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Search Tips

Keyword Search

Keyword Search boxes can be found at the top of most pages of our Video store. Enter one or more keywords, using any combination of the film's title, director, or featured actor(s). If you use more than one keyword, our search engine will restrict the results to VHS videos that each match all the keywords you enter.

Here are some examples in the use of Keyword Search:

  • Entering "harrison ford" finds VHS videos featuring performances by Harrison Ford.
  • Entering "blue" finds VHS videos featuring the word "blue" (e.g., Blue, Blue Velvet, Devil in a Blue Dress, etc.).
  • Entering "spielberg" finds VHS videos directed by Steven Spielberg.
  • Entering "dark davis" finds the VHS video Dark Victory featuring a performance by Bette Davis.
  • Entering "walken ferrara" finds VHS videos directed by Abel Ferrara and featuring performances by Christopher Walken.

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search allows you to search by a combination of several fields:

  • Entering "night" in the Title field finds VHS videos that have the word "night" in the title (e.g., About Last Night, Night of the Living Dead, Big Night, etc.).
  • Entering "tru" in the Title field and selecting Start of Title Word(s) finds VHS videos featuring title words such as "trust" and "true."
  • Entering "campion" in the Director field finds VHS videos of films directed by Jane Campion.
  • Selecting $10 & Under finds all VHS videos under $10.
  • Selecting Cantonese finds all VHS videos featuring that language.

A few helpful hints:

You don't need to fill in all fields. It's often more useful to start with a fairly broad search, narrowing it if necessary. A search for an actor's last name might be more efficient, but if you're unsure of the specific last name, you might try searching for the actor's first name. An actor search for "rock" will locate films featuring performances by Rock Hudson, as will an actor search for "hudson."

Browsing for Videos

Don't know exactly what kind of video you're in the mood for? Use the links on the top navigation bar of our Video store to browse by genre or search for bestsellers, new and future releases, and more.

VHS Video Technical Information

Please note that all the videos sold by Amazon.ca follow the 60Hz, NTSC format--this is the video format used in North America and Japan. These tapes will not play on most video machines in Europe or other countries that use PAL, SECAM, or other video standards. If you're interested in purchasing videos in PAL or SECAM formats, you might consider visiting one of our international sites other than Amazon.ca.

Additional title-specific information can be found by clicking the "technical information" link in the navigation bar on the left side of any title's product information page. Information typically found there includes studio, running time, reason for rating, theatrical release date, release date, and sound particulars.

Need More Information About a Product?

The only information we can give you about a particular item in our Video store is what we display on the product information page for that item. If you don't find the information there, visit our partner site, the Internet Movie Database (http://www.imdb.com).

Widescreen Versus Standard Editions

Many of our videos are available in both widescreen and standard versions. Widescreen, or letterbox, editions reproduce the film as it is shown in a theatre, as a rectangle with an average aspect ratio of 16:9, as opposed to the more square television aspect ratio of 4:3. Black bars are placed at the top and bottom of the screen to preserve this rectangular image on a TV screen.

On the other hand, standard versions of films have been reformatted to fit the proportions of your TV screen. This reformatting often means cutting off the left and right edges of the original picture. Because films are produced in a variety of height-to-width ratios, the amount of picture loss would be different for each title. The format of each video should be listed on the product information page for that title.

The format of each VHS title in our catalogue should be listed on that item's product information page. Currently, there is no way to search specifically for videos in widescreen format.

Multiple Editions of the Same Video

Occasionally, we will list multiple editions of the same video. We do our best to distinguish between editions by providing information such as studio, running time, reason for rating, theatrical release date, release date, and sound particulars. This information can be found by clicking the "technical information" link in the navigation bar on the left side of any title's product information page.

Occasionally, there will be no difference between two listings of the same title, except perhaps in price. These titles often are older releases that have reached public-domain status, meaning that any company is able to distribute them.

Clamshell Packaging Versus Slipcover Packaging

A "clamshell" package is a hard plastic case that opens in half, much like a book. The videocassette is stored inside. Most videos, however, come in a thin cardboard box called a "slipcover." The videocassette usually slips into the bottom of the slipcover for storage.

Viewing Previews and Trailers

Occasionally, you'll see links to promotional video clips on the product information pages for selected CDs, DVDs, and VHS videos. It's best to have a fast connection, such as DSL or a cable modem, to play these clips. Also, you'll need to have Microsoft's Windows Media Player or RealNetworks' RealPlayer installed on your system.


Within 30 days of delivery of your shipment (including gifts), you may return any unopened  (still in its plastic wrap) VHS tape to Amazon.ca, for any reason, for a full refund. We'll also refund the return shipping cost, if the return is the result of our error.

Please note that we cannot accept the return of opened items or items returned more than 30 days past delivery. We can only process returns and refunds for items purchased at Amazon.ca. We cannot exchange items.

If you purchased your video from an Amazon Marketplace seller, see our Amazon Marketplace returns policy for information regarding returning your order to the seller.