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Your Store is a way of making sure that you don't miss the perfect item. We determine your interests by examining the items you've purchased, items you've told us you own, and items you've rated. We then compare your activity on our site with that of other customers. Using this comparison, we are able to recommend other items that may interest you. These recommended items will appear in several areas throughout our store.

Click the links below for more information about viewing and refining the items we recommend:

How Recommendations Work

Are my recommendations saved so I can look at them again later?

No. Your recommendations will change when you purchase or rate a new item. Changes in the interests of other customers may also affect your own recommendations. Because your recommendations will fluctuate, we suggest you add items that interest you to your Wish List or Shopping Cart. We wouldn't want you to miss something you might enjoy!

Why was a particular item recommended for me?

You'll notice "Fix this recommendation" links below recommended items on most product home pages. Click this link to see why the item was recommended. You'll also be able to rate the item or exclude the specific purchases we used to make a recommendation and therefore influence future recommendations that we make.

How do I turn off recommendations?

Simply click the link on our home page that says "If you're not (your name), click here." Then, leave the e-mail and password spaces blank and click the "Amazon.ca" logo. This will remove our recommendations for you until you sign in again.

Can I delete items from my "Items You Own" list?

You may delete any items that you've told us you own. On the "Items you own" list, you should see the following sentence next to these items: "You said you own this (Delete)." Click the word "Delete" to remove the item from your list.

It's not currently possible to delete items you have purchased on Amazon.ca. However, you can prevent these items from affecting your recommendations--just check the box next to "Don't use for recommendations."

What happened to New for You and other recommendations features I used to visit at Amazon.ca?

We've made these features more accessible and easier to use as part of our new Your Store. Here you'll find your recommendations, as well as personalized new and future releases, and the Improve Your Recommendations area, where you can tell us more about your preferences to help us make better recommendations for you.

Improving Your Recommendations

How can I get recommendations that are better suited to my tastes?

First, tell us more about what you like by visiting the Improve Your Recommendations area. If you are a new customer, help us get to know you by going through our Recommendations Wizard.

Also, if you're unsure why we are recommending a particular item, check the "Recommended because" description which appears beneath each item when you view Your Recommendations. We'll tell you which of your previous ratings or purchases influenced our suggestion, so you can then revise your ratings or exclude those purchases if necessary.

How do I exclude gift purchases--or any other purchase I've made--from being used to recommend items to me?

There are two ways to exclude an item you've purchased or rated from being used in making recommendations for you:

  • Click the Improve Your Recommendations link below the links in the Recommended for You area. Locate the items you wish to exclude in the list of "Items I own," and check the "Don't use for recommendations" option.
  • From the "Fix this recommendation" link, check the "Don't use for recommendations" option for those recommendation reasons you wish to exclude from being used to make future recommendations.
The Page You Made and Your Recent History

What is the Page You Made?

The Page You Made is meant to help you keep track of some of the items you've recently viewed, searches you've recently made, and product categories you've recently visited, and help you find related items that might be of interest. As you browse through the store, we will bring to your attention items similar to those you are looking at. The Page You Made continually updates as you browse. We try to offer purchase suggestions that are most relevant to your recent shopping sessions. Our record of your activity on our site expires after a few hours.

How do I clear my recent history?

To clear your recent history, visit the Page You Made, and click Delete this item. To remove all items, click the Delete all items button on the left side of the page.

How do I opt out of the Page You Made and having my recent history displayed?

We hope you find the Page You Made and Your Recent History useful. If you do not enjoy this feature and want to turn it off, click here.

Items You Like

Liking things on Amazon can help improve your shopping experience by allowing us to provide personalized product recommendations based on what you like. You can try the feature on many Amazon product pages. You'll be able to see how many other Amazon customers like a product, and clicking the "Like" button adds the product to your list of liked items.

Will I see product recommendations based on my likes?

Yes, we will recommend products to you based on the items you've liked. To see a list of your personalized recommendations, go to https://www.amazon.ca/gp/yourstore.

What does the count next to the like button mean?

The count next to the "Like" button on the product page is the total number of Amazon customers who have liked that item. When you like something, it increases the total number of likes for that product.

Why do I need to sign in to like something?

We require you to be signed into Amazon to like something so we can remember your specific likes.

Where can I see all my likes?

You can see all your likes under " Items you've liked " after clicking the Your Lists link at the bottom of the Your Store page.

Can I unlike something once I've liked it?

Yes, you can unlike something after you've liked it by clicking or hovering on the "Liked" button on the product page and clicking "Unlike" in the popover window. You can also edit your list of likes in the Items you've liked after clicking the Your Lists link at the bottom of the Your Store page.

Can I write a Customer Review for something I've liked?

Yes, you can write a Customer Review for something you've liked. You can also like items you've written Customer Reviews for on the site.

Can I like something that's already on my Amazon Wish List?

You can add something you've liked to your Amazon Wish List, or like a product that is already on your Amazon Wish List.

Why do I see the feature only on some product detail pages?

We're adding the "Like" option to product detail pages gradually, and it might be a while before it's visible on all pages to all customers.

Rating Items

How do I rate an item that I haven't purchased, that I purchased elsewhere, or that isn't recommended to me?

You are welcome to rate any item in our store that you feel strongly about, even if it's not an item you purchased from Amazon.com. There are two ways to rate an item:

Search for products you would like to rate from Your Store. Rate the items you have an opinion about by entering the name of the item you'd like to rate here. On the following page, rate items using the 1-5 star scale provided.

When rating an item, what does the 1-5 star scale represent? And why isn't my rating changing the average customer review for the item?

1 star: I hate it
2 stars: I don't like it
3 stars: It's OK
4 stars: I like it
5 stars: I love it

The ratings you submit are private and are never shared with other Amazon.ca customers, nor does it affect the average customer review for the item. These ratings are used solely by our recommendations service to provide you the most accurate recommendations possible.

What does marking an item "not interested" mean?

By telling us you're not interested in an item we recommend, we stop recommending the item to you.


I continue to be recommended items I already own, or have already rated. Why is this happening?

You may still occasionally be recommended titles that you have purchased from Amazon.ca. If this happens, it is likely that we are recommending an edition different from the one you purchased (e.g., paperback, hardcover, audio cassette). We generally screen out other editions from Your Recommendations, but a few titles may get past our filters.

If this happens, simply click the "Not interested" checkbox next to the new edition we recommend, or click the "Rate this item" link and check "Not interested" in the subsequent window, and we will stop recommending the item to you.

I see ratings I haven't submitted or purchases I haven't made are appearing in the Improve Your Recommendations area or as reasons for a recommendation you've made. How is this possible, and how can I fix it?

If you share a computer with other users or visit Amazon.ca on a public terminal at a library or somewhere similar, it is possible another user inadvertently rated items on your account. Please be assured that if this was the case, the other user would not have had access to any of your personal information. We do, however, recommend that public terminal users sign out after each visit to our store.

It's easy to remove ratings that have been made. First click the store link with your name on it, located right next to the Amazon.ca link. Then click Improve Your Recommendations at the top of the screen below the links. To remove ratings, click the Items You've Rated link under "EDIT YOUR COLLECTION" and check the "Don't use for recommendations" box. Your ratings will be automatically updated.