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Where Purchases Are Sent

People who purchase items from a Wish List can opt to send them to any address they want, but the default delivery address is the one that the creator of the Wish List provides when the list is created. Gift givers can see only the name, city, and state associated with this address. The street address remains hidden.

It's easy to change the address to which purchases from your Wish List are sent.

  1. Click the "Wish List" link at the top of most pages of our website (this is called "Your Lists" if you have a list other than a "Wish List") and choose "Wish List" from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Show list profile link and then Update this list's profile link on the left side of your Wish List.
  3. Sign in with the e-mail address and password that are associated with your account.
  4. To choose a new shipping address, either select the radio button next to the Address Book drop-down menu, and select one of your addresses from that menu, or select the radio button next to the Enter a New Address form, and fill in the fields with your new address.
  5. Click the "Save changes" button when you are finished.

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