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Mass Effect 2 by Electronic Arts
Mass Effect 2 by Electronic Arts
This is byfar the best ps3 game i've ever played. To compensate the fact that we ps3 users did not get the 1st ME game, we get a digital interactive comic book to make the important choices in the 1st game that make a serious impact on the story of the 2nd game. We also get the "cerberus pack" and a decent amount of dlc. The ps3 version of the game is running on the same engine as Mass Effect 3 will be. The story-telling in this game is spectacular and every choice you make in the dialogues and in a handful of missions affects how the story unfolds. There is so much to do in this game, you will easely spend at least 40+ hours with your first playthrough. And believe me, it won't be your… Read more