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45 yo wm been follwing rock for as long as I can remember. Rock, pop, hard rock, heavy metal, classical, amongst my faves. Have been to hundreds of concerts. My first was Mason Proffit in 1969 at the tender age of 13. Most recent was Slip-knot. That being a few months ago. Was once kicked out of an Alice Cooper concert. Have seen Blue Oyster Cult over 20 times. At the local symphony I stood up and… Read more


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Blue Velvet <b>VHS</b> ~ Isabella Rossellini
Blue Velvet VHS ~ Isabella Rossellini
3.0 out of 5 stars NO RESOLUTION!, July 28 2001
those familiar with david lynch will be hardly persuaded by the the ironic beauty and tragedy presented here. Isabella Rossileni (I thought I had a cool name) sure does look great in cotton shorts and tiled with hickeys. Dream. When school boy "Jeffrey" finds severed human ear in lot, he takes it police. He is not a suspect (sure!). "Jeffrey" meets high school girl - her dad is the detective on the case - and they become fast lovers. Flinging into the mystery with an undignified zeal, "Jeffrey Beaumont", breaks into this [girl's] crib and hides in the closet. Peeping out the slides, he witnesses brutality and humiliation. He des nothing. She discovers im and gives him a lesson in sexual… Read more