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Royal Function ~ Bona Fide
Royal Function ~ Bona Fide
5.0 out of 5 stars WOW!, May 15 2004
I bought this CD after hearing X-ray Hip on the radio - I was thankful that the announcer called out the name of the group though it took a bit of luck to search for "Bona Fide" instead of "Bonafide". When buying, I thought that X-ray Hip was worth the price alone and most likely the group that created it had to be good.
The earlier reviewers are very astute - this is pure, beautiful, fun, lively MUSIC first and jazz/funk etc second - no gimmicks, pretentious, self-important show-off BS here - only what the composers felt made sense musically and tasteful.
The piano, the arrangments are all lush, deep, rich, elegant -gorgeous. The saxophone - where used - is… Read more