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3rd Degree
3rd Degree
by James Patterson
Edition: Hardcover
94 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars A Must for Women's Murder Club Fans, March 15 2004
This review is from: 3rd Degree (Hardcover)
The Women's Murder Club makes its third appearance in 3rd Degree. Lindsay Boxer, Claire Washburn, Jill Bernhardt and Cindy Thomas are four of the closest friends with occupations that couldn't be any different. Lindsay's a detective. Claire's a medical examiner. Jill's the Assistant D.A. and Cindy's a reporter.
But these ladies use their occupations and their close friendship to help solve crimes. This time, they're embarking on an investigation that will leave one of them in grave danger.
As Lindsay's jogging, an explosion rocks her to her knees. Three people are dead, one child is missing and a cryptic message is left behind by someone calling himself August Spies.
A successful businessman becomes the victim of a mysterious murder. August Spies leaves another message.
Targets are being named and people are dying.
In the middle of the heated investigation, Lindsay learns of a secret one of the Women's Murder Club members has been hiding. She's in her darkest hour and desperately needs the support of her friends.
Lindsay's also surprised to find a federal officer that's been assigned to the case is captivating her interest. Given her past history, she's reluctant with good reason.
Before anyone can get on with their lives, they must find out who August Spies is and how they can stop more people from dying. The solution won't come without the expense of losing someone very close to them.
Fans anxiously await each release of the Women's Murder Club series. While you can predict certain outcomes of 3rd Degree as you read, you won't be able to guess the actions behind them. Readers who follow this series closely will be drawn to this book just to catch up with their friends - Lindsay, Claire, Jill and Cindy.

Midnight Voices
Midnight Voices
by John Saul
Edition: Hardcover
47 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Filled With Things That Go Bump In the Night, Feb. 24 2004
This review is from: Midnight Voices (Hardcover)
In every neighborhood there is always one house that all the children know to stay away from. But these houses aren't just limited to tiny suburbs in small towns. Even in New York City there's a building that all the neighborhood children know to avoid. An old building known as The Rockwell where witches and trolls and vampires live.
When newlywed Caroline Evans moves into her husband's apartment at The Rockwell, her children are quick to voice their fears about the ongoing rumors.
To Caroline, those who live there are just a bunch of lonely elderly people who simply adore her children and shower them with gifts and lots of homemade goods.
It isn't long, though, before the rumors become real for the children when they hear strange voices and laughter at night. Soon after, not only does Caroline's daughter begin to have recurring nightmares but she also becomes strangely ill. Just like the foster girl who lived upstairs. Now that little girl has disappeared - and when a social worker begins asking too many questions, she disappears too.
Everyone knows witches and trolls and vampires aren't real. But when Caroline and her children realize the evil that truly resides at The Rockwell, it just might be far worse.
Filled with things that go bump in the night, the imagery alone in Midnight Voices will leave the reader with lots of chills and thrills. This book also reads somewhat like a crime suspense novel, and though some parts are a little predictable, it still provides a very entertaining read.

The Collected Poetry Of Nikki Giovanni: 1968-1998
The Collected Poetry Of Nikki Giovanni: 1968-1998
by Nikki Giovanni
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 38.95
30 used & new from CDN$ 6.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, Painful and Deep from the Soul, Feb. 24 2004
If you held in your hands the five hundred plus pages in Nikki Giovanni's latest work, you could count yourself lucky. Anytime a skilled poet looks back across life and shares pure insights with the world - we are all lucky.
In Collected, we are treated to a view of the world that goes back to the sixties and takes rapid-fire photographs through the nineties.
Giovanni's poetry ranges from sentimental and introspective to irreverent and militant. It is a broad range of feelings about love, prejudice, injustice and living in one's own skin.
There are so many interesting entries in this book. Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day deals with the frailty of human existence. For Harold Logan is dedicated to a man murdered after daring to open a Black club on Broadway. A Certain Peace talks about enjoying time alone and allowing others the freedom to do the same. All are good.
Rich with texture, Giovanni's Collected feels like the opening of a soul. More and more and over and over, her poetry taps into the psyche and brings forth memories as much for Giovanni as for the reader.

