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Living Dead in Dallas: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel
Living Dead in Dallas: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel
by Charlaine Harris
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 8.96
151 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars An Outstanding Read! NOT to be Missed!, July 16 2002
"Living Dead in Dallas" by Charlaine Harris is the second instalment in the series that started with the superb "Dead Until Dark", and I honestly don't know which one I liked better, they are both just SO fantastic! Sookie and Bill are both wonderfully quirky and lovable characters who I just can't get enough of. The only bad thing about this book was that it had to end, and now I have to wait what seems like FOREVER for the next in the series!
"Living Dead in Dallas" starts with Sookie Stackhouse, feisty telepathic waitress and girlfriend to sexy Bill the vampire, on a string of bad luck. First a friend and co-worker is murdered and then Sookie receives a painful and poisonous lashing from a beastly maenad as a message for Eric, the area's head vampire. Bill gets the injured Sookie to Eric's club in Shreveport, where he and some of his vampire friends work together to remove the poison from her body. But the thing is, Eric saved Sookie's life, so when he asks her to go to Dallas to help find a missing vampire, Sookie agrees.
So, Sookie and Bill head off to Dallas where they meet with the head vampire, Stan, whose "brother" Farrell has been missing for several days. After an attempted abduction on Sookie and a few other clues that Sookie picks out of the minds of others, it becomes apparent that the "Fellowship of the Sun", a vampire hate group, is responsible for taking Farrell. But when Sookie tries to go undercover at the "Fellowship of the Sun" to find Farrell, things go terribly wrong, and she suddenly finds herself scheduled for sacrifice!
After a fabulously thrilling, dangerous, and exciting adventure in Dallas, Sookie returns home to Bon Temps, where the murder of her co-worker is still a mystery. Determined to find the truth, Sookie takes matters into her own hands, and the suspense once again builds to a fever pitch and leads to a satisfying conclusion.
And amidst all the fast-paced action and the thrilling adventures, is the ever-present romance between Sookie and Bill, which is, in my opinion, one of the sweetest, sexiest, most honest, and heart-warming romances I have ever encountered. Sookie and Bill are an unforgettable pair, and I look forward to watching their love grow and evolve through many, many more books!
So, if you are looking for a book that has it all - humour, adventure, suspense, horror, and romance (among other things) you just can't miss with "Living Dead in Dallas". Harris' storylines are fresh, fun and fascinating, so buy both books in this amazing and inspired new series TODAY. I guarantee you will fall in love with Sookie and Bill just like I did, and become so wrapped up in their adventures that you'll have to read each book in one sitting. So do NOT miss out, "Living Dead in Dallas" comes very, very highly recommended!

Cordina's Royal Family
Cordina's Royal Family
by Nora Roberts
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
39 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Three Wonderful Stories! Well Worth the Wait!, July 15 2002
"Cordina's Royal Family" is an omnibus of three stories written by Nora Roberts in the mid-1980's. I have searched for these three out of print tales for years, so imagine my delight when I discovered that they were to be re-printed in a special 3-in-1 collector's edition. Well, I am happy to report that it was worth the wait. Nora's three tales of royal romance and palace intrigue are, in a word, fantastic!
First is "Affaire Royale", which introduces the reader to Her Serene Highness Princess Gabriella de Cordina. Gabriella has just lived through a terrifying ordeal - being kidnapped. But Brie can't remember anything. Not who kidnapped her or how she escaped, not who her father and brothers are, not even her own name. Concerned about the safety of his only daughter, Prince Armand hires bodyguard Reeve MacGee to protect Brie.
Lost in a sea of concerned, unfamiliar faces, Brie finds a lifeline in Reeve. Reeve sets about helping Gabriella regain her memories, and as time passes he falls hard for the classy, determined, and remarkable Brie. Though he tries to remind himself that letting his emotions get involved will only cloud his senses while trying to protect Gabriella, Reeve well and truly loses his heart. But Reeve also knows that a guy like him has no future with a princess, and so he keeps what is in his heart to himself.
