sunset dancing on air.And the latter is what is possibly the biggest let down to the movie.Everytime we see Charles or Angela in a deep love thought they start to actually float in the air.Astaire has a number dancing on the top of the monument in Washington Square but it just does not come off.It is far too fantastical and is very much out of place.When Charles first confronts Angela about his feelings he is in the air talking to her.She looks up and tells him he's not supposed to be there and that he is silly.He floats back down.Silly it is,which ever way you look at it.The plot,what it is,is also another of the films own worst enemies.From the get go Angela is the local "babe",admired by seemingly every man in NYC.Vera Ellen's persona and looks go against that sentiment right away so we have a conflict throughout and since everything hinges on the audience believing it,that aspect never is pulled off with success.Also working against the grain is Vera Ellen herself.In my opinion she is one of Astaires worst partners as far as chemistry goes;the worst being Joan Fontaine in "Damsel in Distress"(1937).And her work with Astaire in "The Brides Wedding Day Song" with various Currier and Ives backdrops,is pedestrian at best;the entire number is somewhat of a let down anyways.Astaires best moment comes in a kind of biographical number called"I wanna be a Dancin Man".It's a beautiful island in a sea of mediocrity.Besides Astaire the only other presence worth noting here is Marjorie Main.She is in fine form as gruff Aunt Lettie and was always a delight to see and a solid supporting actor.This film was a box office failure in its initial run and I would give it no more than 2 1/2 stars today.
Technically the film has been wonderfully restored picture wise;both it and Royal Wedding are on a par that way.However sound wise there is a problem.During the first hour of the film the musical numbers sound like someone is playing with the pitch controls as the sound is quite erratic.For those who remember what a record is,it is like putting the needle down and watching it go from side to side(not run true).That is the type of sound you hear here and it is certainly distracting to say the least,and all the more strange they would release the film like that.Special features include a Pete Short specialty film(always a delight),a Tex Avery Cartoon,the trailer and another rare piece of footage,the alternate version of "I wanna be a Dancin' Man" routine.You see Astaire with and without overdubbing;a fantastic piece of footage.
Royal Wedding easily wins top spot in this double Astaire release,but while"Belles" is just simply a poor film "Royal" comes in not much better than above average;so there is no reason for fireworks with either film."Belles" suffers from a contrite and forced story line to which there is no believability in or sympathy from the audience.Vera Ellen is a poor partner for Astaire but Fred at least has one good solo spot."Royal" has a much better cast but the story can get bogged down and flat sometimes which drags it.Sarah Churchill is certainly "different" as an Astaire love interest and as a result I find that aspect quite disinteresting.But there are two Astaire solo spots here that make this film worth getting,his famous dancing on the ceiling and his turn with a coat rack;pure magic.I think the fans of Astaire will find their own moments of pleasure in both these films,but to those beyond that,as musicals,they lack a broader appeal.

A Lady Takes a Chance [Import]
A Lady Takes a Chance [Import]
DVD ~ Jean Arthur
Offered by thebookcommunity_ca
Price: CDN$ 74.01
7 used & new from CDN$ 15.94

2.0 out of 5 stars less than mediocre film with the Duke and Jean Arthur, May 20 2012
A Lady takes a Chance(released Aug/43)is a less than mediocre entry starring the Duke and the lovely Jean Arthur.That coupled with the abominable print presented here it makes this an easily passable film.
The plot involves our Jean in New York on her way to somewhere out west,in need of a break.She has three suitors,one being old Roach Taxi Boy Grady Sutton and Hans Conried,the future Dr Tewilliger of the 5,000 fingers of Dr T and his myriad appearances and voice over work on television in the 50s and 60s.Arthur gets on the bus and heads west,young lady.It's a frustrating ride with disruptions by bratty kids and the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.She arrives in this very western style town to witness a rodeo,which is part of the tour she is on.At one point she gets smacked down after the Duke,riding after a steer,ends up on top of Arthur while she tries to take a snap shot of him.Arthur is immediately smitten by the tall,lean and sexy Duke.In a restaurant later while they are drinking together she asks to feel his arms.
Duke lives with his sidekick in the form of an old crusty Charles Winninger.The Duke is resistant to the whole romantic gig and the pair fall in and out with each other throughout the rest of the film.But you just know in these kinds of films that the girl always gets her man.Of course when she lands back in New York by herself we think all is lost,but in the good old fashioned spirit of such see through comedies,the Duke appears carrying Arthur back into the bus and into his life for good.
This is a very poor outing for Arthur.The script finds her in more than one compromising position throughout the film,as there IS quite the sexual tension created between the two;quite racy actually for a film of this time.Arthur is certainly after some action as her love life back home is boring with a capital "B".And it is even more impactful because the majority of the "push" is coming from Arthur herself.The rest of the plot is pretty see through stuff we've seen dozens of times before and done much better than this.The Duke has little to do but act like a macho galoot,which he does as he has alot of wells,maybes and I don't knows to say.Besides this there is little in the movie to recommend it.This is a film that has gone public domain I know,but one should seek Arthur's other mid 40s release The Devil and Miss Jones for a great and classic Arthur film.It too went domain and was last restored and released by the UCLA archives on VHS.
The technical side of this DVD is what is even more disappointing than the film itself.This DVD is like watching a bad VHS copy.It needs a total remastering as the film has many defects and the picture washes out very badly at times.This significantly drops the enjoyment factor by miles.I just recently reviewed TCM's release of Lon Chaney silent films and I can tell you unequivocally that those films are in far,far better shape than this one and they are 20s pictures.What a disappointment.
All in all,for little to non existent picture quality to a poor script,despite the box office potential of its stars,give this DVD a pass,period.It's not worth your hard earned money at any price.

