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Bonnie & Clyde <b>VHS</b> ~ Warren Beatty
Bonnie & Clyde VHS ~ Warren Beatty
5.0 out of 5 stars Revolutionary, June 8 2000
When the moguls went out of business and the directors started running the show, something like a Hollywood-style Glasnost occurred. When restrictions on screen violence were lifted, Bonnie and Clyde became the "nail in the coffin" for now long-dead rules. A moment of confusion, and a man is shot through a window, in front of our eyes. However, unlike today's films, sinners die bloody, and even they only kill at a point of moral anxiety or confusion. The same sensibilities that occupy Sam Peckinpah's films spur this one on as well. This is a very morality-based movie: the extensive use of symbolism prove it so.
Think of this: every time the Barrow gang attempts to obtain food… Read more