Though she is confused and scared and trying to find herself, Brie knows that the one thing that's real in her life is the love she feels for Reeve. Trying to accept that he doesn't love her the way she loves him isn't easy, though Gabriella was never one to give up when she wanted something. The passion that burns between Reeve and Brie will thrill and entice readers. But the threat to Brie is closer to home than anyone realizes, and though Reeve believes he has to let her go, he would never recover if the kidnappers' violent plans for Brie succeed!
Next is "Command Performance", which is even better than the delightful first story. His Royal Highness Prince Alexander is the heir to the Cordinian throne, and as a result he must always keep his emotions, and his temper, on a tight rein. Regal and enticing Eve Hamilton, the one woman Alex truly desires, has always seemed just out of his reach. Seemingly in love with his younger brother Bennett, when Eve comes to Cordina at his request, Alex knows a frustration unlike anything he has ever known. Eve, the manager of her own theatre troupe, is commissioned by Alex to put on four plays to benefit a children's charity. Though Alex is forever rubbing Eve the wrong way, she knows her troupe's first international performance is an opportunity too great to pass up.
But all is not perfect in Cordina. The man behind Princess Gabriella's kidnapping several years earlier, Deboque, is terrorizing Cordina with bombings. Next, Deboque begins using Eve to threaten the Royal Family. Alex is terrified for Eve's safety, but Eve is resolute that she will remain in Cordina and do her job.
As the misunderstandings that were keeping them apart are worked out, Eve and Alex are finally able to admit their true feelings for one another. Alex knows he will never love another woman the way he loves Eve, and their romance is full of sensuality and tenderness and is highly satisfying.
But both Alex and Eve are in grave danger. When Deboque issues a serious threat, it has everyone on edge. But what everyone doesn't realize is that Eve herself has become a target and the happiness she has finally found with Alex may well be snatched away from her!
Last, but certainly not least is "The Playboy Prince", which tells the story of dashingly handsome ladies man Prince Bennett. When reserved and conservative Hannah Rothchild arrives at the palace, Bennett can't figure her out. She couldn't be less his type, and yet something about her intrigues him. Hannah wears no make-up and her clothes are unflattering, and yet she is irresistible to Bennett. So for once in his life, Bennett finds himself compelled to look beyond what is on the outside of a woman in order to find out who she is on the inside.
In truth, Hannah is on a secret and dangerous mission and the attention Bennett keeps giving her is not good for the job she has come to do. But her treacherous heart skips a beat each time Bennett is near, and the woman behind the boring and unattractive facade longs to feel Bennett's arms around her. However, Hannah has never failed on a job before and she's not about to let Bennett keep her from doing this one. Still, Hannah can't keep herself from falling for the "Royal Rake" and Bennett too falls in love with the sweet and shy Hannah he knows.
So when Bennett discovers the real reason Hannah is in the palace, he feels completely betrayed and is hurt beyond words. Hannah feels her heart break at the contempt Bennett now feels for her, and she is consumed by guilt. But the game Hannah is playing is incredibly dangerous, and now Bennett knows that. Despite all that has happened, the thought of anything happening to Hannah turns Bennettï¿s blood to ice. Roberts builds this last tale to a thrilling climax that will have readers on the edge of their seats, and a most satisfying conclusion.
Once again Nora Roberts has created a family that readers will come to love and cherish as if it were their own. "Cordina's Royal Family" is a fun-filled and exciting read that you don't want to miss. So come visit the small Mediterranean country of Cordina today, where the ocean is so blue it hurts your eyes, the air is warm, and there is always romance in the air!

Dead Until Dark: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel
Dead Until Dark: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel
by Charlaine Harris
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
121 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars An Awesome Read! My New Favourite Series!, July 11 2002
"Dead Until Dark" by Charlaine Harris is a phenomenal read filled with intriguing, likable characters and a wonderfully original storyline that made this book impossible to put down. I was utterly absorbed in this fast-paced and thrilling story and loved EVERY minute of it!
