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The Mighty Hvita On Its Way to the Sea
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I am an avid reader who likes a broad range of economic, historical and political commentary, with some historic fiction thrown in for good measure. My favorite authors are Graham Greene, Max Hastings, Nial Ferguson and Roddy Doyle. I Have a strong Christian faith that does not prevent me from delving into a wide range of secular topics in order to educate myself on the changing landscapes of life… Read more



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Smart Weigh ACE110 Digital Shipping, Postal Scale &hellip by Smart Weigh
We now have a very accurate, portable, convenient to store and easy-to-set-up electronic scales for a wide-range of items. For us its decent-sized weighing platform, large-size digital readout, and long cord makes it very easy to handle. No more squinting to get the exact measurement; no more trying to figure out the number of ounces, and no more having to find a space to store your old bulkley scales. One little selling feature that has got my wife excited is that with the press of a button it subtracts the weight of the container from the gross weight, giving the net weight of the ingredients. Pretty impressive. Everything about this space-age device indicates convenience. Good value.
Keep It Pithy: Useful Observations in a Tough Worl&hellip by Bill O'Reilly
Bill OReilly, the famous commentator for FOX News, has recently released his twelfth book on all things conservative and libertarian. As one of the main voices of the American political right, this man is one of those outspoken and articulate individuals who has no trouble being understood for what he has to say about American culture. You might not always agree with him but rarely will you find it hard to understand where he is coming from. He speaks as a critic of all that he feels is significantly wrong out there. Based on a collection of musings from columns and op-eds written over the years, OReilly has compiled this book as a call for people to take back their culture - in other… Read more
Triumphs of Experience: The Men of the Harvard Gra&hellip by George E. Vaillant
I always knew there were longitudinal studies out there that looked at the aging process over time, but discovering the epic Grant Study from Harvard just blew me away. Vaillant, as a faculty member of that school's psychiatry department, takes the opportunity in this book to review and explore the updated results of this mammoth study of Harvard grads as it deals with surviving participants, many of whom are in their eighties and nineties. While the criteria for assessment is simple to follow - a list of ten general accomplishments or satisfactions including parental and spousal relations, the follow-up analysis is complex, instructive, revealing and profound. Based on extensive interviews… Read more

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