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Professor Emeritus J P Maher is an etymologist-culture historian of fifty years experience working in Indo-European, Germanic, Slavic, Greek and Latin, and Romance languages. He has taught and conducted research in Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. In the Cold War he served on a Yugoslav desk of US military intelligence and remains on top of th… Read more


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Port Out Starboard Home by Michael Quinion
Port Out Starboard Home by Michael Quinion
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J. P. Maher Ph. D. Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Oxford University Press editor Angela Blackburn told me in 1984 that "etymology doesn't sell." Michael Quinion's. POSH should sell. It is a better than average refutation of a lot of "etymomythology". True, but not new is Quinion's debunk of the myth that HM colonials sailing off to the Raj in India took cabins "port out, starboard home"- to be on the shady side of the ship. I wish Quinion more success than a Chicago Tribune reader had in 1980 with the same debunk. Dear Editor phoned the author to say he had received over twenty protest letters defending the nautical apocryphon. For "balance", Dear Editor printed a "rebuttal",… Read more