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Marketplace Payments FAQ

Why do I have to complete a PIN verification process?

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is provided to you during the Marketplace Payments registration process. The PIN verification process is part of our account verification system. When you reach the PIN verification point of the registration process, we will contact you at the phone number provided in your application. We will then ask you to verify your PIN using our automated system. If you have problems with your PIN, click here.

When will I get my money?

Your disbursements are based on a 14-day cycle starting from the time you were approved to sell using Marketplace Payments. For new sellers, there is an initial 14-day holding period before funds will be released from your Payments account.

Once you have received your first automatic disbursement from Amazon, you may be eligible to disburse funds up to once every 24 hours. If you request a manual disbursement, we will reset your next automatic settlement date to 14 days after your requested disbursement. If you do nothing, any available funds will automatically be disbursed to your checking account every 14 days.

After a disbursement is initiated, it normally takes 5 business days until the money is available in your checking account. For more information, see Transfers to Your Checking Account.

Why does it take 14 days for you to release my money?

When you first apply for Marketplace Payments or when you change your bank account information, we test the new account information to ensure that it is valid. After this test you can disburse your funds up to once a day.

Can you automatically settle the account for me every day?

No, although you can do this manually every 24 hours in your Payments account.

Can't you just put my sales proceeds into a buying account for

At this time, we can only transfer these funds into a bank account.

Why aren't the fees for Marketplace equal to the commission fees I paid?

The "Fees" section of your Payments Account Summary is made up of several components including:

  • The commission charged for your sales.
  • The variable closing fee amount per the closing fee schedule.
  • The $1.49 per-transaction fee charged to sellers who are not subscribed to the Pro Merchant Subscription.

I made a refund--where do I see the credit for my fees?

These credits appear under Amount Due Seller in the Fees section of your Payments Summary.

How is the credit for partial refunds calculated?

When you create a partial refund, a proportional part of the sales commission is credited back to you. Your commission fee credit is based on the percentage of the item price refunded to the buyer, excluding the shipping fee. For example, when you sell a book at a $10.00 item price, the commission rate is 15%, or $1.50. If you want to give the buyer $5.00 back, you would receive a commission credit of $0.75.

The shipping credit you received for the order does not affect the amount credited to you for a partial refund. Also, closing fees are not credited for partial refunds. Partial refunds assume that the sale was completed and the item was shipped to the buyer.

How can I use the information in my account for bookkeeping?

Your Payments Summary includes a link to "Export This Statement" to download information into a Microsoft Excel document.

Can I export buyers' shipping addresses from the Payments account?

At this time you cannot export buyers' shipping addresses. However, Pro Merchant Subscribers can use the inventory reports to get a file of orders, including the buyers' shipping information.

Why can't some buyers use Payments?

To purchase from an independent seller using Marketplace Payments by Amazon, the buyer must in a country covered by the Marketplace Payments program. This coverage is increasing and currently covers 29 countries.

Sellers in the following countries are currently covered by Marketplace Payments: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales), and the United States (including U.S. protectorates).

What is a negative balance?

Your seller account may have a negative balance if the amount of fees you owe and refunds you have issued exceeds your sales during a settlement period. Your Payments Report provides a detailed summary of all credits and charges applied to your account.

  • Fees: Fees differ depending on your seller type, the items you sell, and the services you use. You can see order-level details of fees you have incurred by going to the Transaction View tab of your Payments Report and clicking on an order total amount. You can also refer to Fees and Pricing for information on fees associated with your seller account.
  • Product refunds: If you issue a refund for a product for which you have already received payment, Amazon will charge you the full amount of the refund, minus the cost of any applicable referral fees from the order. For more information about product refunds, please refer to the Participation Agreement.

Amazon will attempt to charge your credit card for the amount you owe if your seller account has a negative balance at the end of a settlement period. However, the amount charged may be less than the total amount you owe if a credit limit imposed by your bank. Amazon will continue to charge your credit card as often as every 24 hours until the remaining balance in your seller account is paid in full.

You can also use the Make a Payment feature to repay the balance you owe. For details, see Make a Payment.

Seller Support

Please use the e-mail address associated with your Seller account.