Sookie Stackhouse lives in a small town in rural Louisiana and makes her living working in a bar called Merlotte's. But Sookie has a kind of disability, she's a telepath, though most people just think she's crazy. The truth of the matter is that poor Sookie is nearly DRIVEN crazy by all the thoughts belonging to other people whizzing around in her head all day long. Which makes it pretty hard for Sookie to have a normal dating life. It's not that she isn't pretty, because she is, it's just that Sookie finds it hard to get in the mood with someone who is critiquing her ... or wishing she was someone else.
Then one day, Bill the vampire walks into her work and sits down, and all she hears from him is . . . NOTHING! There is a blissful silence in the region where Bill's thoughts should be invading her mind and Sookie is overjoyed. But when she listens into some human thoughts she finds out that Bill is in serious danger. Sookie manages to save Bill's life (or should that be death?) and then Bill and Sookie's relationship grows from there.
But strange things are happening in the sleepy little town of Bon Temps. Young women are turning up dead, strangled, and each of them has vampire bites on her body. And though Bill and Sookie are growing closer by the day, Bill hangs out with a seriously creepy bunch of vampires who are suspected of these murders.
Bill and Sookie are one of the BEST couples I have encountered in a long while. They have an intense chemistry with each other that makes for some amazingly erotic and sensual encounters to tantalize readers. But in addition to that passion, Bill and Sookie come to truly love and care about one another and I had a hard time remembering that they weren't real friends of mine.
So while Bill and Sookie become more and more important to one another, many circumstances try to tear them apart. The head honcho vampire of the area, Eric (a former Viking) wants Sookie to use her telepathic skills to help him find someone who's stealing from him, and he wants Sookie for himself. The murders that keep occurring make hatred against vampires a common thing in the town of Bon Temps, which could spell disaster for Bill. Sookie's boss, Sam, suddenly decides to make a play for Sookie when he sees that he is losing her to Bill and in addition to all this, Sookie thinks she may be next on the murderer's list, as a waitress from her work becomes the next victim.
All of these complications build towards a thrilling climax and, very sadly, the end of the book. Luckily for me I had "Living Dead in Dallas" as well so I didn't have to wait to read more about my new favourite vampire, the undeniably sexy Bill, and the witty, quirky, and just plain wonderful Sookie. And by the way "Living Dead in Dallas" is just as good as "Dead Until Dark", I'd give them both 6 stars if I could!
All-in-all, you just don't want to miss "Dead Until Dark". Charlaine Harris has created a fantastic set of characters who will continue to enthrall me for as long as she writes about them. Harris has proved what a talented author she truly is and she can't write this series fast enough for me. So don't miss out on all the fun, passion, and danger, buy "Dead Until Dark" today!

by Christine Feehan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: CDN$ 9.40
62 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Great Romance Anthology!, June 28 2002
This review is from: Fantasy (Mass Market Paperback)
"Fantasy" is a wonderfully entertaining romance anthology containing four sparkling tales of love, passion and destiny. Filled with humour, wit, excitement and intrigue, this is a book you don't want to miss.
"The Widow's Auction" by Sabrina Jeffries is a superbly written Victorian romance. Lady Isobel Kingsley is a young widow who has continued her late husband's charity work, including acting as chairman of the board of an all boys' school. Another of the board members, Lord Justin, has been a thorn in her side ever since she has known him. Isobel and Justin butt heads over two different proposals to help the school with its financial troubles. Riled up from her latest argument with Lord Justin, Isobel is convinced by her friend and fellow widow to participate in a widow's auction. Isobel is determined to discover what the act of love should really be like when done right, having thought until very recently that sex was merely a painful and embarrassing chore. But when the handsome Lord Justin wins her for a night of passion, Isobel is terrified, and excited. Isobel is introduced to a world of sensual delights she had never even dreamed of and discovers a sweet and noble side of Lord Justin she never knew existed. But will Isobel admit her true identity to Justin and find a lifetime of love and happiness in his arms? Or will she let this one chance at happiness slip away?
"Luisa's Desire" by Emma Holly is the weakest entry in this anthology. Despite its flaws, however, it is still an enjoyable read. Luisa the vampire makes a dangerous journey to a monastery in Tibet in hopes of learning how to survive without drinking blood. When she arrives she meets a handsome young monk named Martin who is about to take his vows. These two are undeniably drawn to one another, but will true love triumph or are these two destined to stay separated forever?
