John Matlock

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Location: Winnemucca, NV
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I'm a semi-retired old fellow that recently moved to a little town in Nevada from living a few years in crowded New Jersey.

Nevada = Good People, Good Climate, No Traffic, Cheap Housing, Cheap Food, Low Taxes, Cheap Everything but Gasoline.

I find that with the house paid for, no car payment and the kid out of college and self-supporting (more or less) that life has gotten cheap and sweet. Ther… Read more


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Federal Taxation in America: A Short History by W. Elliot Brownlee
The United States began as a dispute over taxes. The Stamp Act, the Boston Tea Party. Taxes were levied by England and the Americans didn't want to pay them. So we had a revolution to eliminate them. Then, somewhere along the way we found that we needed taxes to support what we wanted the Federal Government to do - like fight the Civil War.
This began the first phase of Federal taxation which lasted until World War I. Phase 2 lasted until World War II. And the basic structure of taxes established then lasted until Reagan in 1980. We are now in a new phase with the structure getting gradually changed under George W. Bush.
While the news media have been spending almost all their… Read more
Found by Davy Rothbart
Found by Davy Rothbart
5.0 out of 5 stars What have you found?, July 2 2004
It reminds me a lot of cleaning off my desk (It's been said that my desk is messy). The things I find. Some of which I had been looking for for months, some of which I don't recognize at all.
This is a collection of things (mostly paper) that got found somewhere. Sometimes it's a shopping list. Sometimes it's a nasty note found on a windshield. Once it was a play, four pages long, except that they didn't find Page 3. Or a note, "After leaving the building, please lock this door. It will prevent unauthorized people from entering the building and defecating in the washing machines." From that you can make up any kind of story you want.
One time I got a letter. It was well… Read more
Why Lincoln Matters: Wise Answers to Today`s Tough&hellip by Mario M. Cuomo
Mario Cuomo, three time governor of New York is also a long-time Lincoln scholar. Here he writes a very interesting book on how he thinks Lincoln would have handled the situations facing George W. Bush.
The simularities are striking, not only a war, but deep divisions within the country on the basic conservative/liberal viewpoints.
During the civil war Lincoln silenced some of his enemies by simply arresting them and holding them without trial or due process. In 1866 the Supreme Court ruled this illegal. Now the US is holding some 158 accused Taliban and al Qaeda members. Just this week the Supreme Court said 'no-no.'
Throughout the book Mr. Cuomo uses selected quotations… Read more