I. M. Sanchez Prado

"Lit prof"
Location: Pittsburgh, PA United States
Birthday: Feb. 1
In My Own Words:
I am a Latin American literature grad student who is always interested in popular culture. Music, movies and books are my passion and my life. I believe your culture makes you who you are and give shape to your thoughts and your feelings. Because I believe this statement, my favorite cultural product of all time shares the idea: High Fidelity (book, movie and sountrack)


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Reason ~ Hoobastank
Reason ~ Hoobastank
I am a person that likes music all across the board, and therefore I don't have a favorite genre that would cause me to like anything in the genre. I say this, because this CD is probably one that will be unconditionally loved by people with affinities in the contemporary, MTV-endorsed alt-rock of the likes of System of a Down, Blink 182, etc. However, if one looks at this record from a broader standpoint, one has to say that is is mediocre. There is nothing new to be heard in hear, there isn't a single song remarkable beyond OK. The songwriting is cheap and full of cliches (You can safely distrust a single that starts with the horrible line "I'm not a perfect person", the mother… Read more