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Avant-Guide New Orleans: Insiders Guide for Cosmop&hellip by Dan Levine
2.0 out of 5 stars trying soooo hard, March 1 2002
This book really made me laugh, but I wasn't laughing "with" the writer. Here is a sample of the style, from the intro (under the heading "New Orleans Unplugged" - give me a break): "like priests at a Boy Scout convention, whitebread visitors from uptight American towns get unhinged with excitement from the very sight of the city's sidewalk bars selling 'Huge Ass Beer' in take-away cups." Whoa! Edgy! Shocking! Controversial! Also the "hip" cover model on the new edition (not shown on this page) has visible nipples! Sexy. Young. Ahem.... I found the tone comical and pandering, desperately trying to foster an in-crowd conspiratorial rapport, so that the aforementioned whitebread visitor would… Read more