"Mr. Speedy" by Elda Minger is a fantastic story filled with humour and romance. Miranda Ward wants to write an exposé on an all male seminar for seduction, but because she's a woman her boss won't let her do the story. So Miranda takes matters into her own hands, disguising herself as a man. But Miranda didn't count on having to share a room for the weekend with one of the city's most eligible bachelors, Jake Blackhall. Miranda finds Jake incredibly sexy, in fact, he's the man of her dreams, but what will he say when he finds out she has been lying to him since they met?
Last but certainly not least is "The Awakening" by Christine Feehan, a deliciously sensual tale. Maggie Odessa has come to the rainforests of Borneo to get a look at the home she inherited from her biological parents. Maggie is immediately drawn to the rainforest, and she finds a new, wild side of herself coming to life. When she meets Brandt Talbot, the caretaker of her parents' house, she is intensely attracted to him and is shocked by the unfamiliar feelings he evokes in her. But Brandt is no ordinary man, he is a were-leopard who knows without a doubt that Maggie is his mate. Maggie and Brandt begin a whirlwind romance, filled with some wonderfully erotic encounters. But danger lurks nearby, with ruthless poachers invading the rainforest and an outcast were-leopard who wants to claim Maggie for himself. Though the ending is a bit abrupt, readers will surely enjoy Feehan's enticing tale.
Each tale in "Fantasy" has its strengths and weaknesses, and obviously personal opinions will vary. None-the-less, this is a great book to pick up for a quick dose of romance. "Fantasy" also provides a terrific opportunity for readers to sample some new authors and get a feel for their writing. This book comes highly recommended so buy it today.

Wings In The Night
Wings In The Night
by Maggie Shayne
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
31 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious Paranormal Romance!, June 24 2002
"Wings in the Night" is a collection of Maggie Shayne's first three Twilight novels, "Twilight Phantasies", "Twilight Memories" and "Twilight Illusions", and it is fantastic. Each tale is wonderfully original and utterly enthralling, drawing the reader into Shayne's intriguing world of creatures of the night.
"Twilight Phantasies" introduces Eric Marquand, a vampire from the French Revolution who is constantly watched and followed by two members of a secret government agency, the DPI, who want nothing more than to capture and torture a vampire. Unfortunately, one of those DPI "scientists" is the guardian of Tamara, one of The Chosen (a rare human who has the two properties necessary to be changed into a vampire). Though all vampires feel the need to watch over and protect The Chosen, there is always one specific vampire who feels that pull more strongly than all the others. Which is exactly the case with Eric, who has always felt drawn to the lovely Tamara. And though he is overwhelmed by the terrible loneliness of his existence, Eric fears what will happen if he claims Tamara for his own. But when she repeatedly calls out to him in her anguished dreams and begins to believe she is losing her mind, Eric can do no other than go to her and try to ease her suffering. The chemistry between Eric and Tamara sizzles in the air, and Shayne skilfully pulls her readers into their story until it's impossible to put the book down.
"Twilight Memories" tells the story of Roland, Eric's oldest and dearest friend, who lives a life of self-imposed solitude in a huge old castle in France. Roland has sworn to protect a young boy named Jamey, one of The Chosen, and when the DPI arrives in his small French town, he knows there's going to be trouble. Especially when Rhiannon, a three thousand year old vampire from ancient Egypt, who has flitted in and out of Roland's life for centuries, arrives to help him protect young Jamey. Roland is constantly exasperated by Rhiannon's carelessness with her own safety, which she does mostly to prove that she is worthy of Roland's affections. But because Roland fears the darkness that dwells deep inside him, a bloodthirsty demon he holds rigorously in check, he constantly thwarts Rhiannon's attempts to seduce him. Unfortunately, Roland's constant denials leave Rhiannon feeling hurt and rejected, and thinking that Roland believes she isn't good enough for him. As the dangerous threat of the DPI closes in around them, Roland and Rhiannon struggle to keep Jamey safe. And when the boy is kidnapped by the DPI, they will do anything to get him back. But will they be able to admit their true feelings to one another and finally find happiness in each other's embrace?
