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My name is 'Ayashi Ori' and I'm from the US. I'm a student who enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. I'm trying to create & publish my own original graphic novel series. Oh yeah, I also love anime and manga and I find the Japanese pop-culture to be very interesting. I'm an artistic person and find the most expression in the arts. For me, it would be more in drawings/paintings/art and in words (par… Read more


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Young Jedi Knights 02 Shadow Academy by Kevin Anderson
Shadow Academy is an awesome book to continue the YJK series! If you were wondering about the introduction on the Tie-fighter and the pilot in the first book, now you know!
The Dark Side is everywhere and now it's found its way to the twins! The newly borne Dark Jedi group -- Shadow Academy -- has been alerted to the twins' and their fellow Jedi's presence at Yavin 4 (by a most unprecedented means!) and want to use the twins' Jedi abilities to their own dark advantage. So what do they do? Kidnap the twins and any other Jedi who happen to be there! From where and how? You've got to do the reading! And what about the other Jedi Knights and Luke? Tenel Ka has her own problems to deal… Read more