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The Eminem Show ~ Eminem
The Eminem Show ~ Eminem
4.0 out of 5 stars VERY SOLID CD, July 8 2002
curtins up-pretty [bad] song he you just hear footsteps
White America-Rap/Hard Rock pretty good song i like the mix in the music...
cleaning out my closet-very cool the beat is sweet and rapping is awsome he talks about how he made some [cruddy] mistakes very emotianol
square dance-dont get fooled by the title its a fair RAP song
soldiar-very cool song hardcore rapping nice chores i like this song a lot!!!!
say goodbye hollywood-this is a cool song i like the CHORES
without me-amazing raps lots of disses reminds of his other cds
skit-the skit where eminems maneger tels him 2 leave his gun at home lol
sing 4 the moment-I… Read more