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Top Reviewer Ranking: 840 - Total Helpful Votes: 119 of 168
Animal Farm <b>DVD</b> ~ Gordon Heath
Animal Farm DVD ~ Gordon Heath
At first I wasn't sure if I should read George Orwell's controversial novel, because my sister studied it in school and she didn't like it much. But I had read it and I find it excellent - so is this film. As in the original novel, the story follows a farm animal revolution which at first was successful until Napoleon the corruptive Berkshire boar took matters in his own "trotters."

I find this film from England's Halas and Batchelor really well-done and I don't consider is "Disney-ish" as some think with the dark, violent content that's on it. Also I really must commemorate on the one-man performance by Maurice Denham, the Mel Blanc of British radio. So overall, I love this… Read more
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp [Import] <b>DVD</b> ~ Gaston Guez
I had gotten curious after seeing clips on YouTube. So I had ordered this film version of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp and I love it. I find animation from underrated Fench animator Jean Image is almost U.P.A-ish. This film stays true to the orignial Arabin Nights tale and I found it colorful, beautifully animated, and musical with a wonderful soundtrack. I love it when Aladdin serenades the princess.

You know, I had watched many versions of Aladdin and it was hard to choose which version is the best. So I would say that this version and the Japanese anime version that was made 12 years later are the best versions...Sorry Disney and I'm not one to take sides.
Brave  (Sous-titres français) <b>DVD</b> ~ Kelly MacDonald
Brave (Sous-titres français) DVD ~ Kelly MacDonald
I had seen it at theaters, and now Brave is my top favorite film from Pixar because of it's beautiful soundtrack by Patrick Doyle (Quest for Camelot) and the film's leading lady...I really hated the "bashing" I would see over the internet.

The story is about the tomboyish Princess Merida, who grows tired of her daily life of restricting princess lessons from her queenly mother Elinor. Merida then decides to go against the royal traditions, which is refusing to take a husband from the oldest son of one of three lords from other clans. Seeking to change her fate, Merida receives a spell from a reclusive, eccentric forest witch, but by doing this, unleashes a terrible ancient curse… Read more

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