by John Olson
Edition: Paperback
17 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars A Page-Turner from an Expert in the Field, Feb. 24 2004
This review is from: Adrenaline (Paperback)
Adrenaline opens with biochemistry student James Parker on the verge of a cure for muscular dystrophy, a disease that has debilitated he and his sister. In a clever rescue attempt, he meets Darcy Williams, another dedicated biochemistry student.
When Parker tells Darcy about his experiment, she and her overzealous boyfriend Jason eagerly volunteer to assist him with his research. Parker is overjoyed but it doesn't last long when he discovers his sister is running out of time.
He decides that he cannot wait on the normal refinement and testing process that his drug must go through. Influenced by his sister's worsening condition, Parker desperately takes matters in his own hands. Then things really start to go wrong.
Darcy is paranoid and running from someone or something that she won't reveal to anyone. Jason seems obsessed with the possibility of the drug making lots of money and his genuineness is questioned as he witnessed hanging out with some questionable characters. Creatures with incredible strength are creeping up everywhere and terrorizing the college campus, causing massive fear and bloodshed. Eventually all the secrets, schemes, identities and motives are revealed.
John B. Olson is no stranger to science and stories of suspense. He received a doctorate degree in biochemistry and has co-authored Oxygen and The Fifth Man.

The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters
The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters
by Elisabeth Robinson
Edition: Hardcover
42 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars A Compelling Story, Feb. 24 2004
Olivia Hunt is unable to find happiness in her life. She's been struggling to keep her job and get someone to pick up her movie for production. She's had no luck in her relationships and she's ready to throw in the towel completely. While writing her suicide note she receives a phone call that changes her life. She is told that her younger sister Madeleine has leukemia.
This is a beautiful story of family, love and loss. From the very first page, Robinson will capture readers for an emotional rollercoaster ride. Through Olivia's eyes, Madeleine has always had it easy. A perfect life with a perfect marriage. Now Olivia must face her family and her fears and head home for the first time in several years.
Olivia's life begins to pick up as well and she must juggle her movie production, traveling the movie's location while helping her sister and trying to keep her own life together. She discovers things about herself, her sister and her family that allows her to gain perspective on her life. Readers will laugh and cry and enjoy the added insight from Olivia's letters written to various people in her life that are included throughout the story. This is a story filled with hope, passion, love and laughter. It portrays a beautiful relationship between two sisters and their strength and struggle to help each other.

The Rules of Silence
The Rules of Silence
by David Lindsey
Edition: Hardcover
22 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Just Like an Action Movie, Feb. 24 2004
This review is from: The Rules of Silence (Hardcover)
Titus Cain is the owner of a multi-million dollar software company located in the beautiful hills of Austin, Texas. He has a fine home and a good relationship with his wife and their two daughters.
Instantly, his world of harmony and assuredness transforms into one of discord and uncertainty when a visitor from out-of-town shows up unexpectedly. The stranger threatens to kill Titus' family and friends unless he gives up 64 million dollars of his hard-earned fortune.
Titus, not willing to give in easily, goes against the orders of the extortionist and solicits assistance from an ex-CIA agent, Garcia Burden. From Garcia, Titus learns that the stranger is Cayetano Luquin, a notorious drug principal with a deadly past and possible ties to terrorism.
Garcia sets up his high-tech investigative operation and starts working on a plan of action. When people start dying, Titus feels there is more he needs to know and threatens to go to the FBI if Garcia doesn't give him more information. Garcia concedes but it comes with a price that Titus will have to pay for the rest of his life.
Once enlightened to the magnitude of the situation, he decides to allow Garcia to continue with the case. Garcia organizes what seems to be the perfect plan to capture Cayetano and his entire crew, when things go awry. Then it is up to Titus to save his own life, the lives of those closest to him, and maybe the world.
David Lindsey tells the story in such vivid imagery that you actually feel that you're in the Texas hill country. The story includes the language and violence expected in a story about extortion and murder. Overall, it is a book that is hard to put down, and when you do, you'll feel like you just watched an action movie.

The Big Bad Wolf
The Big Bad Wolf
by James Patterson
Edition: Hardcover
87 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars So Good It's Hard to Wait for the Next One, Feb. 4 2004
This review is from: The Big Bad Wolf (Hardcover)
Alex Cross is back in the ninth book in the series. This time, Cross is hunting for one of the most evil villains he's ever pursued.
The Wolf is a criminal mastermind. He's a kidnapper. He's a madman. He's a murderer.
His game is simple. See someone you want to make your own? The Wolf can make it happen. For a modest fee, the girl next door or the guy at work can be all yours.
But the Wolf doesn't just fulfill everyone else's fantasies. He also fulfills his own.
That's where we run into Cross, who's now training in the FBI. He's pulled from his training and yo-yo's back and forth between trying to capture a killer and trying to keep his FBI superiors happy.
As he tracks the Wolf and tries to balance his new career in the FBI, he's also slapped with the most difficult problem he's ever faced in his personal life. He could lose custody of his son.
Little Alex's mother wants him back. And she's prepared to take the legal route, tearing the little boy from his father and siblings.
Alex Cross has definitely taken a path readers won't expect. Fans familiar with the series might see this book in the series as one of the most heart-wrenching. Not only do we see Cross struggling in his new career track but he's also fighting to keep his family together. The ending is not only unexpected but leaves the trail wide open for Patterson's next installment in the series.