Finally, "Twilight Illusions" introduces Damien, the oldest and greatest of his kind, six thousand years old and capable of many feats others of his race can only dream of. Damien is a magician who lives a life devoid of friends for fear of losing them as he did his dearest friend Enkidu thousands of years ago. But at one of his shows he senses one of The Chosen and chooses her to be his volunteer, even though he knows the feelings she evokes in him can only bring him pain. But Shannon is a woman on a mission, a PI investigating the death of her best friend, Tawny, who died the night she volunteered at Damien's magic show. Shannon believes Damien may have murdered her, and when she follows him home and confronts him, Damien fears he may have killed Tawny without knowing it. But he knows if he didn't, Shannon may well be next, so despite his better judgement he is determined to watch over her and keep her safe. As Shannon gets to know Damien, she realizes that he could not possibly be capable of murder, and finds herself falling for him. Damien too cannot stop himself from caring deeply about Shannon, who he later discovers is dying. Damien longs to make Shannon like him so he will not have to endure the anguish of losing another person he loves, but will she ever be able to forgive Damien for turning her into something she fears?
All three stories are full of danger, suspense, romance, passion and tenderness. Each tale is filled with compelling characters and page-turning storylines. Maggie Shayne has created three vampire stories that stand out above the pack, and will keep readers completely absorbed. So don't miss out, "Wings in the Night" will satisfy your every wicked desire, so read it today!

Dark Guardian
Dark Guardian
by Christine Feehan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
41 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic! A Must Read!, June 21 2002
"Dark Guardian" by Christine Feehan is the 8th instalment in the wonderfully sensual and intriguing "Dark" series, and once again Feehan does not disappoint. With fresh and likeable characters and a storyline filled with passion, danger, and suspense, "Dark Guardian" will leave readers cheering Feehan's remarkable talent.
Lucian, one of the legendary ancient Carpathian twins, has spent the last several hundred years pretending to have turned vampire in order to keep his beloved twin (Gabriel of "Dark Legend") from turning vampire himself, knowing that Gabriel had a lifemate out there somewhere. And now that Gabriel has found his other half, Lucian feels his mission has come to an end. For the years he has spent hunting and killing the undead have left a stain of darkness on Lucian's soul, and he has grown weary of his endless colourless and emotionless existence. But Gabriel's lifemate, Francesca, insists that she knows of Lucian's lifemate, and that this woman desperately needs Lucian's help.
And indeed Lucian does find his lifemate, feisty lady cop Jaxon Montgomery, who has dedicated her life to protecting others. But Jaxon has had a nightmarish start in life, with a crazed stepfather who murders everyone who gets close to her, including her biological parents and little brother, and her beloved foster parents. As a result, Jaxx lives a solitary and lonely life, never getting too close to anyone for fear that it will get them killed. So when Lucian appears out of the night to save her from a bust gone wrong, she immediately fears that Lucian will become the next target of her stepfather Tyler Drake's bloodlust.
Recuperating in Lucian's huge and lovely home, Jaxx becomes aware that Lucian is no ordinary man. But though she witnesses some of his remarkable powers, she still fears for his safety. Lucian, on the other hand, is not at all concerned about one mortal man, ex-Navy SEAL though he might be, but he is incredibly touched by Jaxx's concern for him. Jaxon fears the deep connection she feels between herself and Lucian, and doesn't know how to live as one half of a couple after a lifetime of being utterly alone. But Lucian is remarkably gentle and understanding with Jaxon, giving her time to adjust to all the changes in her life. Because Lucian knows the one thing he will never do is let Jaxon go, for she is the light to his darkness, the very air he breathes and the other half of his soul.
But Jaxx is like a beacon of light drawing the soulless undead to her, as they all know that a human woman with psychic powers can be converted into one of them. Indeed, Lucian makes the decision that the only way to keep Jaxx safe is to convert her into a Carpathian, and it was a refreshing change to have a heroine who simply dealt with the change and moved on, rather than agonizing over it. Together, Lucian and Jaxx formulate a plan to draw out the undead hunting Jaxx and Tyler Drake. And there is no chance that Jaxx will sit back while Lucian fights her battles, so she and Lucian become true partners, another refreshing change from previous books. This book builds the suspense effectively to a thrilling climax, and will leave readers utterly sated and satisfied.
