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The Pursuit by Lori "Wick "
The Pursuit by Lori "Wick "
1.0 out of 5 stars Amateurish and awkward, April 21 2004
This is the first and last Lori Wick book for me. The Characters were shallow, simple puppets moving through a prescribed series of very boring events. I found myself skimming through great portions of the chapters involving characters I can only assume were part of other books in her series, but which I found extraneous and irritating here. There also seemed to be a serious lack of real research for a historical piece, with anachronisms abounding. I found the protagonists simplistic, and their actions overwrought for the situation. The twin's grandmother,(the villain here) was very one-note, with no attempt on the author's part to make her a real person. Instead she appears as almost an… Read more

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