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Dr. Zoidberg is my favorite character from the TV show Futurama. As you can see from looking at my reviews, I am a *big* sci-fi fan. I really try to write good reviews, and I think I get better with every review I write. I also try only to write reviews about books I have just read - this way, the book will be fresh in my memory :) Anyway, if you would li… Read more


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Spaceland: A Novel of the Fourth Dimension by Rudy Rucker
4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting yet confused, March 6 2004
A sequel, of sorts, to Edwin Abbott's classic novel, 'Flatland'. Joe Cube is a high tech executive waiting for his company to be IPOed. One night, while playing with his company's product (a TV screen that turns standard television broadcasting into a 3D image), Joe is contacted by Momo, a creature from the fourth dimension. Momo 'augments' Joe, giving him the ability to see into the fourth dimension, and also the ability to see into our dimension using a four dimension perspective. This gives Joe the unique ability of seeing inside people and objects, naturally, Joe tries to use this to make money... Momo only asks (demands, to be more exact) that Joe start a company that will create a… Read more
Past Imperfect by Assorted
Past Imperfect by Assorted
2.0 out of 5 stars Mediocre and Below, Aug. 25 2002
As a time travel fanatic, I try to get my hands on every time travel book I can find. This one really didn't live up to my expectations. Why? Well, most stories were either unoriginal, or started nice but the ending was completely predictable. This was, literally, a collection of boring stories. I think one of the things I like about time travel books, is that the ending can be really tricky - there are so many ways such stories can have a punch line, and even after reading many of these books I still find myself surprised most of the time. Sadly, it wasn't the case with this collection of stories..
There was only one story which was more or less okay, "Blood Trail", about a… Read more
Chronospace by Allen Steele
Chronospace by Allen Steele
2.0 out of 5 stars Very, Very Disappointing, June 23 2002
Being a time-travel stories fanatic (just check out my previous reviews if you doubt that), I was really intrigued when I heard about Chronospace. In fact, I dedicated an entire day to just sit at home and read it (I haven't done this in years!). Imagine, UFOs are really not extraterrestrial vehicles but are actually time machines used by historians from the future who want to study the past. Sounds good, even if somewhat unoriginal, no? Well, the entire book was a mixture of good ideas, but the end product was bad. It's as if the author couldn't make up his mind what he wanted to write about. Time Travel, aliens, paradoxes: these all sound like good ingredients, but SOMEHOW Mr. Steele has… Read more