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Admittedly a poor writer, I try to at least talk specifically about what I liked or didn't like about what I'm reviewing. My tastes run a little left of center so you won't see me reviewing Titanic.


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Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution: Completely Update&hellip by Robert Atkins
I think I've done most of the low-fat diets in my life. Not so much because of a fat issue, which has never been my problem, but more a search for what is healthy. Ornish, macrobiotics, etc. have all governed my grocery shopping list at one time or another. The same is true for my parents. But my mother and I have always had borderline bad cholesterol through all of this. Nothing I eat has had one bit of impact on my various blood metrics.
I decided to just try Atkin's, after pooh poohing it for so many years, as a science experiment. What caught my attention was some of the scientific research in both Atkin's book and Life Without Bread as well as a few websites. There was… Read more