Cyborg (Widescreen/Full Screen)
Cyborg (Widescreen/Full Screen)
DVD ~ Jean-Claude Van Damme
Offered by boutiquecinemaniac,com
Price: CDN$ 24.95
10 used & new from CDN$ 6.65

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4.0 out of 5 stars 3 1/2 -4 stars for this Van Damme futuristic charmer, Jan. 15 2011
Cyborg,released April/89,was his second film after the groundbreaking film Bloodsport,released a year earlier.It's a futuristic potboiler and Van Damme's character of an intense,gunslinger for hire,shows alot of depth and is much more than just a one dimensional figure.Directed by the eclectic Albert Pyun,the movie at times has a "The Good,The Bad and the Ugly" feel to it,while the sound effects(punches especially)sound like they're straight out of a 70s Hong Kong movie.
The story involves one Gibson Rickenbacker(Van Damme)who is called a "slinger",someone who basically is protection for hire,in this post apocalyptic world.The reigning band of no good-nicks is head by Fender Tremelo(Vincent Klyn)who wants this warped world to stay like it is so he can reign supreme.However an underground group implants a cyborg(Dayle Haddon)with the formula for a cure to the plague that stains the land,and she heads to Atlanta where a like-group of individuals is awaiting her arrival to perfect the cure.
When the cyborg's protection is taken out Gibson agrees to take her to Atlanta.Fender and his gang are not far behind though and they capture the cyborg and take her to Atlanta themselves so they can control the cure and thus become demi-gods of sorts.
Gibson recovers from his clash with Fender and meets up with another young lady named Nady(Deborah Richter)who implores him to follow the cyborg to Atlanta and to protect her.Off they go but Gibson has other thoughts than just protection on his mind.It seems that Gibson at one point some years earlier had had a family of his own.It had started out as just a slinger protection job of a mom and two children.However once Gibson had gotten them out of the city and to a seemingly safe area,they fell in love and it looked like Gibson was giving up slinging and settling down.However enter Fender and his boys and girls and they tied Gibson,the mom and one child up with barbed wire,and dangled them in a well.The mom's other child stood by the well with the gang where she was given the end of the barbed wire to hold onto.She tried to hold them up but the weight was too much and the three plunged into the well.The child and mom perished while Gibson barely made it out alive.Fender took the remaining child with him.
With vengeance burning in his heart Gibson and Nady are hot on Fender's trail.Gibson catches up to Fender in an old abandoned factory where Nady is captured and injured.Gibson is forced to confront the gang but the odds are against him and he is forced to flee,carrying Nady.Gibson goes underground through a sewer and comes out into an open swampy area.Nady eventually comes to but Gibson cannot fight the onslaught of Fender's numerous gang members.He is captured,beaten and is crucified(nailed to a cross-actually a plank across a mast of a ship).
Fender continues to Atlanta but Gibson,while down is not out.Still surviving until the next morning the continuous pelting of bad memories of the family he lost give him reason to live.He is able to topple the mast and Nady reappears to help him out the rest of the way.
Gibson and Fender,in a rainy night in Georgia,have their final showdown.It's High Noon but at night and it is one spectacular fight scene.Fender dominates most of the fight until finally Gibson gets the upper hand and stabs him.It is now revealed that one of the young girls with Fender is none other than the daughter who survived the death of her mother and sister in that well years before.They hug but Fender suddenly arises again to wreak more havoc.Gibson with all his remaining strength sends Fender airborne with a flying kick which propels him backwards and onto a hook.While Gibson is reunited with the girl he hadn't seen for years,they both mourn the loss of Nady who died trying to intervene with Fender.Gibson escorts the cyborg to the labs where he is asked to join them.He refuses and off he and his new charge go to new adventures.
Director Pyun like visuals in his films and this one is no different.His placement of his actors is very important to convey a strong sense of menace and evil.The only person who knows of Gibson's past is Gibson himself and reminds one very much of the Man with no Name.Pyun is well known to be an admirer of Sergio Leone.And of course there are Pyun's symbolic touches(no holds barred or apologies) as in the scene of Gibson crucified.Like Christ himself you know Gibson will arise again to cleanse the sins of the world;in the form of Fender.
Pyun also makes great use of lighting and its contrasts.Watch for the scene in the sewer where Gibson flees through.There is a beautifully framed shot of Van Damme with legs spread horizontally between two concrete abutments above the sewer bottom;this predates by four years his famous "splits" on the kitchen counter in Time Cop.With subtle lighting above Van Damme his pursuer unknowingly passes right underneath him and he dispatches the bad guy in an instant.The plot may be thin at times but Pyun's direction,the editing and the bigger-than-life nature of the characters carries the film to a satisfactory conclusion.I found myself yelling out loud at Van Damme during the finale as if I was at a live event.Not something I do too often.
Technically the film has been transferred well and is in a 1:85:1 a/r,along with a fullscreen version. This is a one sided DVD and comes in a thick keepcase.Other than the theatrical trailer there are no special features at all.
As Van Damme films go this one(one of his earlier efforts with his star on the rise)is a good one which his fans especially will enjoy.You will notice the names of the good and bad guy are those of brands of guitars,but they could have been called Mickey and Minny for all that it mattered;the names are an identification mark and nothing more.The director makes the characters larger than life and it is they,rather than the plot,that really carry the picture.Pyun utilizes many interesting influences here not the least of which are the Hong Kong quickies and the westerns influence of the Man with No Name films.Recommended.

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