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Signing In and Signing Out

When We Ask You To Sign In

We ask you to sign into your Amazon.ca account any time we need to verify your identity. This includes times when you access account or order information to review or change something.

"Keep Me Signed In" Checkbox

When you sign in on Amazon.ca, you may be presented with the option to "Keep me signed in." If you choose this option, Amazon will keep you signed in for common activities such as making purchases and viewing your orders. This option will only apply to the browser that you are using when you select the box.

You should only choose to stay signed in if you're using a computer that you dont share with other people. If you share the computer with others, they may be able to access your Amazon.ca account and perform actions on your behalf without knowing your password. Never choose this feature if you are on a public terminal, such as at a library or an internet café.

Even if you choose to remain signed in, you'll still be prompted for your password at least every two weeks. We may still ask you to enter your password for certain activities such as modifying your account.

Stop Staying Signed In

If you no longer wish to stay signed in on a particular browser, simply sign out of Amazon.ca on that browser. If you don't have physical access to that browser, you can cancel all saved sign- ins by resetting your Amazon.ca password. This will cancel all existing sign-ins that you have, even if some of them have the "Keep me signed in" feature enabled.

Troubleshooting Problems Signing In

If you have trouble logging in, here are some things to check:

  • Incorrect E-mail Address: Your e-mail address must be in this format: username@domain.com (or .net, .org, .edu, etc.). If you have more than one e-mail address, be sure that you're using the correct e-mail address and password combination for the account you are trying to access. Also, if your computer is set to auto-complete the e-mail, make sure it's the correct e-mail address listed.

  • Incorrect Password: If you're sure you're using the correct e-mail address, try to reset your password. Simply visit http://www.amazon.ca/password and follow the on-screen instructions. Your new password will be effective immediately.

Signing Out

If you're using a device that's shared with people you might not know or trust, like a public terminal or kiosk, you'll want to sign out before you leave the computer. You can do this by clicking "Not (your name)" at the top of any Amazon.ca page.

What happens when I sign out?

After you sign out, your name will be removed from the home page and your 1-Click ordering settings will be removed from that browser.

To regain access to the items saved in your Shopping Cart, to place orders, or to view your recommendations, you'll need to sign in again.