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Live ~ Ac/Dc
Live ~ Ac/Dc
Seriously, this is not only the best C.D. I own, but it is the best C.D. I have ever listened too! It's a little different because it's live and because Brian Jonhnson sings it, but it's still great because of the fact that its DIFFERENT, um okay. If you plan on getting their other C.D.s there isn't much reason to get this C.D. unless you collect them because you can just buy the C.D. with what ever songs you like on here and get the whole C.D. I bought this and I really don't know if I'm going to buy the other ones. I'm a young teen who doesn't have a lot of money. Ac/Dc is a great Metal band- or what I consider Hard Rock because you can actually understand the lyrics. In this C.D… Read more