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Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue Sauces: 175 Make&hellip by Paul Kirk
If you occasionally throw a slab of ribs on a grill and just need a recipe or two for a marinade or rub, skip this book and buy Ron Lutz's book "Whatcha Need to Know to Barbecue Like a Pro" or just pick up a general-purpose cookbook. If you're into true Barbecue (temperatures below 250 degrees, 5+ hours' cooking time, and barrel smokers, water smokers, and the like) and you like guests to 'Oooh' and 'Aaaah' over your Barbecue prowess; or if you'd like to know enough to make up your own rub, mop, marinade and finishing sauce recipes, definitely buy Paul Kirk's book. He explains how to create your own recipes for each of these categories, then throws in a bunch of standard and… Read more