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Hello, I love 90's british music and dance/techno,ice hockey,Movies,Video Games and going to Clubs and dancing like a fool...Ive also recently gratuated from Art school and am currently looking for work in that area (it hasnt been easy heh) I have brown hair and green eyes and am in my 20's currently...thats about it!


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Girl on the Bridge <b>VHS</b> ~ Vanessa Paradis
Girl on the Bridge VHS ~ Vanessa Paradis
5.0 out of 5 stars Im In Love..., July 4 2002
I looooved this movie when it was in the theaters....not in too many theaters unfortunatly....tooo bad......this movie was really sexy without alot of the stupid pop culture ... that becomes old after 2 months or is trying too hard to be "cool"

If you like indie movies and movies from will probably like it....who hasent felt like jumping off a bridge at one time or another? :)
I can relate.....I liked all the sex scenes and the trip across europe was neat too, as well as the circus and knife throwing scenes.....I will probably rent it soon to see it again!
I also like that Vanessa Paradis is beautiful without being "perfect" like alot of american actresses… Read more