Zero Game
Zero Game
by Brad Meltzer
Edition: Hardcover
50 used & new from CDN$ 1.80

5.0 out of 5 stars The Game Turns Deadly, Feb. 4 2004
This review is from: Zero Game (Hardcover)
If you've ever found politics boring, think how those in Washington feel. Matthew Mercer and Harris Sandler are senior staffers working on Capitol Hill but Matthew's getting restless and thinking about changing his profession.
That's when Harris lets him in on a little secret known as the Zero Game. To spice things up in politics, only select people are invited to play a friendly wagering game on whether bills will pass or fail.
And that's when a surefire win comes across Matthew's desk. He has the power to make the bill pass, giving him and Harris the chance of a lifetime.
They bet everything they have and watch as the game unfolds. But when Matthew gets curious, Harris finds himself on the run.
He draws a 17-year-old Senate page into the mix as he tries to uncover the truth. What went wrong with the game?
Harris discovers there's more to the Zero Game than just some minor bets on bills passing or failing. Somebody wants him dead to keep the secret international secret that could change life as we know it.
Brad Meltzer has written one of the most clever novels ever created. The Zero Game weaves such a detailed web, you'll see a side of Washington that you have to wonder if it's really fiction or not. The world he's created is very real but not so technical that only a Congressman could enjoy it.

Still of Night, The, repackaged ed.
Still of Night, The, repackaged ed.
by Kristen Heitzmann
Edition: Paperback
Price: CDN$ 23.11
49 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Three Dimensional Characters with an Amazing Story, Jan. 22 2004
Two high school kids in love. One mistake. A lifetime of regret.
Fifteen years ago, Jill and Morgan lost sight of their love and each other when she became pregnant. Unable to handle the situation, Jill's parents decided the best thing to do was hide her away until the baby was born, give it up for adoption, and make certain that Morgan never contacted her again. Sadly, Morgan was intentionally misinformed and told the baby was aborted.
In the interim, Jill has become a teacher of unstable children, maybe as some sort of attempt to fill the void she had created in herself. Morgan has grown successful and wealthy, but money and possessions have never been able to fix the emotional upheaval he faces on an almost daily basis. They both think they have done the best they can do get over their past mistakes, yet they are still haunted by them.
The past comes back with a vengeance, however, when Jill receives an unexpected phone call from the adoptive parents. Their daughter is sick and only a blood relative can help her now. Jill must face Morgan for the first time in fifteen years and finally tell him the truth.
Some people think that their faith is unwavering and others have given up on it altogether. Did God have a purpose for the journey this small group of people is about to embark upon? And will they open their eyes long enough to find the truth that's been hidden for much too long?

by Neil Gaiman
Edition: Hardcover
Price: CDN$ 21.00
35 used & new from CDN$ 0.76

5.0 out of 5 stars A Fascinating, Strange, Creepy and Fabulous New World, Jan. 22 2004
This review is from: Coraline (Hardcover)
Coraline discovered the door soon after moving into the new house, a very old house. Her family shared the house with a crazy old man who lived upstairs and two old ladies who lived downstairs.
They were definitely old and strange. They had many strange stories to share with Coraline and the old man would always talk of his mouse circus which Coraline could never see.
Bored with her own world, Coraline goes on exploring to find that through the strange door in her house was a whole new world awaiting for her to explore. In this new world, beyond the door she found everything was similar to her own world and life except strangely tweaked. There is another mother and another father that looked very much like her own except with freakish features and they wanted her to stay there with them.
Coraline's exploration turns into a fascinating and scary journey of talking cats, mice that play music and dance and creepy parents that aren't quite right. She has to fight to figure out how to get back to her real parents and the world that she once thought so boring and ordinary.
Coraline is easily enjoyed by children and adults. With it's imaginative characters and exciting plot, this is a page turner that will scare and excite readers until the very end.
Gaiman's creation of wonderful characters is incredible and well thought out. The spooky and beautiful illustrations by Dave Mckean help pull the story together and the reader even further into the story. It is no surprise that this New York Times bestseller has been called magical and declared the new Alice in Wonderland. This is a fairy tale that will not be forgotten.

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