"Dark Guardian" is another fantastic entry is Feehan's "Dark" series and it is not to be missed. The romance between Lucian and Jaxx is passionate and intense, and it's wonderful watching them find happiness and eternal love in each other's arms. Amidst the affecting romance of Jaxx and Lucian, Feehan seamlessly mixes in a tale of danger and excitement that will keep readers turning pages. "Dark Guardian" was a truly enjoyable read and it comes highly recommended.

Dark Legend
Dark Legend
by Christine Feehan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
38 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding! A Captivating Tale!, June 14 2002
"Dark Legend" by Christine Feehan is the seventh instalment in the wonderfully original and erotic "Dark" series and it may just be the best one yet! With rich characters and a well-written and intriguing storyline, "Dark Legend" is a book you don't want to miss.
Gabriel, one of the legendary twins revered and feared by all Carpathians, awakens after two hundred years in the ground with a violent need for blood. As he wanders the streets of Paris he fears for all those around him, with the darkness inside him threatening to take over and turn him into the thing he has abhorred and hunted for his entire two thousand year existence, a vampire.
But when he runs into Francesca Del Ponce, a gifted healer who radiates goodness and light, her calming abilities give him the strength to fight his terrible hunger. Thinking that Gabriel is a homeless man, Francesca is determined to help him, but when she finds out what he really is, she selflessly offers him her blood. Once restored to his full strength, Gabriel realizes that he is seeing in colours and feeling emotions for the first time in nearly two thousand years. Which means that Francesca is his lifemate!
Overwhelmed by his discovery, Gabriel gets another shock when he finds out that Francesca is indeed a Carpathian, and an ancient one at that, who has managed to conceal her presence from her entire race for almost a thousand years. To Gabriel, it seems obvious that he and Francesca will now spend their lives together, but Francesca has other plans. After several lifetimes of independence, Francesca doesn't want an overbearing Carpathian male in her life. In fact, before meeting Gabriel, Francesca had already decided that these next few years on earth would be her last.
Obviously, this is utterly unacceptable to Gabriel, and he is determined to change Francesca's mind. And as time passes, Francesca begins to realize what an intense emotional and physical bond she and Gabriel share. Gabriel greatly admires Francesca's dedication to helping others in need, and when an abused and battered 14-year-old girl named Skyler arrives at the hospital, Francesca is determined to help her. Despite the childish objections by Skyler's doctor, Brice, who is in love with Francesca and doesn't want to share her with anyone, Francesca and Gabriel begin the process of adopting her.
But Gabriel is wracked with guilt, for he has now brought Francesca and Skyler to the attention of the undead and Gabriel's once beloved twin Lucian, the most powerful and ancient vampire in existence. Gabriel is determined to protect his lifemate and Skyler from all danger, which means he must continue to hunt and destroy the undead, putting himself in great peril.
Most of all, Gabriel knows he must destroy his twin, though he knows their fight will not be an easy one and that Lucian will probably take Gabriel to the grave with him. Feehan builds the suspense effectively, keeping readers riveted as she leads up to the final confrontation between Gabriel and Lucian, and a shocking discovery!
"Dark Legend" is, in a word, magnificent! It is filled with heart pounding passion and suspense, as well as a truly lovely romance. Gabriel and Francesca are a perfectly matched pair, and it is a highly rewarding experience watching them fall in love. So don't hesitate, "Dark Legend" has it all, so buy it today!

Dark Fire
Dark Fire
by Christine Feehan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
42 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Sexy, Satisfying, Superb!, June 13 2002
This review is from: Dark Fire (Mass Market Paperback)
"Dark Fire" is the sixth instalment in Christine Feehan's super sexy "Dark" series and it does not disappoint. With strong and vivid characters and a thrilling and romantic storyline, "Dark Fire" will stay with readers long after the book is finished!
