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I was born and raised in Clinton, CT but reside now in suburban DC. Graduated The Morgan School in 1988 and Elizabethtown College in 1992. Married to Brian, mother to Marisa and Justin. I read voraciously, and prefer literary fiction, comedy, and biographies. Most of my reading, though, is periodicals, which are not nearly as much fun! My life's dream is to write the great American novel (but I'll… Read more


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How To Negotiate With Kids Even When You Think You&hellip by Scott Brown
Scott Brown has given my life with my children more perspective than any other book. This book is amazing, and yet, nothing in there is all that earth-shattering.
I took away from the book a few key points:
1. Keep your emotions in check.
2. Don't respond emotionally to your child, but do show your emotions (read the book to find out how!)
3. Name yours and your child's emotions
4. Truly try to understand what is going on in your child's head -- and don't guess why, ASK!
5. Involve your child in decision-making -- and this includes when you decide the consequences!
6. Persuade, don't coerce, your child to see your point.
7. Be willing to be flexible… Read more