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Word Life ~ Oc
Word Life ~ Oc
After nine years since it's original release , Word...Life still remains at the top of my list ! The combination of O.C's masterfull word play and intricate visuals , laced over buckwild's dusty bottom of the crate beats , is hip hop at it's very best . 'Born to Live', 'O-zone' , 'Story' and 'Sabotage' in particular , are examples of O.C's superior taste in beats , and knowledge of how to execute his deliver over them. On born to live he pays homage to his deceased childhood friend " god bless you're laid to rest / call him mike boogie that's what describes da nigga best" and you're there with him , conjuring up memories of you're own childhood as you listen . With 'Story' O flips it on a… Read more