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Hi! I'm fifteen years old, and I come on this website a lot. Mostly looking for products from the wonderful world of Japan ^_^ . I'm slowly getting into anime, though I kinda am a 'poser' 'cuz I like Rocketdan. ::hugs CD drama:: Oh well . . . ^_^


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Tenchi the Movie V.1 <b>VHS</b> ~ Matt K. Miller
Tenchi the Movie V.1 VHS ~ Matt K. Miller
This movie was so incredibly good that I probably would never get sick of watching it. The animation was excellent (as expected), and the plot was very good. In Tenchi Muyo in Love, Tenchi and everyone must go back in time, where they see Tenchi's parents as teenagers. The movie, I think, would be suited for many tastes, with many humorous moments but a lot of action as well. The only downside is that one would probably be better off watching this after one has been acquainted with the characters, so I'd recommend seeing some episodes first. It's really nice to see all of the great Tenchi characters again, but probably one of the best parts was getting to see Tenchi's parents when they were… Read more