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Carrie (Widescreen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Sissy Spacek
Carrie (Widescreen) DVD ~ Sissy Spacek
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5.0 out of 5 stars Classical, July 19 2004
Carrie White is a bit strange. She is friendless, her mother is obsessed with worshipping god, and sin, everybody at school harrases her, and to top it all off, she gets asked to the prom by the "hottest" guy in school, which also happens to be the guy Carrie has "special feelings" for.
Now, when you mix all those things together, do you come to the conclusion that Carrie might be under a lot of pressure? Well sure you do, cause she is. And to her horror, when she and Billy or whoever it is, i forget his name, starts to dance to the school song, a huge bucket of pigs blood is poured on her.
Blood, guts, gore...not really, but during the last half hour or so, the violence is pretty… Read more