Darius, brother to Desari ("Dark Challenge"), has been the leader and protector of a small family unit of long lost Carpathians for centuries. Darius is an immensely powerful Carpathian, but after losing his emotions and the ability to see colours hundreds of years ago, he is dangerously close to turning vampire, one of the vile, soulless creatures he has spent his entire life hunting and destroying. The only thing keeping Darius from turning is his desire to keep his family safe and his own code of honour. But there is only one thing that can save Darius and ensure he never turns - finding his lifemate, a compassionate woman to balance out his darkness with her light.
Darius' sister Desari is a famous singer and as a result their family unit is constantly travelling. In order to maintain a human image, Darius and his family travel using human transport, including a large bus that is constantly breaking down. To remedy this situation, Desari convinces Darius to let her hire a mechanic to travel along with them.
Desperate for money and a place to stay, Tempest, a small red-headed mechanic, responds to Desari's ad. When Darius first lays eyes on Tempest, his world explodes into colours and he is bombarded with emotions. After all these centuries of darkness, Darius has finally found his lifemate, but she is human, not Carpathian (though she does possess psychic abilities). Tempest is undeniably drawn to Darius and his piercing black eyes, but she knows that he is different and immensely powerful. When Tempest discovers what Darius and his family really are after Darius drinks her blood, she is terrified and attempts to run away. But Darius is not about to let his one chance at salvation get away and he inevitably finds her and brings her back.
As time passes Tempest begins to feel like she belongs with Darius, and though she still fears him, she also begins to respect and love him. The passion Darius feels for Tempest is almost too much for him to bear, and when these two act on their feelings for one another the reader is treated to some wonderfully sensual scenes.
Darius has finally found the happiness he so deserves, but he knows that his happiness is fleeting, for Tempest will age and die just like any normal human. Darius knows he will not be able to survive without Tempest, and if he converts her to a Carpathian he runs the risk of turning her into a deranged vampiress. So Darius makes the decision to age and die with Tempest, much to his family's distress.
Darius and Tempest must find a way to balance Darius' overpowering need to control Tempest and keep her safe with Tempest's need to be free to make her own choices and be her own woman. Tempest has a penchant for finding trouble wherever she goes, which is bad news with a secret society of vampire hunters closing in on them. These horrible vampire hunters do not understand or care about the distinction between Carpathians and vampires, and are out to destroy them all. And now that they know of Tempest's association with Darius and Desari, she is in grave danger.
"Dark Fire" is an exciting and erotic read that will keep readers captivated. It is wonderful to see such a mighty Carpathian as Darius undone by the thoughtfulness of a small red-headed human. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice and end his life with Tempest? Or will fate intervene and allow Darius and Tempest to be together for all time? Feehan has managed to create yet another enthralling tale of destiny and a love so powerful it transcends time itself. "Dark Fire" is sure to satisfy readers of many different genres and comes highly recommended!

Dark Challenge
Dark Challenge
by Christine Feehan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
38 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Paranormal Romance!, June 11 2002
"Dark Challenge" is the 5th book in Christine Feehan's wonderfully sensual "Dark" series, and it is another winner. Full of passion and true love, danger and excitement, this is a book you don't want to miss.
Julian Savage, a powerful Carpathian and twin brother to Aidan from "Dark Gold", has tired of his life of endless darkness and has decided to end it all by greeting the dawn. But before he ends his life he first must carry out one last mission for his prince - he must warn a singer known as Desari that her life is in danger from a secret society of vampire hunters. Julian tracks down Desari at one of her concerts and is shocked to notice that he is seeing in colour for the first time in centuries, which can mean only one thing - that Desari is his lifemate! Only minutes after his amazing discovery, an attempt is made on Desari's life as bullets spray the stage. But Julian isn't about to let his one chance at salvation die, so he gives blood to Desari to keep her alive.
It's not long before Julian makes a second shocking discovery when he finds out that Desari is indeed a Carpathian, and that she and four other Carpathians including her brother Darius have been alive and well for centuries without anyone knowing of their existence.
