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The New Marine Aquarium: Step-By-Step Setup & Stoc&hellip by Michael D. Paletta
5.0 out of 5 stars He beat me to it!, March 1 2003
I must admit that I had an ulterior motive for buying this book, namely, I was writing one of my own, and as such I had to check out the competiton. I've met Mike ( Paletta ) on numerous occasions, and I knew that anything he wrote would be quite good.
Well, I have to say that my plans are now officially shot!
He covers just about everything imaginable, and does so in such a clear & concise way that there is little point in my trying to cover it again.
I am truly impressed. This so-called beginner's book scarcely rates that category; this is the very sort of information that beginners REALLY need but oh-so rarely ever get until it is too late. Moreover, it is presented in a… Read more