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Drowning Ruth: A Novel by Christina Schwarz
Drowning Ruth: A Novel by Christina Schwarz
The story of a young girl whose mother mysteriously drowned while her husband was away at war and whose troubled aunt then takes over her upbringing (whew!), "Drowning Ruth" is well-written, enthralling, and...depressing.
I, personally, did not actually like any of the characters in this book except for Ruth and her friends Imogene and Arthur, and all of the characters just seemed so hopeless.
This added to the overall aura of depression that I felt eminated from "Drowning Ruth," but each reader will view its premise quite differently.
Despite its depressing nature, "Drowning Ruth" was an excellent psychological thriller, especially toward the… Read more
Belshazzar's Daughter: A Novel of Istanbul by Barbara Nadel
"Belshazzar's Daughter" was an enjoyable read, although at times the developments in the story were over-the-top and unbelievable.
I almost got the impression that, toward the end of the novel, the author just wanted to get it over with and thus wrote an unbelievable ending for an otherwise excellent novel.
The character development was, in my opinion, quite good, and the plot started out with a lot of promise. When the last Tsar of Russia was pulled into the tale, I became immediately intrigued. However, by the closing of the book, I began to feel that the final twists were just too much.
I did like the lack of total clarity at the end, because it allowed me to… Read more
Big Fish (Bilingual) [Import] <b>DVD</b> ~ Ewan McGregor
Big Fish (Bilingual) [Import] DVD ~ Ewan McGregor
"Big Fish" is an exquisite film; it is safe to say that Tim Burton, despite his excellent reputation as a film-maker, has outdone himself.
The acting was superb, the story heartwrenching, and the execution wonderful.
This movie is, in my opinion, one of the best films of its year.
True, the messages this film attempts (and, in my case, suceeds) to portray are cliche- follow your heart, make the most of your life, committment allows one to go far, etc.- but aren't all cliches cliches for a reason? "Big Fish" even managed to refrain from making these messages appear trite; on the contrary, they were expressed humorously, with love, and through some of the… Read more

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