Desari is wary of Julian at first and is disconcerted by the power he has over her. She feels an intense physical and emotional pull towards him, but she does not know for sure if she can trust him. Desari is extremely powerful in her own right and is determined to maintain her freedom. Julian on the other hand desperately wants to keep his lifemate safe, and believes that her singing in front of thousands of people is just asking for trouble.
Though Desari is not sure what to make of Julian, she cannot resist the feelings he brings to life inside of her. When Desari succumbs to the passion she feels for Julian, the reader is treated to some incredibly sexy scenes! Julian and Desari are a perfect match for one another and their fiery personalities and great determination will have readers falling in love with them.
But while Julian and Desari try to work out their personal problems, they must always be on the alert for the human vampire hunters tracking them and for the undead, who are always drawn to female Carpathians. In addition to these external threats, Julian must deal with Desari's brother, Darius, who has been his sister's protector for hundreds of years and is not willing to just let Julian take over. There is lots of tension between Julian and Darius, much to Desari's dismay, and these two powerful Carpathians slowly but surely come to terms with one another. And it's a very good thing that they have learned to work (grudgingly) together, because a painful secret from Julian's past is about to come back to haunt him, and it's going to take all of Julian and Darius' combined strength to destroy the ancient evil they are about to confront!
"Dark Challenge" is a truly wonderful read. The characters are all vivid and intriguing, and the thrilling storyline will keep readers glued to the pages. Christine Feehan skilfully pulls readers into her magical world of Carpathians and doesn't let go. This book will leave readers utterly satisfied and will have all of us craving a Carpathian of our own. So don't hesitate, "Dark Challenge" is a captivating tale that comes highly recommended, so buy it today.

Dark Magic
Dark Magic
by Christine Feehan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
48 used & new from CDN$ 0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars A Magical Read!, June 5 2002
This review is from: Dark Magic (Mass Market Paperback)
Well, it's official. I am completely hooked on Christine Feehan's "Dark" series; I just can't get enough of it. "Dark Magic" is the fourth instalment in this wonderfully sensual series and it is fantastic. Gregori and Savannah are both vivid, rich characters and their story is full of passion, excitement, and danger. This is one book you do not want to miss!
Ever since her 18th birthday, Carpathian Savannah Dubrinsky, daughter of the Prince of all Carpathians, has known that Gregori, The Dark One, her race's legendary healer, was her destiny. Unable to deal with the intensity of Gregori's desire for her, Savannah left her homeland for the United States, where she used her special Carpathian powers to become a world famous magician.
But though Savannah thought she had eluded Gregori, she could not have been more wrong. Though Gregori was perilously close to turning vampire without Savannah's light to counteract his growing darkness, he selflessly decided to give her five years of freedom before claiming her as his lifemate. And now that those five years are up, nothing and no one will stand between Gregori and his destiny.
But Savannah is terrified of Gregori, an ancient with unequalled powers feared by all of her kind. Savannah knows how easy it would be to lose herself in the hypnotic passion burning in the depths of Gregori's silver eyes. But most of all, Savannah fears the powerful and unfamiliar feelings that Gregori brings to life inside of her.
As Gregori and Savannah try to work out a balance between Savannah's desire for freedom and Gregori's need to keep his lifemate safe at all times, Savannah slowly but surely begins to admire this great man, and finds herself wanting to make him happy. It is wonderful watching Savannah's acceptance of Gregori, and it is even more wonderful seeing Gregori, an immensely powerful and confidant Carpathian, completely disarmed by the thoughtfulness of one small woman.
But though they have issues to resolve between them, first and foremost Gregori must keep Savannah safe from a secret society of vampire hunters lead by an ancient vampire. Gregori and Savannah travel to New Orleans in hopes of leading them away from others of their race and hope to destroy the group once and for all. Gregori's confrontations with these evil beings bent on destroying his kind fill the book with danger and suspense.
All in all, "Dark Magic" was a pleasure to read. I became utterly wrapped up in the story of Gregori and Savannah and could scarcely force myself to put the book down. I highly recommend this book, and the rest of the series. So don't wait, buy this book today and get ready for several hours of pure enjoyment!

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