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Viewing or Changing Your 1-Click Orders

All 1-Click orders, shipped and sold by Amazon.ca, made within a 90-minute period are consolidated first by shipping address and then by availability. During that time period, it's easy to change any detail of the order. Just visit Your Account, click GO! next to View by Order, then click View or change order. You'll be taken to the Order Summary page where you can make changes to the order, including shipping address, shipping method, payment method, or cancel an item.You're welcome to make changes to the order after the 90-minute period, too, as long as the order has not entered the shipping process. You can review any open or completed order you've placed at Amazon.ca by clicking the Your Account link at the top of most pages of our store.

Please note: Marketplace orders placed using 1-Click can only be modified within 30 minutes after they have been placed. After that time, you can contact the seller to request that they cancel the order. Additionally, any changes you make to the 1-Click settings for a particular order will affect only that order. If you want to change your default 1-Click settings permanently, visit the Your Account page, and click the "View or change your 1-Click settings" link under the Account Settings heading.