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The Mighty Hvita On Its Way to the Sea
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I am an avid reader who likes a broad range of economic, historical and political commentary, with some historic fiction thrown in for good measure. My favorite authors are Graham Greene, Max Hastings, Nial Ferguson and Roddy Doyle. I Have a strong Christian faith that does not prevent me from delving into a wide range of secular topics in order to educate myself on the changing landscapes of life… Read more



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[New Arrival] HooToo® TripMate Elite Versatile Wir&hellip by hootoo
Great for charging up various electronic devices in a hurry. While we are not great game players or sharers of data online, we see the great potential with its capacity as a router connected to the cloud. For those interested in this function, you will be expected to download RARR. While you are expected to pay a small monthly fee, that can be avoided by clicking on the forty-five day renewal box. Overall, it looks like a winner that we will certainly expand our use of as we integrate it with the new Samsung tablet.
Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty
Piketty, a French economist, in a major macroeconomic study of modern economies by the title of "Capital", believes that world economies are currently going through a serious rough patch that is the direct result of trends established over the past three centuries. Statistical evidence, taken from French tax records among other sources, points out that we have not arrived at our present perilous state simply by process of excessive spending and bad fiscal policies. He starts the discussion by dividing the economy into the public and private sectors, both of which have access to money through the generation and accumulation of wealth and the creation of assets resulting from an expanding… Read more
The Lion's Gate: On the Front Lines of the Six Day&hellip by Steven Pressfield
This is the first book of Pressfield's I have read, and I am very impressed with how he has handled the subject of modern warfare in a very human and intelligent manner. By using a wide cross-section of interconnected stories from front-line participants in the Israeli military, we get to see how the Six Day War of June, 1967, took shape as Israel unleashed an incredibly devastating two-prong, pre-emptive strike on the Egyptian army and airforce. In this account, we are apprised of how the plan came together in all its detail, execution and creativity. We get to see how, on the whole, national politicians and generals worked effectively with field commanders, pilots, regular soldiers,… Read more

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