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Sticks n' Stones and the Garden of Phea by Angela Burkhead
Sticks n' Stones and the Garden of Phea falls under the genre of magical realism; where Emily, a 10 year-old girl, lives a difficult life with an absent father, a mother who ignores her, and relentless bullying by her peers. One day, Emily decides to escape by hiding in old wooden chest in the library which magically transports her to a beautiful garden where she meets the mysterious Phea and her companion, a white rabbit (uh-huh) named Mr. Tinkle Toes.

With Phea's friendship, Emily begins a journey toward healing as she uncovers the history of the chest. But, Emily is not the only one who undergoes drastic changes. Phea herself and even Mr. Tinkle Toes also harbor secrets… Read more
Apple vs. Asparagus by Tracy Wainwright
Apple vs. Asparagus by Tracy Wainwright
There is just something so great about this book. While on the surface it's about the importance of nutrition, the author cleverly uses the alphabet to list a large number of fruits and veggies (some of which I have never heard of or couldn't identify in the grocery store!) Further, there is also a lesson about in groups and out groups through the identification of similarities and differences between and within various fruits and veggies. Luckily, at the end, the fruits and veggies learn to get along!

The illustrations were magnificent - very eye-catching and colorful. "Apple vs Asparagus" is the whole package and I highly recommend for children aged 3 to 8. This… Read more
Good Morning, World! by Mrs D.
Good Morning, World! is a story told through the eyes of a young child as he strolls along on a sunny day through his neighborhood park with his grandfather. While Baby Thomas sees all that is beautiful in his surroundings, grandpa spins everything in a negative way, leaving him feeling grumpy and tired. Baby Thomas says Good Morning to the nearby flowers as they whisper their hellos back, but Grandpa complains that the flowers make him sneezy. Baby Thomas says Good Morning to the birds, but Grandpa complains that they are too messy. As Baby Thomas meets another Baby Girl in the park, together they shout out their hellos to the sun, sky, birds, ducks, flowers, and the whole world… Read more