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Drop Zone (Widescreen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Wesley Snipes
Drop Zone (Widescreen) DVD ~ Wesley Snipes
Let's face it, this was a fun movie and I liked it. I enjoy most flicks with Wesley Snipes in 'em. And, although a novice, I love skydiving. That was the fun part. From Yancy dumping Snipes from the Porter sans parachute to their makeshift tandem nighttime landing on a rooftop, it was ridiculously fun in a silly way. Imagine becoming skilled enough to jump in a major big-way in what, two weeks' time? Great. And the absurdity of the skydivers being anything but friendly and open to a "whuffo" (a ground-grabbing outsider) made for a top-order, unimagineable fight scene. Great stuff. I just hope that when my main canopy snivels and I can't break away, I make out as well as… Read more
Jumping Through Clouds: Surviving a Son's First Ju&hellip by Jane Melbourne
I purchased this book because I care about the sport of skydiving and have great concerns over outsiders' negative feelings about it. What I found was an unrealistic bitterness based on not wanting to accept the fact that the author's son was responsible for himself.
I am not being callous. I have lost both friends and family members under tragic circumstances. But I did not fault the auto industry or a drivers ed instructor for a close friend's shortcomings when he died in a violent crash. After researching the circumstances of his death, I had to accept the fact of his fault. To this day I mourn that loss, but I blame no others.
Frankly, I was surprised that the author's… Read more
Doc At The Radar Station ~ Captain Beefheart a/H Magic Ba
Doc At The Radar Station ~ Captain Beefheart a/H Magic Ba
5.0 out of 5 stars When it came out..., Feb. 10 2004
The Ex and I happened to catch the good Captain on SNL (back when it was funny) when punk was new to the scene and this album was newly released. Her previous experience with the Captain was to catch a small piece of Trout Mask, then buy me a headset for my stereo. The band came on doin' Hot Head. "This guy created punk," she said. "Yup. Lots more, very bulbous." Later on Cap performed Ash Tray Heart. We were dancing, and her eyes teared. I pulled out Trout Mask, and she still loathed it. By the time I got this record home, she'd left. I still think we'd be together today had she stayed and danced to Ash Tray Heart again. I still dance to it. This music is immortal.